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Those timelines seem awfully optimistic. This is the first time I've ever heard that anyone expects the virus will reach its peaking this week. Most models seem to say a peak would occur in May, if people actually obey the restrictions.

Alberta is testing more than Quebec (in fact, Alberta has some of the highest per-capita testing in the world). Based on the advice of the Alberta health authority, some cities have closed their recreation centres until July 1. They won't even let you book an outdoor sports field before then. Quebec has less testing than Alberta yet has identified more active cases, meaning it is experiencing a more severe outbreak. If Alberta is expecting that it may not be safe to play organized sports until July, how can a harder hit province be back at it by May 4?

I would expect that the lockdown will get extended. When restrictions do ease, it will be gradual. I can't see a return of students to campuses or a college football season being compatible with any of the restrictions that will remain in place.
I agree. Interprovincial travel is also dubious. Maybe in basketball or volleyball they could have a series of centralized tournaments in January and February so at least a conference champion could be declared. Football does not lend itself to that, though.