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U.S. colleges are in DEEP SHIT without fooball. Football pays the bills in college athletics. The problem starts with the athletic departments spending all of the earnings they take in annually, so as not to appear as a "for profit" business that doesn't pay its athletes. University presidents of Power 5 schools are screwed without football revenue, and that is why they will do everything to have a football season in the 2020-2021 school year. Many are already bouncing around ideas where they would push the season back until winter in order to do so (a luxury that USports obviously doesn't have). I'm not sure how this is possible with non-power 5 schools who do not have the large tv contracts and would have to either limit crowd sizes or have no fans at all. I could see a scenario where the Power 5 just play a conference schedule only this year.

To give some context about the money-maker that football is, consider this (taken from an online article posted 2 weeks ago...si.com if I remember correctly):
-Only 4 athletic departments, of schools that play FBS football, have a sport that generates more money than football - these would be the men's basketball programs at Kentucky, Duke, Louisville, and Syracuse.
-LSU is a perfect example of the importance of football to an athletic department's bottom line: in the last year, football made a PROFIT of $56 million, men's basketball ~$1.5 million, and baseball ~$500K. It's 18 other athletic programs each lost money, totalling $26 million.
Do you see cancellations of the 2020-21 seasons in other sports in a lot of NCAA schools?

NCAA is not big in NY/NJ but that area has over half the cases in the USA. I could see that area cancelling 2020-21 in everything.