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    The biggest problem stems from the fact that people can't follow the simplest of rules and regulations....if they could there wouldn't be a need to be over the top for an extended period of time, unfortunately it's the only means government's have to protect the stupid from themselves, and harming others as a result.

    I went to get some groceries on Sunday night, and see a lady with gloves, a mask, etc. Yet she can't follow the simple directional arrows on the floor and the do not enter signs on the wrong entry sides of an aisle.

    People flock to beaches, parks etc. Those people that act in a terrorist type manner invading government legislatures with guns certainly aren't socially distancing, people flocking to churches or parties and not following social distancing, hell the rich and entitled that don't think anything applies to them (out for a walk Saturday night and come across a house with 6 cars in the driveway + one in the garage - no way in hell all those people live there....simply long weekend visitors that can't follow the bloody rules - other nights of the week only 2 cars there), and quite frankly with morons like Erik Trump, his daddy and their cronies spouting on that it's all a big hoax etc that will vanish come month X fill in the blank we are doomed.

    Money means more than lives....what's more important that pro sport X comes back and is allotted what 10,000 tests a week or more? NCAA football wouldn't be so certain to come back but it's all about the big $ from tv contracts. Instead of wasting those dollars and tests so we can be entertained and people can be put at risk how bout we test the common folk with symptoms of any kind first.

    You've got states (GA, FLA) where numbers have been fudged and un-bounding pressure being placed on many places to re-open whether they are ready for it or not.
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