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Canada West has announced a return to play format for the 2021-22 season. Teams would play six regular season games with one game against each member and an additional game against one other member. The additional game would be as follows: UBC draws CGY orALB, SSK plays the other ABteam, MAN plays REG. The conference playoff format would remain the same. If this format happens, I hope they add a bye week at the end of the season to allow for potential re-scheduled games.

Let us hope that Canada West and the other regions can pull off a season. Better still if we can attend.

Vaccines are coming into Canada now so that we can probably give most of the population a dose before the end of June. Then we can immediately start on a round of second doses. Let us all encourage those we know to get vaccinated so that the mecial authorities feel confident enough to let us have a season.

I heard a joke today. It said that the most popular name for newborns in 2021 will be Pfizer. Pfizer Johnson is a good name for a future university football player.