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    This article about U of Alberta pretty well mirrors some of the things I have been writing in the other threads about the Virus and whether we will have a fall sport season.

    The universities are taking a financial hit due to the Virus. Many were already squeezed by government funding cutbacks. I wrote that I was afraid that they will make cuts to spending on sports in response. It looks like U of A is considering doing just that.

    Here is a quote from the article Jim posted a link to:

    Additionally, the COVID-19 crisis has added several layers to our already difficult situation, including the suspension of the spring/summer athletics and recreation fee * normally paid by students, which necessitated a further $300,000 expense reduction in 2020-21,” Reade said. “When facilities were closed, the result was cancellation of a number of our spring camps,** junior varsity programming and our Athlete Academy. The postponement of team and alumni association organized fundraisers*** and closures of casinos all affect fundraising efforts this year

    * uOttawa just announced the suspension of their athletics and recreation fee and will lose funds. The athletic departments will lose more such fees if enrollment drops in Sept as many are predicting.
    **Ottawa also announced the cancelation and postponement of similar camps
    ***Ottawa has also postponed fundraisers such as the annual TouchDown Dinner and Fundraiser

    Uof A and Uof O will not be the only universities where all of this will happen. Come September the budgets of many athletic departments will be a mess and Varsity sports will suffer. Watch for a lot of appeals to supporters for donations. If your business or job has hit a rock you may not be able to answer the call.

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    Founded in 1848, the University of Ottawa adopted its official colours Garnet and Grey, and like many nineteenth-century institutions, the athletics teams were known only by the school's colours. Eventually, a connection was made between the shorthand "GGs" and "Gee-Gee", the common British nickname for a racehorse. The unique Gee-Gees name and iconic logo known today is a result of 170 years of history in Ottawa

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