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I don't think that is true for Syracuse (http://dailyorange.com/2020/03/syrac...venue-2018-19/) (football $43.8 million; basketball 31.8 million)

or Kentucky (https://www.kentucky.com/sports/coll...241694596.html) (albeit its close: football $41.3 million; basketball $38.8 million)

Its also not true for UNC (https://247sports.com/college/north-...ion-128024785/) (2017-2018: Football $43.6 million, basketball $25.2 million)

Duke reportedly gets more revenue from basketball than football according to this
but its close: football $25.2 million, basketball 27.0 million (these are 2013 numbers, so it wouldn't surprise me if football is larger now - it was reportedly $40 million last year)
I'd heard that Kentucky number.

Speculation: Might winter sports (like hockey and basketball) grow if football is cancelled?