Now, why do we wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year? If we're merry all year long, won't we be happy?
Would you like to be happy at Christmas? I don't know for you chum, I sure try to.
Let's get back to the new year. Happy new year. So, when it's not new anymore, we shouldn't be happy?

Or maybe we standardize too much our yearly good wishes... We should wish for people we know what they want... or maybe we should wish them what's good for them?

On the other hand, wishing to stop smoking to a smoker who's affirming he's never going to quit may be as wise as talking to Maciocia about Calcagy's last Vanier cup...

Anyway, here it goes:

For Spud's cycleguy: I wish you to be more concise... Forget that. I wish US for you to become more concise. Forget that. You get the standard wish like everybody else here.

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year. May what's best for you happen to you if it's not against your wishes...