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    I don't know if a lot of people are ignorant of the ironic fact that essentially poor black athletes are being forced to subsidize mostly white, well to do athletes. Tennis, golf, swimming, etc come to mind.
    As an ex-athlete of POC background, this changes little to me.

    I didn't say I was against players getting paid through endorsements or anything along that line. That I have no problem with, and if anything makes perfect sense. It would also work well for universities too, because that would mean that even further sales can be made specifically on let's say Trevor Lawrence jersey.

    The matter becomes more of a 'no' if it involves schools paying their athletes per se, on a paycheque. What is often forgotten about in the argument of pay the players regular paycheque, is the importance of players' academic commitments, especially in terms of getting a degree in case it doesn't work out. That is what the athletic scholarship and additional bursaries / summer jobs / future endorsements (which I would gladly support) would be for. By putting additional payment, just for one or two sport, adds to the risk of overvaluing some elements over others, and some programs over others in what's already a fairly discouraging situation for non-P5 teams or even DII/DIII. That will likely worsen the system that already causes enough problems ins and outs.

    I'd say the better idea, on top of what's already ideal option in letting players get paid for endorsements, is to encourage more professional considerations for athletes when it comes to pathways after high school. If players do not have academic inclinations and/or if they have desire to go to professional ranks earlier, it is doable for most as well. For gridiron football this may not apply, but for other sports usually the alternative is to go to pros. We started seeing a lot of this in basketball, with the cases of Emmanuel Mudiay and more fittingly LaMelo Ball. Next year's 1OV candidate for NBA Draft, Jeff Green, is heading that way too. Of course we cannot do that in the US, but CJFL kinda can be said as a comparable example.
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