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OUA-RSEQ interlock could easily work but the games have to count in the standings. It works because together the two conferences have 16 teams. It would eliminate the need for bye weeks. Eliminating the bye week allows the conferences to adjust to an earlier Grey Cup/Vanier pairing without starting a week earlier.

Ten of 11 OUA teams would play one game against an RSEQ opponent and the 5 RSEQ teams play two games each against OUA opponents.

The top 2 RSEQ play against the top 4 OUA teams. The bottom 3 RSEQ play OUA teams 5-10. OUA team #11 changes every year regardless of ranking.

Based on recent standings,

Laval would play Western and Guelph
Montreal would play McMaster and Ottawa
Concordia vs Waterloo & Windsor
McGill vs Queen's & Laurier
Sherbrooke vs Carleton & Toronto

Travel costs are usually a hurdle to any interlock discussion, but that shouldn't be a major issue. OUA teams would travel to Quebec once every two years. For Ottawa, Carleton & Queen's a road game in Quebec is probably as cheap as their average road trip to central or western Ontario. Windsor has the longest travel distances. If they have a problem with the expense or travel time, let them be exempted from the interlock every third year. Or, ensure that they don't also have to travel to Ottawa/Carleton any year they have to play in the RSEQ.
This one's an uncostly solution and it gets rid of the bye week as a bonus ! Pretty sure ConU, McGill and Sherby wouldn't complain about it. As for the top teams meeting Laval and Montréal, they usually say it's a great experience and a good measuring stick.