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    I mean, if one's caring a ton about their grandparents or any elderly members of particular importance, they should avoid seeing them for a bit. Didn't say months, but at least for a while.

    I'll be most likely flying into Seoul, Republic of Korea, around May 17th or 18th, first via Toronto (currently at my brother's apartment right next to UWO) and then Vancouver, where I will be most likely staying over at a friend's place before taking the flight to Seoul (recently resumed by good ole Air Canada).

    After that, I am expected to have 2 weeks of mandatory quarantine placed by the Korean Gov't, most likely at a studio as staying at my parents' place would mean that my parents being unable to go to work (dad's courses are expected to be back in physical classrooms by that week, though who knows when), or to check properties they have on the other side of met Seoul area (I grew up living on both townhouses and maternal grandmother still lives there). And even after that, I would probably wait until mid-late June to see my paternal grandmother who lives on my dad's hometown on the other side of the country. For a woman in her high 70s, she's filled with millions of streams of energy. Still, I simply wouldn't want to risk, especially as majority of cases (Korea's had 13 and 9 the last 2 days) nowadays come from not a religious cult, but actually expatriates or foreign citizens (myself included) with family members in ROK.

    I'll probably avoid seeing maternal grandma, who lives about 35 minutes drive away from my parents' place. She's well and that too, and being elder of only two grandchildren (and only one coming this summer, because my brother will be staying in Canada), she of course would love to see me and I vice versa to her. Still, everybody knows I have to wait a bit more. That's fine with me, as long as this means my grandmothers will live long enough to see me eventually do PhD, get married and see their great-grandchildren.
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