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Don't bother. I've known ExiledFan for about thirty years. If the republican president said it, it's the THRUTH, even though 97% of the scientific community says differently.
Nothing to do with Dems or GOP , I was merely poking fun at the fact that depending on who I chose to believe , The Secretary General of the UN, CNN, The crazy Congresswoman from Brooklyn or our very own Cath Mckenna, I will have died 4 times when I finally reach retirement age.

Yes Climate does change, yes human certainly have some impact on it.

Do I believe in the Doomsday cult increasingly ridiculous preditions... Hell No

And for the record.... That 97% study...does not say what people , including apparently you my good friend, think it said.

There's no secret conspiracy about, it nothing hidden from view, just one stupid misquote that took on a life of it's own and altered the perception of the whole thing.

What John Cook and his team from The Concensus Project publihed in 2013 , after their statistical analysis of close to 20K abstracts of papers and articles from various scientific, scholarly and media sources , was a report that concluded that between 90 to 97 % of Climate Experts agreed that human activities contributed to Global Warming . He edged his bet with the 7% bracket because some of the source materials in the study ( about 2k documents ) were getting dubious peer reviews even then.

Journalists didn't care, they went with the larger number and 97 stuck.

And then...the real damage came from all places...from the White House. President Obama, while giving a speech misquoted the very recently published report and you guessed it...used 97% of Scientists. Since the only thing Obama and Trump have in common is that THEY are never wrong....there was no walking it back. 97% of scientist became the "Official US Gov, approved " way of speaking about it. The UN gladly followed suit and the rest is "misquote history"

I'm not saying the original study is wrong, althought Cook himself never hid the fact that he was trying to produce a BIG number that would help climate activist in their lobbying with Govs and Big money ppl, and influence public perception of the Climate "crisis". He is rather proud of how it turned out.