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Thread: Queen's XC coach fired after criticising pedophile

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenGuy View Post
    I mean the Coach Boyd termination. Irreconcilable positions/interests.
    Well, depends on how you look at it.

    If this were pros, it would have made lot more senae. We may have past precedences like that of Jerry Krause and Phil Jackson with late 90s Bulls, or Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones in early 1990s. Jose Mourinho causing all sorts of pain back in his time with Real Madrid, Chelsea (second run) and Man United also a good one too.

    I'd say it is slightly different in collegiate setting, especially as overcoming those tensions is a key in maintaining success without national embarrassment. I'd argue that it's even more important to have that at Queen's because it's Kingston and recruiting coaches (not so much the case with student-athletes) can be very difficult. So it requires people to have that if they want success deserving of a major school's athletics programs.

    Both the AD and the HP director clearly didn't have that apparently and they are likely going to ruin what was a top-class XC program for about a decade. Mac's men's basketball was under huge pit for several years after firing of Raso (his son who was the team captain at the time, and their ace both transferred and Mac has yet to recover to its pre-firing days), in Hamilton of all cities, then there's no way for me to suggest otherwise with Kingston.
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