A sad story for not only Queen's XC and Athletics teams, but also to the Canadian collegiate running community.

As a small-town school that traditionally recruits nationwide (across most sports), Queen's athletics hasn't had a lot of stars as of late, let alone superstars, from Kingston area. Of course, many local stars were all-Canadians across various sports here and there, but they took time to mature and usually came into all-Canadian mold around years 3 or 4. Graham twins (basketball) and Hutchinson (volleyball) come into my mind. Besides, superstars rarely if ever stay home and go to Queen's- this year alone's seen all 3 going into bigger waters, including a national basketball team member to Auriemma's UConn Huskies team.

MacDougall, being that phenom who were expected to (same goes to her elder sister), was a true outlier, with many exceptional records and whatnot back in Physi-Kult and Queen's. Of course MacDougall's situation was unique, especially given that her elder sister Branna came back to Queen's after a year in Iowa State and with her father as a well-known professor in the civil engineering department (I personally know few freshmen and upperclassmen who's taken courses with him in past).

But still, it generated a buzz that added red bull to the program that's really stepped up in notch since Boyd's arrival to the position a decade ago. It's a fitting storyline too, with an underrated program, that was underappreciated and coached by an advocate known for his dedication towards innovative teaching in the field for many years, was the one that's putting the school on contention year after year (sorry Rugby teams and men's volleyball, y'all are up there too). The past two nationals, hosted in none other than Fort Henry, was a smash success.

Unfortunately, not all things were meant to last forever...like a Yankees dynasty. Both the A&R and Queen's administration (latter more at fault as this was rumoured that Dal Cin was given little choice) took a particularly improper measure that was executed with even great fiasco, causing national embarrassment for reasons different than other events that placed the school on 'infamy' to the eyes of many (I personally disagree with the international students' pov towards the case that involved an undergraduate trustee- that's more on their inability to accept humour or even thick skin). But all of this could have rectified if they had made right measures. Quietly bringing Steve Boyd back would have been easier done in this day and age of coronavirus than before or after it. Of course, that didn't happen and the rest is history.

Tragic, tragic indeed.