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    Quote Originally Posted by ottawafan View Post
    The CFL is said to be looking for a $600,000 drop in collective salaries for each team. For instance, the Ottawa Citizen reports that Brad Sinopoli is one Ottawa player that is being asked to accept a salary cut.

    Having missed an entire season and coming back to a salary cut, I wonder how many CFL players will decide to hang up the cleats for good?
    Everywhere is experiencing salary cuts. Food costs are going up and we are in a tough spot. If he has a job there, and likes it, maybe not a bad idea to hang on to it. Unless he wants to do something else.

    NFL is the same. Look how much their teams - players are getting cut.
    NFLPA head suggests that salary cap could drop by $70 million next season. DeMaurice Smith said there are estimates that each team could lose $70 million in 2020, which could mean a 2021 salary cap of around $120M. This obviously would not be sustainable for most teams out there.

    There certainly aren't going to be many if any wage increases anywhere.

    Salary freezes expected to soar in 2021

    TORONTO, Nov. 18, 2020 /CNW/ -- According to Gallagher's 2020/2021 Salary Planning Survey – Canada Edition, 62 per cent of employers implemented pay raises before the pandemic. However, as the economic realities of
    COVID-19 set in toward the end of first quarter 2020, many organizations were forced to reduce employee headcounts, implement hiring freezes and decrease salary-increase budgets. As a result, 38 per cent of employers indicated that their salary-increase plans were modified for 2020 – a trend that will continue into 2021.

    Salaries could drop if work-from-home becomes permanent: Experts

    There's going to be many businesses going into bankruptcy. Much job loss.
    If he has a job he likes, and the pay is decent, maybe not a bad idea to stick with it. Things will eventually pick up, maybe after this more people will be happy to go to games again, maybe even more appreciative than before.
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