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I too am pretty optimistic, as more and more people get vaccinated. Getting more vaccines from south of the border, has certainly helped. Things are looking good for fall.
Let's hear it for Pfizer.

Ontario looks like it might be extending it's lockdown till June 2....Even though cases are in decline, we are still fairly high.... extending will also help control & reduce the virus cases as more people get vaccinated. Opening up too early last time, without the vaccines caused spikes and sent us back into lockdown.
Quebec imposed some pretty tough measures, and they are doing better.

And since the vaccine rollout, seniors are not the primary ones who have been getting the virus.


Seniors previously had topped the list for getting Covid 19 even during lockdown. Now after the vaccine rollout, those numbers have reduced significantly.
Let's hear it for Pfizer . I spent the last five years of my working career working for Pfizer. They are really good at mass producing a quality product quickly. Yes, in Ottawa the number of seniors getting a Covid infection has gone way down due to vaccination. I am scheduled to get my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine in mid July. There is hope that they may be able to move the date up by a couple of weeks. I will be ready to watch university sports!