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Thread: Could there be a shift of power - momentum in the OUA in 2020?

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    Default Could there be a shift of power - momentum in the OUA in 2020?

    I realize this is early to ask this question, the season is about to end on the weekend with the Vanier
    This year certainly has been an interesting one right across the CIS, so much parity
    We will soon see how close Quebec- Montral and CW , Calgary are this year

    Western has been a consistently strong team but this past year has dropped off. Not a huge amount but they still had Merchant. Next year, that won't be the case and some of their team is young.
    There was also a lot of parity in the OUA this year, some surprise wins & some disappointments.

    - Western do have a lot of talented players, recruit very well and have a good HC. There's no way they'll become a bottom team, but without an experienced QB, & not sure how many players are leaving this year - things may change for Western in the OUA for 2020... This gives other teams a an opening & chance to catch up.
    -It might take Western a couple years to be that dominant force as they were in 2017. That said should they hang around at the top 2 or 3 in 2020, it could mean, other teams caught up with them, or they did not make much improvement- & even more parity in 2020.
    Western consistently recruits well so it shouldn't be too long before they're back on top should momentum not work in their favour for 2020,
    - I am not certain they'll be as strong as they were the last few years -
    - Could Western still keep a top spot?....Certainly depending on how other OUA teams either decline or improve. I still feel Western is in a position to further decline in 2020 until they establish their QB - he gains experience, provided other positions also perform well
    - While I like what Mac has done, I don't feel we are a dominant force yet...could we possibly take a strong lead next year... yes, but much depends on how other teams including Western do.
    - Dueck will get better, and I expect our Oline should improve. Also Hoping for a strong recruiting class - although much of that won't show until 2021, A lot depends on what improvements, or mistakes other teams make as well as our improvement.

    So far, I feel Mac has the best chance of filling the top spot. We did beat Western in the Yates and that was with an injury to Merchant.
    There are other teams that would be close with us with a bit more work, Guelph, Waterloo, Laurier, Ottawa?
    What are your thoughts on the OUA for 2020? Does Western still hold a top spot - possibly dominate, or will other team(s) take over.
    Or will there be another year of the same, more parity??
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