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It's not that money means more than lives, but if there is no economy, no business, no production, no schools, and if everything remains shut down, there is no money, people can't afford medical costs, there is no way to sustain the population, there will continue to be an increase in deaths. Most of the pandemic centres around long term care centres for seniors. They hired temp part time employees - PSW's, cleaning, support staff, their salaries were low and they had no benefits which forced them to take many jobs. Some were able to work at several nursing homes - cross contaminating these homes, employees there, their families, stores they shopped in and the people they came in contact with. What happened, the virus spread like wildfire. Many of those employed at these nursing homes are immigrants, asylum seekers, or those who are poor. No one else would work for that low salary, sporadic and minimal hours and no benefits. It's the nursing homes, forcing people to work multiple jobs that have caused this problem.
That is where the focus and money needs to go. As far as following rules, regulations. That's part of the problem - and stiff fines should be handed out if you see someone being irresponsible, breaking the rules, including at the long term care centres where the bulk of the problem is.
That's why they have the military going in to nursing and retirement homes. There are class action lawsuits against them and major investigations going on.

If you suspect someone breaking the rules - and partying in large groups, etc, there are people you can call to report it. My neighbours and I had to do that, when we saw some people partying in the park earlier in the pandemic. No doubt others called about people breaking similar rules as not long after, parks were closed to anyone playing games, vehicular traffic, parking. All that was allowed was some people walking and biking through the park while keeping a safe distance, anyone not following the rules were fined. Some parks completely shut down.

Let's hope Trump is voted out. He's taking hydroxychloroquine now. SMH
Too bad Cuomo is not leader there. He's sensible, well respected.
Cuomo is the one politician in the USA most responsible for the disaster. The numbers are manageable outside NY/NJ. Inside that area it is a disaster zone. He forced nursing homes to take in positive patients so that they would not be "discriminated against" (which is a phrase which sounds great to his base). What a fool! That factor alone has cost more lives than any other government action so far. You'll notice that all talk of him replacing Creepy Joe disappeared when this news came out.