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Fenris, informative post.
It seems that's the same problem in Ontario, although on a somewhat smaller scale.
Some homes had seniors dining together in their dining rooms long after the social distancing was put in place.
The disparity in quality and policies of homes changes between the govt run ones, the private regulated and not so regulated private homes.
The military have been dispatched into homes in parts of Ontario. Some residents were left without food, drink. It was disgusting - deplorable. There's several lawsuits now against some of these homes and so there should be.
Not to mention that many of these PSW's - and other support staff jumped from one long term care home to another to make up pay - so that is a serious problem - as they spread the virus from one senior home to another to their own homes, and to many others.
I would say that something seriously needs to happen with regulating the quality of senior residences, including the medical and support staff who work there, pay, work conditions, as the majority of the population will be in them one day.
News are somewhat centered on local (Québec) events. It's good to know what's happening elsewhere.

It's also good to read a shorter post.