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I didn't read all of the posts, just this page of threads, and admit I haven't been around at all.

COVID & Business, everyone knows the situation. One of my companies has literally zero revenue. My 2nd company has "some" revenue but certainly not enough to cover all monthly overheads.

Should the wages subsidies get sorted out soon it's probably the single best thing to help small businesses.

Trudeau's broadcast today was good, no knee jerk decisions to open up borders make sense and thankfully contravenes that Orange Haired nitwit in the US.

With regard to football in Ontario, I was told no decision to date (no surprise) and I wouldn't be surprised if a decision was postponed until mid summer.

I've been walking this earth for a while, been through many recessions, financial crisis, unforeseen things affecting business. If my neighbor Doctor is right then we're not going to see any lifting of essential services only until June. Most financial consultants are now saying September for a reasonable business recovery providing no second wave.

Lastly, I could blame COVID for not taking care of my football debts (sorry Slew) but the sad reality is my office staff are all doing part time (because of daycare and no school) and I haven't had their help doing an ETransfer. No need to tell me how easy it is to do, I haven't figured it out but I will try and remember to get my #1 admin person (who I highly value and saves my butt daily when working) to do it next time she's in.

All the best and hope everyone is staying safe.

Trudeau is full of BS. Today passengers from China were still not being screened at Toronto. He basically says whatever sounds nice and the news media here are cheerleaders who never question what he says.