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Thread: Ugly Report about UofGuelph Athletics, specifically XC, and Athletics Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by peter.gryphon View Post
    ^^^ Kind of a douchy suggestion IMO.

    The fact that Guelph won 3 straight U Sports Men's Track & Field championships and the past two Women's T&F titles, and still fired Dave Scott-Thomas gives you a very unambiguous answer.
    Agreed. I am aware of their dominance on the winter season, hence a minor note. Look at the gap between them and the 2nd place for both men's and women's rankings!

    I was just saying that bc. XC was his main bread and butter.
    Interestingly enough, what drew +++ to Guelph over time (esp. in recent yrs) was their athletics (T&F) program, as XC started facing top challengers with greater force.

    As for that, T&F is wide enough of a sport that you need more than one top coach to foster a program and that's where they've done well - with or without DST. Kudos right there.
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