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It's possible that will be sometime in 2020

University of Oxford coronavirus vaccine: everything we know so far
A million doses of their experimental Covid-19 vaccine could be ready as early as September, Oxford scientists say



Inside Pfizer's 'unprecedented' race in Michigan to produce COVID-19 vaccine by fall. Chad Livengood.

India is also testing some vaccines, say it will take at least 6 months

Exciting news about potential vaccine for COVID-19


Coronavirus: Pfizer prepares for large-scale vaccine production



We never did get a SARS, or MERS, vaccine. We have never had a vaccine for the common cold. We get a flu vaccine every year, of dubious value. Just look at the number of flu-related deaths every year. I have no doubt that manufacturers will get "A" vaccine, which they will urge gets widespread use. However, unless it is tested for a couple of years for side-effects it should not be used. And in that time, viral mutation will make vaccines ineffective. Better to seek a drug which cures it, and hope for the evasive "herd immunity" in the meantime.