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Thread: Recruiting updates - Coaching changes for 2020 - Any updates welcomed!!

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    Default Recruiting updates - Coaching changes for 2020 - Any updates welcomed!!

    Congratulations to Calgary winning the Vanier Cup - Well done, bravo. Excellent game, Congrats also go out to QB Sinagra - great way to end his time at U of Calgary. Also congrats to Coach Pat Sheahan.

    Congratulations to Calgary winning the Mitchell Bowl today and the Smurfs cough .....for wining the Uteck......
    Perhaps this contributed to the Dino's good luck:
    As a team-bonding exercise, the Calgary football Dinos coloured their respective heads blond.

    Better luck next year Acadia and Mac.

    Well on to the Vanier,
    We got our answer in the playoffs - Calgary vs the Smurfs - in the Vanier. The Good guys won......Bravo.

    - There was a lot of coaching changes this past year, players graduated and there were many great recruits. As with all new recruits they take time to develop
    - There was much more parity across the CIS this year, some upsets, This year some feel Acadia has a legitimate chance of beating out Montreal in the Uteck.
    - Western lost some of their fire power, and Mac beat them in the Yates.
    - Mac came back stronger this year after last years challenges - Coach P really put together a great team and program. Coaching on offence had improved, Defence did well. QB Dueck has done a great job and impressed with his stats. Even more impressed we beat the Stangs and will be meeting up with Calgary to decide who ends up in the Vanier
    - Saskatchewan looked like they were going to be the rep this year out of CW, but Calgary persevered and won the honour. This will be the Last year for Sinagra in Calgary, who suffered some injuries,
    - Waterloo has shown more improvement - Tre Ford has been entertaining to watch, Waterloo needs to recruit more at Def to win the big games
    - U of T - made some coaching changes on Off - T Dennison joined the Blues and helped turn their 2 year losing streak around. It was an exciting season for the Blues, who led the CIS in offence for a while, QB Clay Sequiria led the CIS in passing.
    - Queen's made some coaching changes this year - picked up Snyder from Western, at HC - and Flaxman at OC. They brought in some solid recruits. Queen's new QB's Keenan and Licandro shared playing time and did well. They came close to beating Guelph. Look forward to seeing good things from them in 2020
    - Laval lost very talented Hugo Richard this year, so the Off struggled - First year QB. Bolduc will need a bit of time to develop. Who really stood out was Laval's Defence, who did the majority of the work. Expecting better things for Laval in 2020. Looking forward to see who they recruit and a stronger O in 2020.
    - UBC surprised this year, their production really declined and for a time it didn't look like they would be able to win anything, but they did manage to win 2 - vs Regina and Saskatchewan. I guess the question to ask is, will Blake Nill stay with the team next year or will he be coaching somewhere else in the CIS
    - Acadia shone through this year from the AUS. With an impressive year, a solid offence and defence they are now into the playoffs. I'm certain many will be tuned in to watching their matchup between the Smurfs. It would be great to see Acadia win, and many celebrations if they do. All the best Acadia in the Uteck!

    2020 is going to be an interesting year - to see players develop, from a recruiting perspective and to see what teams emerge as strong in their conference. For some teams this will be more of a rebuilding year. So let the excitement begin. I have started adding some recruits .....

    Oh and be sure to check out the polling booth.....

    There were many coaching changes last year, but possibly still some to come - Carleton is already in the middle of making some changes....Will coaches at UBC stay where they are?
    As any coaching changes are made and confirmed I will update the changes below the information on recruits

    ....stay tuned again this promises to be an interesting and EXCITING year

    I will be updating this post - always on the first page as I get more information - Again, Thanks for your feedback on commits I will also be listing my sources
    It will be a big list, and just starting. Thanks for your patience and any updates you provide.
    ***** I Also welcome any updates on coaching changes or any other relevant info. Thank you.

    Thank you Sylven last year for your valuable information on recruits from Quebec - Much appreciated.
    Thank you to all who have contributed information on recruits in the past.

    I will include coaching changes this year, comparisons from previous years

    Team: Number of recruits this year, vs last year

    OUA - last year 339 - 2018 397 - In 2020 - 393

    Windsor last year 49. 2020 44
    Vyshonne Janusas, REC, 6'1, 195, W. F Herman Secondary School, Windsor On,
    Nick Brajkovic REC, 6'2 230, Holy Names High School, Windsor, On,
    Lucas Hessel OL, 6' 285, Catholic Central High school, London, ON,
    Devin Veresuk, DE, 6'2 235, Holy Names High School, Windsor, On, CFC
    Kaiden Burdick, LB, 6' 190 Holy Names High, Windsor On,
    Emmitt Rosati, QB, 6' 195, General Amherst High, Amherstburg, On,
    Tyrus Browning, DB, 5'9, 180 Holy Names High, Windsor,
    Austin Williams, DB, 5'10 160, Kennedy Public School Windsor,
    Nikko Hrcan, DL 6'1 180, Ecole Secondaire L'Essor , Tecumseh, ON,
    Mohamad Kadri 6'0 230 LB CJFL London Beefeaters, London, On,
    Michael Pytka WR, 6'0 160, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic, London, On ,
    Riley Herbert, WR from WC Kennedy Collegiate Inst. Windsor, On,
    Malcolm Wallace, Rec, FJ Brennan Catholic High Windsor, On
    Kyle Orton, Rec - Assumption College School, Brantford,
    Justin Riley, Rec, Assumption College School, Brantford, On
    Jaylen John, 6'1 260 DB, from Chaminade College, Toronto, ON,
    Carter Hunt, 6'4, 275 OL from Laurier High school, London
    Quinn Donaldson, OL, 6'4, 278 Holy Names Catholic High, Windsor, ON,
    Aiden Gordon, OL, from St. Mary's high, Kitchener, ON
    Yousseff Youseff DB, Vincent Massey Secondary, Windsor, ON,
    Enzey Youyoute ATH, Saint Paul Catholic, Niagara Falls, ON,
    Josh Canali, DB, Saint Paul Catholic, Niagara Falls, ON,
    Marley McCray, DE, Saint Paul Catholic, Niagara Falls, ON,
    Jarrel Pappin, LB, 6'2 220, Saint Paul Catholic, Niagara Falls, ON,
    Cody Holmes REC, 5'10, 180 Transfer from St. Mary's U, Windsor, On,
    Taylor Wellwood, OL, 6'2, 290, Saunders SS, London, ON,
    Tazie Vang-Bell, RB, 5'11, 185, London,
    Spencer Foster, REC, 6'3, 185, London, ON,
    Willy Mboko, DB, 6'2, 190, London, On,
    Mitchell Spence, REC, 6', 180, London,
    Johnny Kunej, LB, 6'2, 220, St. Francis, Catholic School, St. Catherines, On,
    Dennis Larocque, OT. 6'5, 260, Catholic Central HS, Woodstock, ON - CFC
    Alexander Pedda, OL, 6'1, 295, Catholic Central HS, Woodstock, ON,
    Marcus Unelli-O'Neill, DB, 6'1, 170, Cardinal Carter Catholic HS, Hamilton, ON,
    Aaron Massaquoi, ATH, 6'1, 180, W. F. Herman SS, Windsor, ON, CFC
    Jalem Catlin, RB, 6', 195, Abbotsford Senior SS, Abbotsford, BC, CFC
    David Coronado, REC, Abbotsford Senior SS, Abbotsford, BC,
    Brennan Fisher, DL, 6'2, 230, Superior Heights Collegiate and Vocational School, Sault Ste. Marie, ON,
    Seth Cooke, REC, Brantford Collegiate Inst, Brantford, ON,
    Demir Tagani, OL/DL, 6'1, 260, Northville, USA,
    Richard Edwards, REC, 6'2, 185 Brampton, ON
    Braeden MacDougall, TE, W.F Herman Secondary School, Windsor, ON
    Ty Martens - QB, 6'1, 177 - Robert Bateman Secondary, Abbottsford, BC.

    Western last year 32 - In 2020 41
    Jake Ounsted DT 6'1, 270, BC, Mount Douglas SS, Victoria, BC, CFC
    Curtis Fortune REC 6'2 210 - London South Collegiate, London, ON, CFC
    Scott Nichols LB 6'3 200, London South Collegiate, London, ON, CFC
    Jordan Mussa OL 6'3 310, IMG Academy, Halifax, NS,
    Josh Gillam LB 5'11 198, London South Collegiate, London, ON,
    Simon Fay FB 6'2 245 Champlain College, Lennoxville, QB,
    Tiernan Doherty C 6'4 285, Clarkson Football North, Mississauga, On, CFC
    Erik Anderson OT 6'5 295, A B Lucas Secondary, London, ON, CFC
    Joe Brennan REC Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS 6'0 190, London,
    Ahmed Elturabi OL Oakridge SS 6'5 260, London,
    Raeshawn Blake REC Catholic Central High, 6'3 185 London, CFC
    Bryan Boudreault, LB, 6' 220, Champlain College, Lennoxville, QC,
    Cole Rublik REC, 6'3 170, St. Andre Bessette Secondary, London, ON,
    Cam Creechan, K/P 5'11, 180, Ursuline College, Chatham, ON,
    Evan Hillock (STM qb) QB – 6’1 175 – St Thomas More CSS [Hamilton ON], de-committed from Guelph.....and committed to the big Purple Menace
    Patrick Murphy, REC, 6'2, 195, AB Lucas SS, London,
    George Choporis, DL, 6'2, 215, Richview Collegiate, Toronto,
    Aaron Massoquoi, ATH, 6'1, 180, W. F. Herman Secondary, Windsor, ON, CFC
    Max Mitchell, DB, 5'10, 185, Richview Collegiate, Toronto
    James Piper, REC, 6'5, 220, West Ferris Trojans, North Bay,
    AJ Williams, ATH, 5'11, 180, West Ferris Trojans, North Bay
    Sam Hildreth, DB, 6'1, 175, McKinnon Park Secondary, Caledonia ON,
    Simon King, LB, 6'4, 210, St. Francis HS, Calgary - CFC
    Simon Smith, OL, 6'4, 285, Vancouver College, Vancouver,
    Karis Saplys, QB, 6'5, 175, Etobicoke Collegiate, Etobicoke, ON - CFC
    Matthew Whistance-Smith, C, 6', 285, Huron Heights SS, Newmarket, ON, CFC
    Ciaran Davies LB, 6'3, 225, Langley SS, Langley, BC,
    Matt Ounsted, OG, 6'3, 285, Mount Douglas SS, Victoria BC -, CFC
    Sam LaRoue, QB, 6'3, 205, Earl Marriott SS, White Rock, - CFC
    Sam Low, DL, 6'3, 210, Holy Cross Catholic SS, Kingston, ON,
    Marcell Philips, RB, 5'11, 190, Cardinal Newman, Hamilton, ON,
    Reid Matthew, REC, Corpus Christi Catholic, Burlington, ON,
    Solomon Kangong, REC, 5'10, 165, Rundle College, Calgary,
    Julian Curia, REC, 5'10, 170, Huron Heights SS, Keswick,
    Riley Macleod, LB, 6'2, 225, St. Thomas More, CSS, Hamilton, CFC
    Tanner Doxtator, DB, 6', 170, Canada Prep Academy, London, ON, CFC
    Ben Regier LB, 6', 195, Mother Teresa Catholic, London, ON,
    Jordan Murphy, DB, 5'11, 180, Champlain College, Saint Lambert,
    Seth Robertson, REC, 6', 180, Loomis Chaffee School, Cambridge, ON, CFC
    Mark Arrizza, REC, 5'10, 175, St. Francis Xavier Secondary S, Thornton, ON,
    Andrew Pocrnic, RB, 5'10, 200 Saskatoon, Marion M. Graham Collegiate,
    Lourenz Bowers-Kane, LB, 6', 195, Champlain College, Dartmouth, NS.
    Alexander Pedda, OL, 6'1, 295, Catholic Central High, London, ON,

    Laurier last year 35 thanks to Chappy - In 2020 - 28
    Keyon Gratton, DT, 6'4 280, St. Mary's High, Kitchener,
    Zack Burmaster REC, 6'3, 210, St. Thomas More, Hamilton, ON.
    Jared Weiler DB, 6'1, 185, Resurrection Catholic School, Waterloo, On
    Josh Rietveld, DB, 6'5, 275, Assumption Catholic, Brantford, On
    Malik Boult, DE, Sir Allan MacNab Secondary, 6'5 235, Hamilton, On
    Tyresse Griffith, RB, 5'11, 180 St. David Catholic School, Waterloo, On
    Chidera Ubosi DL Abbey Park High S, 6'6 235, Oakville, On
    Jason MacGougan, LS MM Robinson High, 5'11 215 Burlington, ON - Laurier grabbed the #1 LS in Ontario - out of MM Robinson (thank goodness for this) was a nightmare last season I can't tell you how many times I blew up following a S^%$Y snap that rolled along the ground, and not blocking either.
    Avery Scott, RB, 5'10, 205, David Suzuki Secondary, Brampton, ON @LaurierFootball is excited to announce the latest addition to the #TakeFlight2020 Recruiting Class! 5'10 205pd Running Back @averyscott101 from @Suzukifootball in Brampton, ON.
    Trent Hunter, REC, 6' 180, AN Myer Secondary, Niagara Falls, ON, Another new @LaurierFootball Golden Hawk! 6'0 180pd WR Trent Hunter of @myernation is the latest addition to the #TakeFlight2020 Recruiting Class!
    Anthony Briscoe 6'0" 185lbs WR, Holy Trinity, Oakville, ON,
    Afolabi Awogbemi 6'3" 255lb DE St. Thomas Aquinas, Brampton, ON, - CFC
    Paul Owolabi 6'1" 190lb DB Centennial, Calgary, AB,
    Ryan Newick 6'1" 185lbs WR, St. Thomas More, Hamilton, ON,
    D'Andre Brookes QB, 6'2, 190 David Suzuki SS, Mississauga, ON,
    Dawson Hodge, K, 5' 11, 180, Terry Fox Secondary, Port Coquitlam, BC,
    Grant Gilmour, LB, 6'1, 180, Glenview Park Secondary, Cambridge, ON,
    Ethan Elliott, DB, 6'1, 185, Terry Fox Secondary, Port Coquitlam, BC,
    Fola Adeniyi, DB, 5'11, 175, St. Thomas More Catholic, Hamilton, ON,
    Ethan Jordan, REC, 6', 180, Chatham Kent Secondary, Caledonia, ON,
    Colton Longboat, OL, 6'6, 299 - McKinnon Park Secondary, Caledonia, ON,
    Ethan Bayfield, REC, 5'11, 170, St. Michael's College, Toronto On,
    Matt Caruso, DL, 6'2, 230, Oakridge Secondary School, London, ON,
    Jeremiah Nyambiya, RB, 5'10, 175, A.N. Myer Secondary School, Niagara Falls, ON,
    Malik Williams RB, 5'11, 210, Clarkson Football North, Pickering, ON, - CFC
    Taylor Elgersma QB 6'5" 205lbs Oakridge SS, London, ON
    Lambert Pomerleau - 6'1" 280lbs OG Ashbury College, Ottawa, ON.
    Andrew Kaszuba - K, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Mississauga, ON -

    Guelph last year 37 - In 2020 - 37
    Zach Ayotte DL 6'1 175, A N Myer Secondary, Niagara Falls,
    Michael Warner QB 6'3 195, Southwood Secondary, Cambridge, CFC
    Ethan Pyle OG 6'3 300, Clarkson Football N, Milton, ON, CFC
    Teo Jean Gaston RB 6'1 190 John F Ross Collegiate Voc Ins, Guelph,
    Rayne Gindl DL, 6'2, 285, Frank Hayden Secondary School, Burlington, On,
    Zach Ayotte – DT – 6’1 275 – A.N. Myer SS [Niagara Falls ON] – Team Ontario,
    Josh Munoz, RB, FB, 6'1, 210,ñoz
    Kobi Ofuokwu – LB – 6′ 190 – St Thomas More CSS [Hamilton ON] – CFC150
    Ethan Monaghan – DB – 6′ 185 – St Thomas More CSS [Hamilton ON]
    Daniel Hocevar - 6'4" 260lb OL Bishop Ryan, - CFC
    Nathan Condello - 5'11" 210lb MLB Bishop Ryan, - CFC
    Jeremie Kankolongo, RB, Champlain College, Lennoxville, 6', 210, - CFC
    Devynn Cromwell, Ath, 6'1, 190, Clarkson Football North, Toronto, CFC
    Ethan Chambers, QB, 6'1, 280, Catholic Central High, London,
    Jacob Vet, FB, 6'2, 215, Assumption Catholic, Burlington,
    Craig Sherrington, RB, 6', 185, Frank Hayden SS, Burlington,
    Ryan Ogilvie, REC, 6', 180, Cardinal Newma, Stoney creek, On.
    Wes Binnie, OL, 6'6, 285, Eastview SS, Barie, ON,
    Jacob Sherk, DL, 6'3, 275, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Toronto,
    Carson Gilbert, DL, 6'3, 235, St. Michael's College, Niagara,
    Kole Watson, LB, 6'2, 200, Salisbury, Composite, Sherwood Park, AB, - CFC
    Conor Richard, LB, 6', 210, Clarksville High, Clarksville, USa,
    Ben Lane, KP, 6' 185, Centennial College, Guelph, On,
    Tommy Bourikas, OL, 6'5, 270, Iroquois Ridge HS, Burlington,
    Cordell Holder, LB , 6'1, 230, Stonewall Collegiate, Stoney Creek, On,
    Kristofor Drlje, OL, 6'4, 275, Oakville Trafalgar High,
    Josh Munoz, RB, St. Thomas More Catholic, 6'1, 200, Hamilton.ñoz
    Malcom James, DB, 5'10, 160, Northern SS, Toronto,
    Michael Oliva, REC, 5'11, 200, Richview Collegiate Institute, Toronto,
    Anthony Moretuzzo 5'11, 165, Cardinal Newman, Hamilton.
    Zachary Powell, ATH, Cathedral HS, Hamilton.
    Carson Gilbert, DE, St. Michael Catholic HS, 6'3, 257, Niagara,
    Draven Maiato, LB, St. Marcellinus Secondary, 5'11, 200 Mississauga, On.
    Daniel Brown, QB, Centennial Collegiate Voc, Guelph
    Desean Wright, DL, 6'1, 235, St. Marcellinus SS, Mississauga, On.
    Jaden Dicks, DE, 6'6, 230, Etobicoke Collegiate Inst, Ont. super athletic, pass rushing DE - Jaden Dicks of Etobicoke. Watching his highlights you can't help but be reminded of current Gryphon DE Tavius Robinson. CFC
    Tiaan Pretorius, DB, 6' 180, Oakville Trafalgar HS, Oakville, On,
    Will Adam, REC, 6', 175, A.B. Lucas SS, London, ON,
    Devon Schiller Cleveland, QB, St. Paul's Prepatory Academy, Niagara Falls, ON,
    Jacob Thomas,QB, St. James Lions'

    York last year 29 - In 2020 - 40
    Caleb Pype - OL, 6'5, 295, Cambridge, Valley Heights Secondary , Cambridge Lions.
    Theo Brown - 6'1" 275lb DL/LS Bayridge SS -Kingston, On York Lions -
    Connor Martinez, LB, 5'11, 200, Jacob Hespler Sec, S, Cambridge,
    Jason Janvier-Messier, DL, 6'3, 245, Champlain, College, Lennoxville, Beloeil, Quebec.
    Jagger Horst, REC, 5'10, 165, St. Thomas Aquinas, Catholic School, York Region Lions,
    Brandon Davies-Lyons, DEC, 6'5, 255 Oshawa, Eastdale Collegiate,
    Gabriel Wilson, REC, 6'5, 255, St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic HS, Toronto,
    Nick Kehler, DB, 5'10, 170, Jacob Hespeler, SS, Cambridge, On,
    Arvind Randhawa, EB, 6'1, 155, David Suzuki SS, Burlington, ON, Brampton - GTA Grizzlies.
    Austin Galbraith, Ath, 5'10, 175, New Westminster SS, Richmond. BC, CFC
    Adrian Dattilo, REC, 6'1, 180, Bishop Allen Academy,
    Greyson Planinsic, DB, 5'10, 160, New Westminster Secondary, CFC
    Xavier Correia, OL, 6'7, 310, Sir John A Mac, Scarborough, ON - Sir John A. Macdonald C.I. and the Toronto Thunder! #BLEED #REDvolution #lionpride
    Eddie Burvill, OL, 6'3, 320, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Mississauga, On,
    Davien Brathwaite, LB, 6', 205, Toronto.
    Josh Stevenson, LB, 6'4, 205, Jacob Hespeler SS, Waterloo, On
    Gavin Wallin, LB, 5'10, 220, St. Joan of Arc Catholic HS, Barrie, On,
    Dexter Sargent, LB, 6'2, 205, Prince Andrew HS, Dartmouth, NS,
    Justin Fawcett, RB, 5'10, 200, Toronto -
    Brayden Robinson, OL, 6'4, 280, Georgetown District HS, Georgetown, ON -
    Avontae McCoy, REC, 6', 175, Richview Collegiate Institute, Toronto, Etobicoke Eagles,
    Aden Alfieri, DL, 6'3, 270, St. Joan of Arc Catholic HS, Barrie - Blue Chip DE -
    Gavin Padda, DL, 6'4, 235, Brampton, ON - Gavin Padda from Brampton! Another 4⃣ recruits were added to the defensive line for next season: #BLEED #REDvolution #lionpride
    Thomas Eccles, DB, 6'2, 175, Salisbury Composite High School, Sherwood, AB, Team Alberta blue chip defensive back
    Mack Bannantyne, DL- DB, 5'11, 180, Ernest Manning HS, Calgary, AB.
    Rickey Parsons, DB, 6', 170, St. Thomas More Catholic HS, Burnaby -
    Tyler Horswell, OL, 6'1, 285, Silverthorn Collegiate, Brampton, ON,
    Luke Winsor, REC, 5'9, 160, Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Inst, Kingston, ON,
    Derek Giacobbi, K/P, 6', 165, Ottawa, ON
    Giuseppe Fabrizio, LS, 6', 225, Hamilton, ON, Hamilton Hurricanes,
    Brandyn Linklater, DE,OLB, 6'3, 210, from Winnipeg
    Logan Radcliffe, DB, 6'2, 170, Northern secondary, Toronto,
    Richard Parsons, DB, 6'1, 170, St Thomas More,, Burnaby, BC,
    Sean Février, DB, 6'1, 185, Ottawa, ON.
    Taj Polius, DL, 6'5, 300, Richmond Hill, ON,
    Jason Janvier Messier, DL, 6'3, 245, Champlain College Lennoxville, Beloeil, QC
    Nicholas DeJesus, QB, 5'11, 195, Lorne Park Secondary, Mississauga, ON, CFC
    Rickey Parsons, DB, 6', 165, St. Thomas More Collegiate, Burnaby BC
    Aidan Simpson, ATH, 6'1, 175, St. Mary's. College Pickering On,
    Taj Polius, DL, 6'5, 300 Richmond Hill, On

    Carleton last year 26 - In 2020 - 28
    Tristan Ready, REC, 6"1, 185, St. Joe's Football North, Ottawa, ON CFC
    Karl Von Einsiedeal, ATH, Abbotsford Senior Sec S, 6'2 205, Abbotsford BC, CFC
    Bradley Peters, OG, 6'2, 275, Fredericton HS, Freddericton, NB CFC
    Xavier Malone, LB, 6'1, 200, Ecole Mathieu-Martin, Dieppe, NB
    Dawson Pierre, LB,6'3, 205, Vanier, Montreal, CFC
    Jerel Brown, REC, 6'2, 175, Salisbury Composite HS, Sherwood, QB CFC
    Skyler Nixon, LB, 5'11, 230, Montreal
    Brandon Forcier, REC, 6'1, 180, Ottawa, Philemon Wright HS
    Jonathan Kileke-Mudiandambu, DB, 6'3, 195, Royal Imperial Collegiate, Lachine, Q
    Matthew Morin, RB, 5'9. 170, Lloydminster Comp High School, AB - CFC
    Kairo Hassan, DB, 5'11, 190, Surrey BC - North Surrey SS
    Adam Fast, REC, 6', 180, Kelvin Secondary School, Winnipeg, Man
    Nathan Clark, DE, 6'2, 240, Fredericton, Leo Hayes HS - CFC
    Jahshiah Pennicooke, REC, 6'4, 190, Vanier, Montreal - CFC
    Ben Huckabone - REC, 6'2, 193, Ottawa, Ashbury College
    Reid Vankoghnett 6'3" 195 QB from CJFL Valley Huskers
    Jean-Philippe Naud, REC, 6'4, 185, CEGEP de Rimouski, QC
    Harvey Mafuta, REC, 6'2, 180, Brampton, ON, St Roch Cathollic School
    Brandon Kandolo, DL, 6'3, 235, Clearwater Academy International, Toronto, On
    Tristan Lefebre, QB, 6'2, 185, St. Josephs Catholic HS, Calgary, AB
    Kasten Wanken, QB, 6'3, 200, Salisbury Compositie HS, Sherwood, AB - CFC
    Te Jessie, QB, RB, 6'3, 215, We are very excited to add 1st Team All Canadian QB Te Jessie out of the Powerhouse at St. Pauls in WPG.
    Te has proven he has the ability to hurt teams with both his arm and his feet!

    Toronto last year 50. - Courtesy of Chappy - In 2020 - 36
    Reuben Buchanan OL - 6'2 285 - Transfer from Simon Fraser U - Vancouver BC, Notre Dame RHS, Transfer - Toronto Varsity Blues from: SFU Clan
    Michael Rochon - CFC100 Silverthorn Collegiate, Milton, West Toronto Prep 6-1/221 I LB/DE has chosen the Varsity Blues. CFC
    Ayden Orrsky DL, 6'5, 240 Bear Creek Secondary, Barrie Ontario
    Jordan Robinson -Wright QB. 6'1 185, Korah Collegiate Sault Ste Marie, ON
    Victor Raposo, OL, 6'4, 335, Chaminade College School, Toronto, ON - Victor Raposo - 6'4-1/2" 330lb OL Chaminade College School - Toronto Varsity Blues
    Kayden Manorath DL, 6'1 250, Ajax, On
    Ryan Collins, REC, 6'5, 210, Hamilton, St. Jean de Brebueuf
    Thano Mardicis, Ath, 6', 180, Regiopolis Notre Dame, Kingston
    Tucker Burke, DL, 6'2, 200, St. Peter HS, Ottawa
    Cole Brown, DB, 6', 170, Chaminade College School, Toronto, Etobicoke
    Noah Andrew, DB, 6'2, 190, Brantford - North Park Collegiate, Brantford, ON
    Matthew Hoag, LB, 5'11, 190, Vancouver College, CFC
    Phoenix Moller, Ath, 5'10, 190, Robert Bateman, Abbotsford, CFC
    Chris Sittman, REC, 6', 170, Waterdown DHS, Waterdown ON
    Colin Dolnyski, LB/LS, 5'11, 215, Vancouver, Vancouver College, Surrey, BC
    Harshaad Jouhal, RB, 5'11, 220, Langley Secondary, Surrey, BC
    Lucas Varga, DE, 6'2, 235, Nelson HS, Burlington ON
    Dylan Fallovollita, LB, 6', 225, Our Lady of Mount Carmel SS, Mississauga, ON
    Ethan Coulas, DB, 5'11, 175, Sydenham HS, Kingston, ON
    Charlie Polet, DB, 6', 170, St. Paul's High, Winnipeg
    David Adeleye, ATH, Ashbury, 5'10, 176, Ottawa
    Andrew Scott, LB, 6'1, 210, St. Andrew's College Aurora, ON
    Seth Cabezas, QB, 6', 170, Westmount Secondary S, Hamilton, ON
    Ben Clair, OL, 6'3, 280 Bishop Tonnos, Hamilton, ON
    Charlie Polet - DB 6'0" 175lbs, St. Paul's, Winnipeg, MB
    Nathan Bullock - WR 5'11" 170 lbs, Westmount SS, Hamilton, ON
    Igal Cano - WR 6'0" 175lbs, The American School, Mexico City, MX
    Matt Wedler - DB 5'11" 170 lbs, St Michael's CHS, Niagara Falls, ON
    Phoenix Moller 5'10" 190 LB LB, Robert Bateman Secondary, Abbottsford, BC
    Ethan Coulas, DB, 5'11, 175, Sydenham High School, Sydenham.

    Ottawa last year 38 - info courtesy of Ottawafan this year, and last year - thank you Ottawafan[/url] - In 2020 - 30
    Zach Copeland, K/P 6'2 195 - Parkside Collegiate - London, is on the CFC "10 Specialists" 2020 list. He has played in the Canada Cup and the CFC Prospects game. - Gee-Gees have nabbed a top P/K prospect. courtesy Ottawafan
    Jacob Traynor. OG, 6'2 280 On Monday, October 7, the Gee-Gees signed on Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute (VCI) Grade 12 student
    Traynor, 17, of Vankleek Hill has accepted a scholarship to play football for the Gee-Gees starting in the 2020-2021 season as an offensive lineman. The deal provides a base amount of $4,500 per year but if he maintains an average of at least 80 per cent, the amount can go to $7,500 per year for up to five years.“It’s been a dream of mine,” said Jacob about his football career.
    Trent Chase for the Gee-Gees. He was announced a month ago. Chase is a 6-2/297 pound DL . Originally from Ajax Ontario, he played HS ball in Connecticut.
    Eric Cumberbatch from Alexandria Ontario DB 6'3 175(twin)
    Patrick Cumberbatch from Alexandria Ontario . The Gee-Gees have announced twin brother recruits. They played for the Cornwall Wildcats. Both are DBs and both are listed at 6-3/175. Good thing they give numbers to these guys or you would not be able to tell them apart.......
    Braeden Cruji, LB, 6'1 225, Napanee District SS, Napanee, ON, Gee-Gees get Braeden Cruji from Napanee, Ontario. 6-1/225. He plays both at RB and LB.
    Vincent Hebert 6-4/300 , was a league all-star on the O-Line. The Gee-Gees capture a big one from the College de Valleyfield Noir et Or.ébert
    Jordan Troyer, OL/6-4/290 from Verona Ontario has chosen the GeeGee's,
    Keagan Rehn, WR/CB-6-4/181. From the Hamilton Hurricanes, committed to the GeeGee's,
    Jonathan Fournier, a RB from CEGEP de Thetford. He is listed at 5-10/210 - Gee-Gees have recruited
    Samuel St. Jean -Ottawa lands OL who spent three seasons with CEGEP Garneau. 6-3/290 -
    Jeremy Gauthier, DB, 6-2/180, CEGEP Saint -Jean -sur-Richilieu - Gee-Gees take another dip in the CEGEP pool .érémy-Gauthier
    Isaac Rivalin, 5-9/160. This pat season he was the MVP of his HS team and school athlete of the year. U18 Team Saskatchewan. Fox 40 Prospects Challenge defensive MVP. - Ottawa gets a FS/WR/RET from Saskatoon.
    David Chaloux RB/WR 5-9/190 - Gee-Gees reach down into the ranks of CEGEP Div3.
    Desmond Pelto Multi-Position Athlete from Winnipeg. 6-4/195.Not sure what position Ottawa is looking at him for. He seems to have played every skill position on O and on D and this past season added Long Snapper to his resume.
    DL Samule Désir, 6', 290 and Gee-Gees add RSEQ recruits from Montmorency Nomades -ésir
    DE Nijad Taha,DE, 6'2, 255, RSEQ recruits from Montmorency Nomades DL St. Leonard, Q,
    Alexis Grégoire, DB, 6'1, 190, Cégep De Saint Hyacinthe, QC
    Connor Holborn, 6'2, 240, Parkside Collegiate, London, On - A FB/TE. Connor Holborn is from ST. Thomas ,Ontario---Parkside Collegiate and the London Jr. Mustangs. He is 6-2/240. A member of Team Ontario . has him on their Top 100 list. CFC
    Allan Young, QB, 6'2, 190, Citadel High, Halifax, NS - CFC
    Thomas Kuhn, 6'3, 290, OL, Kelowna, SS, BC - - CFC
    Nicolas de Bellefeuille-Blais. Nicolas is from Gatineau and played for a couple of different CEGEPs . The Carabins had him listed as a recruit in 2018, but he must have not reported as he played for the Ottawa Sooners (junior) in 2018. Now he is a student at uOttawa and seems to have been taking part in Winter practices. The Sooners have him listed as a DE, 6-4/260. He has highlight video on Hudl.
    Martin Blais is from Gatineau and has been a RB for Valleyfield for three seasons. The Gee-Gees seem to interested in him as a Return Specialist. He is said to have "blazing" speed.
    Daniel Briere LB, 6'1, 195, Ottawa, On,
    Riley Hilderbrandt, DT, 6-1/250. Riley was the Div 2 Rookie of the Year in 2018 and a league all-star in 2019. He is from Spencerville Ont and played for the Cornwall Wildcats prior to CEGEP. John Abbot College - CFC Top 100
    Jack Ivy an OL from Waterdown near Hamilton ,Ont.
    Dominik Ostrowski, DE, 6-2/245., joins his hometown Ottawa Gee-Gees, but not before he made a detour to a prep school in Salisbury , Connecticut, where he was defensive player of the year. B]CFC[/B]
    Nathan Walker, REC, 5'9, 180, Transfer from Bishop's - Brampton, ON,
    Bryce Twohey. RB, OLB, MLB, 5'8, 20 Hometown- -London, Ontario, Bryce was selected for the All New England all-star team.Bryce is also a good hockey player and recently played for his prep school (Canterbury) team.
    Anas Faid, DT. 6-4/285. An Ottawa guy who has played for the Myers Riders, Nepean Eagles and Ottawa Sooners organizations. He has also competed at wrestling.
    Ageric Amedin, DB, 5'8, 170 - CEGEP Div 1 Cougars.Champlain College, Sherbrooke, Quebec.éric-Amédin
    Jacob Ursic. ATH.QB, FS, 6-0/185, Ilderton, ON
    Brennan Macey, 6-3/215 DE, DT, Jr. Gaels -
    Justice Koradi DB, 5'10, 155 has committed to the Gee-Gees.
    David Fyneah LB, Bellevue, Washington - played HS FB there. Came to Ottawa for his last year of high school in order to live with relatives here. He was scouted by several universities & decided to commit to SFX for 2020. He decommitted from St.FX and committed to the Gee-Gees.
    Wesley "Weezy" Tshimanga. bilingual QB Wesley is a dual threat QB who can scramble away from those nasty D men who try to spoil his day.He looks like a Phil Cote type QB. A guy that Coach Bellefeuille had a lot of success with in 1998-2000. Wesley played for Canada Prep Academy in St. Catherines in 2019. In 2018 he was with the West Toronto Prep Golden Warriors. He has also played junior and senior Varsity with the Ottawa Sooners.
    Rodney Estime,6-2/190. Montreal native He played WR for the Montmorency College Nomades
    Randy Gibuku-Mabengo a 5-10/195 Free Safety. from Div 1 Campus Notre Dame-de -foy.Randy played for Team Quebec. was MVP in the Canada Cup final game 2016. also played for the Team Canada in an international tournament in Orlando Florida.
    Derick Calixte, 6-1/295. O-Lineman (G/C) for the Gee-Gees.from Gatinea , Quebec - went to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida (2016-2020) IMG says that he runs the 40 In 5.4 and the shuttle in 4.9.
    Derick has made a few official visits to US Colleges (uConn for one) but is returning home. He was invited to play in the Hawaii Tiki Bowl in Jan 2020. Derick is a CFC 100 prospect. had a 3.75 GPA at IMG.

    Waterloo last year 34 - thank you Linda for updates - In 2020 - 37
    Chase Osinga REC - 6'3 200, St. James Catholic School, Niagara Falls, CFC
    Caelan Brosnan REC 5'10 185, Oakridge Secondary, London, ON,
    Carter Stephens QB 5'11 190, Centennial Secondary school, Belleville, CFC
    David Blagrove REC 6'3 180 David Suzuki Secondary School, Brampton, On,
    Zach Parmley OL/DL 6' 230, AB Lucas Secondary School, London, ON,
    Aria Banijamaat DE 6'3 230, Lawrence Park Collegiate, Toronto, ON,
    Riley Forbes DT 6'3 310, Jacob Hespeler Secondary, Cambridge, ON,
    Jacob Ludiciani OL 6'3 270, A N Myer Secondary School, Niagara Falls, ON,
    Matt Kling OL 6'3 290, Ursuline College, Chatham, ON,
    Tajinder Matharoo OL 6'2 285, Preston High school, Cambridge, ON,
    Gabe Valedis RB 5'10 200, St. James School, Guelph, On,
    Kyle Wilson REC 6'1 175, A N Myer Secondary School, Niagara Falls, On
    Steven Schwartz, OT - 6'4 275, - Transfer University of Calgary, Ottawa, ON
    Greg Caruso, RB, 5'11 185, St. Mary's college, Sault Ste Marie,
    Omar Khalil OL/DL, 6'4 250, Iroquois Ridge High, Oakville, On
    Clayton Mrazek - 6'1" 190 lbs LB Barrie North, Toronto
    Hudson Billing, LB, Waterloo Collegiate Inst, Waterloo
    Daniel Dove, OL, 6'4, 282, Robert Hall Catholic, Toronto, ON
    TJ Pusey, DT, 6'3, 280, St. Joan of Arc Catholic, Barrie, ON
    Daniel George, REC, Bluevale Collegiate Institute, Waterloo, On
    Justin Gec DE, 6'2, 255, Mercyhurst Prep, Cambridge, ON, - CFC
    David Stewart, DB, Ridgeway - Crystal Beach HS, Crystal Beach, ON
    Rielly Sexton, LB St. Paul Catholic HS, Niagara Falls
    Jonas Bingeman, ATH, Sir John A MacDonald, Niagara Falls, ON
    Anthony Miller, RB, 6', 210, St. Roch Catholic SS, Brampton ON
    Marcus Miller, DL, 6'3, 250, St. Roch Catholic SS, Brampton ON
    Mark Beukeboom, LB, Catholic Central High, London, ON
    Quinton Ramos, OL, 6'1, 270, Mississauga, ON, St. Marcellinus SS
    Kamar Collins, RB, 5'10, 180, Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Stoney Creek, On
    Julian Brown, DE, London, ON, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School
    Rassal Gill, OL, 6'3, 235, David Suzuki SS, Brampton, ON
    Leandre Guerra, DL, 6'3, 270, St. Marcellinus SS, Mississauga, ON
    Cole Crossett, K, 5'11, 185, K, Transfer from McMaster Univ, Ottawa, ON
    James Hinsperger, MLB, TE, 6'3, 220, Blairstown, NJ, joining our @UWWarriorsFB family! Welcome & Great decision!

    McMaster last year 45 - In 2020 - 32
    Pierre Eskandar OG 6' 295 -Champlain College, Lennoxville, Laval -
    Jackson Cooling REC 5'10 - 180, Nelson High, Burlington,
    Mitchell Price DT 6'2 285 , Clarkson Football North, Burlington, On CFC
    Keagan Hall QB 6'4 200, Nelson High, Burlington, CFC
    James Priestner REC 6'1 175, Nelson High, Burlington, ON,
    Brantt Burnstein OL Nelson High - Burlington, ON, 6' 255,
    Alex Cheng DT 6'4 285, Catholic Central High, London,
    Eric Faubert, RB, 6'1, 170 Sir Allan MacNab, Hamilton,
    Chinedu Ezeonwurie DL 6' 285, Cathedral High School, Hamilton,
    Drake Bodi, Safety/LB, 6'0" 185lbs, HFA, Toronto On - CFC
    Nathan Paulin, OL, 6'2, 275, ST Thomas More Catholic,Hamilton, ON center. Mac got ,
    Mike Martyniuk, OL, 6'3, 225, Assumption Secondary,
    Chris Bechkos, LB, 6', 185, AN Myer Secondary, Niagra Falls,
    DeEmetrius, Masuka, DB, 6' 165, Bishop Ryan HS, Hamilton,
    Sebastian Masotti, REC, 6', 170, Bishop Ryan, Hamilton,
    Luke Ciapka, REC, Catholic Central HS, London,
    Ryan Butler, DB, 6', 190, West Toronto Prep, North York, ON,
    Sam Rumleski, ATH, 5'11, 165, North Hastings HS, Bancroft, ON,
    Carter Blad, DB, 5'11, 192, Assumption Catholic, Brantford,
    Jacob Creeden, C, 6'2, 275 Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic HS, Oshawa, ON, CFC
    Jonathon Wieder, OL, 6'2, 240, Pickering On,
    Jesse Murphy, ATH, 6'1, 220, Saint Paul Catholic HS, Niagara Falls, ON,
    Mansel Haughton, OL, 6'2, 270, Barrie, ON,
    Nathan Steeves, FB, TE, 6'2, 210, Glendale Secondary HS, Hamilton, ON,
    Nico Burton, DL, 6'2, 225, Huronia Stallions, Toronto, ON,
    Vince Tinna, RB, 5'8, 175, Binbrook, ON, Holy Trinity Catholic SS,
    William McCulloch, REC, 6'2, 200, Eastview SS, Barrie, ON,
    Zachary Melnyk, ATH, 6', 200, Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic HS, Welland, ON,
    Ricardo Chisholm, RB, 5'7, 190, Northern Secondary School, Toronto, ON
    Ethan Coulas, DB, 5'11, 175, Sydenham High School, Sydenham.

    Queen's last year 28 - - thanks to QG10 - In 2020 - 39
    Mitchell DellaVedova RB 5'11 190, Superior Heights Collegiate, Sault Ste Marie
    Keegan Vanek ATH 5'11 185, Catholic Central High, London, ON- CFC
    Jas Khaira, OT 6'5, 285, St. Roch Catholic SS, Mississauga, On - CFC
    Winfield Organ, REC, 6'5, 190, A N Myer Secondary School, Niagara Falls, On, CFC
    Brendon Dilworth, OL, 6'2, 270, St. Andrew's College, Aurora, ON
    Jalen Hylton, DT, 6', 315, St. Marcellinus Sec, Miss, On
    Eric Johnston, DT, 6'2, 285, Kingston, ON
    Chase de Vries, OL, 6'2, 255, Brockville Collegiate, Brockville, ON
    Kirk Jean-Baptiste 5'10" 170lbs RB, Brook Hill HS, Ottawa, ON - CFC
    Taran Birdi - Queen's lands CB/ATH from New Westminster (BC). 6'2, 180 lbs. CFC100 player.
    Nathon Falconi, Ath, 5'10, 180, St. Andrews College - CFC
    Zach Dodge OL, 6'1, 270, Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic HS, Kingston
    AJ Chol, REC, 6'3, 175, New Westminster Secondary - CFC
    Liam Silverson, REC, 6'6, 210, Holy Cross Catholic, Kingston, On CFC
    Brady Spafford, LB, 6', 200, Oshawa, On
    Colin MacLauchlan, LB, 6', 200, Northern Secondary S, Toronto
    Jason Siewe, DB, 6', Ernest Manning, Calgary
    Ahmad Pottinger, LB, 6', Northern Secondary, Toronto
    Mitchell Keuhl, LB, 5'10, 195, Holy Cross Catholic, Kingston, ON
    Dawson Mathews Reid, DB, 6'1, 175, Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic HS, Oshawa, ON
    Austin Hill, OL, 6'2, 295, St. Francis Catholic HS, Buffalo
    Devin Esposito, DE, 6'2, 235, John Abbott College, Montreal, QC
    Nicodeme Kwemo, REC, 6'2, 190, Upper Canada College, Montreal, QC - CFC
    Raheem Balogun Jr, REC, 6'2, 185, St. Roch Catholic SS, Brampton, On CFC
    Darien Newell, DT, 6'5, 245, St Roch Catholic SS, Brampton, On CFC
    Dawson Waldner, OL, 6'3, 285, Murdoch MacKay Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB,
    Matthew Sager, OT, 6'5, 255, Holy Cross Catholic SS, Kingston, ON, CFC
    Jay Armitage, REC, 6'1, 175, West Vancouver, BC
    George Kendall, REC, 6'1, 185, Trinity College Bears, Port Hope, ON
    Joshua McBain, LB, 6'2, 200, St. Michael's College School, Toronto, ON
    Aaron Puskas, RB, 6'1, 205, St. Ignatius HS, Thunder Bay, ON
    Isaiah Leondari, DL, 6'3, 220, St. Ignatius HS, Thunder Bay, ON
    Jayden Kerr, RB, 5'11, 195, St. Marcellinus, SS, Mississauga, ON
    Anthony Soles, RB, 6'1, 215, Loyala Catholic SS, Montreal, Q. CFC
    Jared Siewe, DB, 6', 165, Ernest Manning HS, Calgary, AB.
    Doug Mayhew, FB, 6'1, 245, John Abbott College, Montreal, Q
    Greg Sealy, RB, 6', 195, Bill Crothers Secondary, Markham, ON

    AUS - 174 last year - 2018 -115 In 2020 - 133

    SMU last year 20 - In 2020 - 33
    Landon Sommers, OL, 6'3, 240, Holy Cross Regional High School, Surrey BC
    Isaiah Letander, DT, 6'3, 275 Winnipeg, Kelvin SS - CFC
    Keanu Brown, RB, 5'11, 180, Clarkson Football North, Toronto - CFC
    Lucas Brocklehurst, QB, 6'2, 175, Auburn Drive HS, Dartmouth
    Ethan Nagler, K/P , 5'11, 195, Kelvin Secondary School, CFC
    Mohammed Benaissa, OL, 6'3, 275, Cegep Edouard-Montpetit, Montreal
    Jordan Mussa, OL, 6'3, 330, Halifax West High School, Halifax
    Andrew Floyd, LB, 6'1, 185, Cobequid Educational Centre, Truro, NS
    Matthew Zarowny, DB, 6' 2, 200, Edmonton, Alberta
    D'Andre Grosvenor, OL, 6'6, 205, Holland College, Toronto, On
    Luca Hebel, OL, 6'3, 300, Transfer from Goethe University Frankfurt, INT
    Jalen Elibert Fowkles, DB, 5'11, 185, West Toronto Prep, Montreal
    Colby Giusti, LB, 5'9, 225, Prince Andrew HS, Dartmouth
    Dikeim Davis, ATH, 6'2, 178, Prince Andrew HS, Dartmouth
    Ethan Rehman, OL, 6'3, 275, Cole Harbour District High S, Dartmouth
    Ibrahim Al-Tawil, OL, 6'7, 288, Halifax West HS, Halifax
    Jaykein Slawter, LB, 5'11, 180, Prince Andrew HS, Dartmouth
    Johnny Williams,
    Josshua Bromfield, FB, 6'2, 275, Calgary, AB
    Kaeden Bonin, OL, 6'3, 295, Cole Harbour District High S, Dartmouth
    Kaleb Ellis, RB, 6' 170, Millwood HS, Sackville, NS
    Liam Howe, LB, Kiski School, 6', 210, Whitby, On
    Matthew Watson, REC, 6'2, 185, Ross Sheppard HS, Edmonton, AB
    Michael Petroschke, QB. 6'3, 210, Holland College, Brampton, ON
    Timothy O'Brien, LB, 6'1, 200 Portland, USA
    Treshaun-Caziah Sullivan, REC, 6'1, 180, Cathedral HS, Hamilton Ont
    Uriah Hestdalen, LB, 6'1, 225, Coquitlam, BC
    Will Franklin, OL, 6'4, 250, Westmount HS, Hamilton, ON
    Jerome Tshimpanglila, LB, 6'4, 237, Moncton, Holland College
    Munzir Mohamed. REC, 6', 175, West Toronto Prep, Hamilton, ON
    Isaiah Okoli, LB, 6'2, 220, Vancouver

    Acadia last year 17 - In 2020 - 19
    Kosta Zannis LB 6'2, 205,Crescent High School, Calgary CFC
    Damian Cogswell, Ath, 6'1, 180, St. Malachy's Memorial HS
    Logan McNamee, ATH, St. John HS, 6'3, 191
    Austin Young, DL, 6'1, 240 St. Stephen High School
    Germain Anderson, DE, 6'1, 190, Wolfville
    Brennen Travis, DE, 6'3, 220, Sr. John A, Mac, Halifax
    Peter John Muhigi, DB, 5'11, 150, Moncton, NB
    Noah Stone, OL, 6'5, 250, Sir John A MacDonald HS, Halifax
    Jonah Flynn, OL, 6'4 300, Lockview HS, Halifax
    Joseph Aselstine, OL, 6'3, 270, Cobequid Educational Centre, Truro, NS
    Shohey Fujita, DB, 5'11, 165, Lindsay Thurber Composite HS, Osaka, INT
    Jacob Yazbek, LB, 6', 215, Citadel High School, Halifax, NS
    Mathew Renouf, REC, 6', 180, Lockview High, Fall River, NS
    Michael Adams, ATH, 5'11, Transfer from University of British Columbia, Truro, NS
    Mikey Braha, DL, 6'1, 210, Transfer from St. Mary's University, Bedford NS
    Mitchell Tufts, QB, 6', 160, Transfer from St. Francis Xavier Univ, Vancouver, BC
    Thomas Veinot, K/P, 6'7, Transfer from University of the Fraser Valley, Bedford, NS,
    Rees Hines, DL, Lockview High, 6'4, 255
    Justin LeBlanc, OL, 6'2, 232, Hammonds Plains, NS, Ecole, L Odyssee
    Niklas Platis, RB, 5'7, 185, Shediac Cape, NB, Moncton High School
    Riley Mackie, OL, 6'2, 265, Sydney Academy, Glace Bay, NS

    St. FX last year 36 last year - Peter Gryphon provided some updates - In 2020 - 24
    Colin Howe DT 6' 290 - Greater Fort Erie SS, Niagara Falls, On CFC
    Jack True - TE - 6'4 225 - Transfer University of Maine - Yarmouth, NS
    Sam Caplice, QB, 6'1 180, St. Michael's college, Toronto
    Ben Edison, LB, 6'1, 210, Ernest Manning High, St John, NB
    Tom Brow, OT, 6'3 290, St. James School, St. John's NB, CFC
    Brandyn Martin, DB, 6' 190 Melfort
    Adrian Proielec-Henry, RB, 6'2 190, Assumption Catholic Secondary, Brantford, ON
    Chase Kehler, DB, 6', 185, Chinook High School, Lethbridge, AB
    Matt Morton, DB, St. Malachy's Memorial High, St. John NB
    David Fyneah, LB, Ottawa - decommitted, went to Ottawa GeeGee's instead
    Mark Hamlin, OG, 6'4, 315, Sir John A MacDonald High, Hammonds Plains, NS - CFC
    Caleb Fogarty, RB, Ecole L'Odyssee, Moncton, NB
    Jayce MacDonald, DB, Auburn Drive High, Eastern Passage, NB
    Josh Connors, LB, 5'11, 205, Huron Heights SS, Scarborough
    Brandon Swain, K'P, Sydenham HS, Sydenham, On
    Eric Sinzinkayo, REC, 6', 190, Ecole L'Odyssee, Moncton, NB
    Isaiah Parkinson, Ath, 6'1, 190, St. Thomas More Catholic SS, Hamilton, ON CFC
    Ben Harrington, REC, 6'1, 170, Dartmouth HS, NS CFC
    Robie Holland, DL, 6'1, 250, Transfer from Mount A Univ, Tantallon, NS
    Owen Sellers, REC, Cobequid Educational Centre, Truro, NS
    Isaac Ombotimbe, DB, 5'10, 150, Ottawa, ON
    Niko Proverbs, LB, 6'3, 195, Springbank Community HS, Calgary, AB
    Morgan Rae, DL, 6'5, 210, Millwood HS, Middle Sacville, NS
    Ethan Price, LB. Lockview High S, Windsor Junction, NS
    Ma-Kel Vincent, REC, 6'2, 185, Dartmouth HS, Dartmouth, NS
    Eric Kania, LB, 6'. 200, Canmore Collegiate, Canmore AB

    Mt Alison last year 22 - In 2020 - 32
    Oliver Longpre, ATH, 5'11, 175, Tantramar Regional, High, Sackville, NB - CFC
    Sebastian Brown, REC, 5'8, 155, St. John, NB
    Josiah Flomo, OL/DL, 6'2, 290, Baltimore, USA
    Cedric Bujold, DL, 6'4, 250, Ecole Mathieu Martin, Dieppe, NB
    Marshall Bulmer, OL, 6'2, 290, Riverview HS - Moncton,
    Morie Kamara, REC, 5'8, 150, Harrison Timbre, Moncton
    Riley Estabrooks, REC, 6'1, 170 Tantramar Regional High, Sackville, NB
    Elliott Robinson, DE, 6'6, 230, Sudbury SS, Sudbury, On
    Adam Rocha, QB, 6'4, 215, St. Benedict Catholic High, Sudbury
    Jacob Scharnberg, OT, 6'4, 310, Moncton HS, Moncton, NB, CFC
    Andrew Hess, TE, 6'3, 200, Sackville, NB, Tantramar Reg High School
    Steven Kemp, REC, 6'2, Mother Theresa Catholic Secondary, Ottawa
    Riley Schram, DL, 6', 245, Moncton High, Moncton
    Owen O'Neal, DB, 5'10, 165, Tantramar High, Sackville, NB - CFC
    Brad Patterson, REC, 5'11, 180, Sudbury Secondary School, Sudbury, On
    Nick Boutilier, LB, 6'3, 230, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic, HS, Hammonds Plains, NS
    Zachary Hamm, REC, 6'2, 210, St. Thomas Aquinas, Hammond Plains, NS
    Trent Daigle, DB, Bernice MacNaughton, HS, Moncton, NB
    Jaired Sides, OL, 6'2, 290, Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic HS, Oshawa
    Joey Lachance, OL, 6'1, 270, Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic HS, Oshawa ON,
    Ethan Maceachern, DB, 6'3, 190, Moncton HS, Moncton, NB
    Tait Cassie, DL, 6'2, 230, Canmore Collegiate HS, 6'2, 230
    Keagan Ferguson, OL, St. Mark Catholic HS, Ottawa ON
    Ethan Papineau, DT, 5'10, 235, Dakota College, Winnipeg, MB
    Alex Crook, LB, 6'3, 210, St. Mark Catholic HS, Ottawa, ON
    Matthew Uriah Kay Mitchell, REC, 6'2, 180, Holland College, Toronto
    Mitchell Evans, OL, 6'4, 335, J.L. Ilsley HS, Halifax NS
    Greg Reid, OL, 6'3, 265, Holland College, Brockville, ON,
    Jonathan Agette, ATH, 5'11, 175, St. Peter HS, Ottawa, ON
    Nathen Trites, ATH, 5'11, 180, Riverview HS, Riverview NB
    Rykert Balfe, LB, 6', 240, St. Mary's College, Ottawa, ON
    Matt Mossman, LB, 6'2, 200, Ecole Sainte Anne, Fredericton, NB

    Bishop's last year 21 - In 2020 - 24
    Brandon Marques DL 6'2 235, college Ahuntsic, Montreal
    Mitchell Martell OL 6'2 315, John Abbott College, Kirkland, QC
    Nicolas Baril, DB -5'10, 170, CEGEP de l'Outaouais, Gatineau, QC
    Lucas Desbouis DB, 5'11 160, Trois Rivieres, Bois des Fillion, Quebec,
    Benjamyn Lachaine, DL, 6'2, 240, CEGEP regional de Lanaudiere, L'Assomption Quebec
    Aiden Ali DB Holy Trinity Titans, Brooklin, ON
    Jacob Scharnberg, OL, 6'4, 310, Moncton, NB
    Raphael Michaud, OL, Cegep Limoilou, Beaupré, Q
    Fredick Tessier OL 5'11, 240, Div 1 Lionel-Groulx
    Mason McGriskin, QB, 6'3, 205, West Ferris Trojans, North Bay, CFC
    Sebastian Scott, QB, 6'4 215, Huron Heights SS, Mount Albert, On
    Nicolas Veillette, REC, 5'9, 175, John Abbott College, Dollard-des Ormeaux, QC
    Frederic Tessier, OL, 5'11, 240, Saint Jerome, QC, College Lionel Groulx
    Krystopher Isidore, DB, 5'9, 180, Champlain College Saint Lambert, QC
    Mathieu Martel, DE, 6'1, 188, Champlain College Saint Lambert, QC
    Malick Sannon, DB, 6'3, 180, College Ahuntsic, Chateauguay, QC
    Yani Goudafel, DB/P, Cegep de Thetford, Mitry-Mory, Int
    Mathe Mitayango, RB, Miles Macdonell Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB
    Mitchell Shaw, OL, 6'2, 295, Oromocto High School, Oromocto, NB
    Lokmen Nadjem, REC, 6', 217, Cegep De Theford, Le Blance-Mesnil - Int
    Justice Grant, DB/P, Holland College, North York, On
    Thomas Dussault, REC, Cegep Garneau, Quebec City, QC
    Cody Gallichon, W REC, 5'8, 173, Champlain College Lennoxville, QC - Lennoxville Courgars
    Zechariah Willems, DL, 6'2, 240, Transfer from Mount Allison Univ, Tiny, On
    Joshua Brennan
    Marco Briones
    Spencer Dean

    RSEQ -In 2019- 152 - 2018-136 - In 2020 - 180 courtesy of Sylven who directed me to a very informative website: - merci beaucoup

    Laval last year 23 - thank you Exiled fan, Sylven & Marton for your contribution - and Marton, - In 2020 - 30
    Vincent Carbonneau - WR, Campus Notre-Dame de Foy - Mens Varsity Football - 6'2" 195lbs, Saint-Augustin de Desmaures, QC CFC
    Francis Bouchard - Cegep Div 1 all-star LB chooses the R&O FRANCIS BOUCHARD, Cégep Notre Dame - 6’2’’- 205 lbs, Étoile D1 - 2019 - CFC60
    Garneau LB ( Cegep Div 1 ) chose Laval
    Alexandre Knox FX Garneau Secondeurs 6’02-200 est devenu le premier finissant à s’engager avec le Rouge et Or de l’Université Laval de la cuvée de recrutement 2020. Cégep Garneau, Quebec Knox Alexandre FX Garneau 6’02-200 06-11-2019
    Vincent Delisle 6’2 180, has twice been named on the Cegep Div 1 all-star team as a DB. Was with the Cougars for 2 Bol d'Or wins and also a member of the Canadian team that won the Gold medal at last year World football championship .[/QUOTE] Champlain-Lennoxville, Étoile D1 2018-2019 - CFC
    Alexis Forest - 6'1 - 185 pounds, Receiver. College Notre Dame de Foy, CNDF Receiver[/QUOTE]
    Émile Malenfant , RB F-X Garneau 5’10-200, Porteurs de ballon, RB Émile Malenfant from Garneau (div. 1) CFC
    Édouard Arsenault WR, REC. All-star 6’03-183 from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (div. 1) as for new Laval commits-Étoile D1 2019, 30-11-2019Édouard-Arsenault CFC
    Charles-Lee Alarie-Tardif DL, 6'02-265, the younger brother of former Laval RB Vincent A-T follow in his footsteps and commit with the R&O, He's a DL out of the Div 1 Champs , Champlain-Lennoxville Cougars - CFC
    Michael Bernier DE, 6'02-235 from FX Garneau (div. 1) to the list of Laval commits. His teammate Ayman Cissé, playing DT, is going to Montréal.
    Marc-Olivier Boucher, REC, 5'9, 165, from Div 1 Faucons de Levis-Lauzon commits to Laval, Compared by his Cegep HC to Jonathan Breton-Robert....That's some praise
    Lucas Boulanger (Div 1 , QB, Chanplain-Lennoxville ) Laval is pretty much done as far as recruiting Receivers, waiting only on Lucas Boulanger, who is expected to decide in the spring depending on acceptance to Medical School. If he chose Laval, he would be expected to switch position to WR.[/QUOTE]
    Alex Duff, CNDF RB, 5'9, 175, commits to Laval. Will start in the fall. Notre-Dame-de-Foy 09-12-2019 CFC
    Samuel Faucher All-Star OL, 6'01-240 from CEGEP, Beauce-Appalaches (div. 2) Etoile D2 2019 10-12-2019
    Marc-Antoine Samson DB, 6'00-175 from Champlain-Lennoxville (div. 1) committed to Laval. 6'00-2-2019
    Etienne Amiot LB, 6' 210 from Div 1 Champs Champlain-Lennoxville is going to the R&O - 6'02-210,11-12-2019
    Samuel Gagné LB 5'11, 215 from Div 1 Champs Champlain-Lennoxville is going to the R&O - D1 2018 11-12-2019é CFC
    Nathaniel Dumoulin-Duguay, OL, CEGEP, All-star OL from Rimouski (div. 3) 6'03-300 Nathaniel Rimouski 6'03-300 Étoile D3 2019 14-12-2019
    Anton Haie DB, 6'00-185 from CNDF (div. 1). Notre-Dame-de-Foy, CFC
    Arnaud Desjardins , QB at CVM and Div1 MVP , will be an R&O - QB depth at Laval just got a big boost
    Jérémy Lebel. All-star OL He's from Valleyfield (div. 2). Valleyfield 6'02-290 Étoile D2 2019 11-01-2020érémy-Lebel. CFC
    David Aubé, DT Laval adds all-star from Valleyfield. He was named defensive lineman of the year last season in division 2. Aubé David Valleyfield 6'01-280 Étoile D2 2018-2019 25-01-2020é/videos
    Samuel Quevillon, OL from Vieux-Montréal - All StarQuevillon was named OL of the year in division 1 last season. Quevillon Samuel Vieux-Montréal 6'04-315 Étoile D1 2018-2019 12-02-2020 CFC
    Christophe Beaulieu, DB, 6'2, 170, Div 1 All Star from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. CFC
    Antoine Audet-Michaud DE ( 6'1" 220 ) of the CVM going to...Laval Audet-Michaud
    Cédrick Paradis.TE 6'3, 209, He didn't play cégep football because he went to the States after high school. Centre-arrières / ailiers rapprochés
    Paradis Cédric, Middlesex schoo Massachusetsl, Connecticut 6'02-202 2102-2020
    Nicolas Lessard, CB All Star, from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (div. 1). Lessard Nicholas Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu 6'02-190 Étoile D1 20. CFC
    Youri Gauthier TE/WR/Punter ( 6'5" 230 ) from CVM, Div 1 all-star , will be a R&O, Vieux-Montréal 6'05-235 ÉtoileD1 2019 28-02-2020 CFC
    Alexandre Philippon, OG, Cegep de Sainte-Foy, Quebec, QC
    Zachary Brisebois, DE from the Ahuntsic Indians, 6'4" 240 All-star 2019 with 29 tackles, 13 for loss and 9 sacks,
    Kenneth Kwindja SS/OLB CVM all star 2019, 6' 0 200lbs[/QUOTE] Djamen-Kwindja Kenneth, Secondeurs Vieux-Montréal, Étoile D1 2019 CFC
    Arnaud Desjardins, Vieux-Montréal 6'04-200 Étoile D1 2019 19-12-2019
    Justin Côté, Thetford-Mines 6'03-205 01-02-2020ôté
    Lukas Boulanger QB/WR Champlain-Lennoxville Cougars, confirmed that he will play at Laval now that he got accepted in the Medicine program
    Kevin Mitale WR 2018 MVP and 2018 Cegep Div 1 Champion with Cegep Andre Grassetm Mitale had accepted an offer from NCAA Div 1 Syracuse last august. He will be coming back north.Biiiiigg catch by the Rouge & Or - courtesy of Marton

    Montreal last year 35 - In 2020 - 18
    Jérome Marc-Arthur Montmorency, ATH 5’09-215 Étoile D2 2018 25-10-2019 Porteurs de ballon - CFC
    Fall Moustapha, OT 6’05-290 - Oline, College André-Grasset, Montreal, CFC
    Ranger Guillaume. REC, 5’10-170 from André-Grasset Étoile D1 2019, Receveurs, CFC
    Ayman Cissé, playing DT, 6'2, 250 is going to Montréal - CEGEP Garneau, Quebec, Q - CFC
    Mathieu Robitaille, REC, 6' 180, College Dotre Dame du Foy, Quebec City, Q
    Phillippe Boyer, 6' 180, Lionel-Groulx Div 1 Botteurs, Laval Q - Div 1 all-star Kicker from Lionel-Groulx......
    Goldi Halafu, RB, 5'6, 170, CEGEP, de Jonguiere
    DL Mitchell Parr from College Andre Grasset (div. 1), DL, 6'2, 220, Montreal
    DL Charles-David Dubois from CEGEP Édouard-Montpetit (div. 2) 6'2, 211, Longueuil, QC
    Jérémy Lamothe-Ménard from College Montmorency (div. 2) 5'8, 200, Laval, LS - FB
    Alexis Levesque-Gallant OL 6'2, 300, CVM will be a Carabins You can see him here, practicing "how to look like a thug "- Joking aside, good guy, former Canada U18 and a great lineman, Alexis levesque Gallant, OG, 6'2, 300, Montreal CFC
    Jeremy Dussault of Les Géants de St-Jean ( 5'7" 145lbs ) apparently a fearless guy who plays bigger than his size and likes to go inside..and has been used on occasion as a running back.[/QUOTE]
    MLB Nick Farinaccio from Grasset, 2019 Cegep Div 1 Defensive MVP will be a Carabins
    Marc-Arthur Jerome, ATH, 5'10, 200, College Montmorency, Laval, Q
    Alexandre Levac, OG, 6'3, 310, Cegep Saint Jean sur Richelieu, QC
    Alexandre Dubois, LB, 6'1, 200, Andre Grasset, Montreal. CFC
    Edouard Doyon, DB, 5'11, 180, CEGEP, Quebec City, Limoilou
    Nicky Farinaccio, LB, College Andre Grasset, Montreal CFC
    William Kimpton, REC, 5'10, 157, College Lionel Groulx, Laval
    J Sénécal, the new QB Messiah from La Belle Province made a 180 degre turn and decided to join Les carabins instead of Uconn - RDS,

    McGill last year 30 - In 2020 - 31
    Calixte, Klaus, OL André-Grasset 6’04-300 07-11-2019
    Domenico Piazza, OL, 6'3 280, John Abbott College, St. Anne Belleveau, Q
    Dufort Jacob, 5'11 180, DB Édouard-Montpetit, Reptentigny, Q 07-11-2019, Demi-défensifs -
    Weekes Dhandre, REC Champlain-Lennoxville/Carleton 6’00-180 -, 6' 190, Transfer from Carleton, Montreal Q
    Juwan Edghill, REC, 6', 175 Vanier, Montreal, Q, CFC
    Darius Marlow d'Pri Simmons, REC, 6', 185, John Abbott College Montreal
    Liam Pietrantonio, DB, 6'2, 180, John Abbott College, Montreal, Q
    Jacob Dufort, DB, 5'11, 180, CEGEP Edourd Montpetit, Repentigny, QB
    Charles Cossette, QB, 6'2, 200, Trois Rivieres, Trois Rivieres, Q
    Porteurs de ballon
    Zacharie Magnan, RB, 5'10, 200, College Notre Dame du Foy, Shawinigan, QB
    Dabady Cédric Outaouais 6'00-210 03-12-2019, Port au Prince, Intl, CEGEP
    Bergeron Benjamin, RB Champlain Saint-Lambert - either 5'6, 185 or- 6', 200?? 03-12-2019 from Champlain College St-Lambert Campus : A diminutive RB, ( built like a Tolkien Dwarf warrior )
    Thomas Raphael, DB ( all star Div 3 ) from Champlain College St-Lambert Campus, Montreal
    Liam Gi-Kwon 6'1 210, LB from Vanier, Montreal CFC150
    Hubert P Charest. Ahuntsic, DB, 5'8, 150, Montreal
    Owen Bujarski, WR out of John Abbot, Montreal
    Amani David Kabwe, REC 5'11, 177, CEGEP De Ste. Hyacinthe, Q
    Samuel Pineault, K, 5'8, 195, Montreal, CEGEP Edourd Mt. Petit
    Chaz Kidder-Alexander, 6'1, 190, Vanier, Montreal, A DB from Vanier, going to McGill, CFC150
    Elijah Williams, RB, 6', 180 Div 2 MVP . Running back from John Abbot - CFC150
    Gabriel Faucher, From Div 1 Garneau, a tiny 6'07" 215lbs TE goes to McGill, Levis Q
    Brendon Francois, DB - DB from Div 1 CVM - Montreal
    Joey Pare, DB, 5'9, 155, Vieux Montreal,
    Theodore Seaborn, RB, 5'9, 165, Vieux Montreal, Montreal CFC150
    Antoine Couture, K, 6', 180, College Andre- Grasset, Montreal
    George Aifantis, LB, 6'1, 225, Vanier, Montreal
    Mathieu Beaudreau, QB, 6'2, 190, John Abbott College, Montreal, Q
    Cedric Bouchereau, LB, CEGEP, 5'11, 180, Montreal, Lanaudiere
    Sam El Mashtoub, REC, Vanier, Montreal
    Cedric Fiske Casault, REC, 6'1, 185, Vanier, Montreal
    Marlow Darius d'pri Simmons, REC, 6', 185, John Abbott, Montreal
    Costa Papanikoulaou, LB, 5'9, 210, Vanier, Montreal
    Freud Cesar, RB, 5'11, 205, Vieux Montreal

    Sherbrooke last year 30 - courtesy of Marton, Exiled Fan and Sylven - In 2020 - 57
    Jean-Philippe, Cordero - QB U. Laval / Alma 6'02-225 Étoile D3 2018 - Transfer from Laval, Alma, QC,
    Kevin Malonga, DB, 6'1, 181, Transfer from University of Montreal, Assomption QC
    Hassane Dosso Thetford-Mines 6’00-183 05-09-2019
    Oumar Touré Saint-Hyacinthe 6’02-187 Étoile D3 2019 01-10-2019
    William Marchand André-Grasset 6'00-190 Étoile D1 2019 13-11-2019 - Div 1 CFC
    Zachary Brunelle, receveur, De Lanaudière:6'1, 175,
    Thomas Raymond Victoriaville,
    Kevin Morin, receveur, De Trois-Rivières:6', 165,
    O Line
    Yohan Gauthier Edouard-Montpetit 6'00-255 16-09-2019
    Anthony Horth, OL, 6' 275, College Lionel Groulx, St. Therese Q
    Willyam Bouffard-Turcotte Victoriaville 6'00-250 25-11-2019
    Anthony Bilodeau, Sherbrooke 6'03-240 25-11-2019
    Anthoine Lamothe Trois-Rivièeres
    Thibault Zimmer Jonquière 6'04-237 Étoile D3 2018-2019 05-02-2020
    D Line
    Thomas Bélanger Lévis-Lauzon 6'03-220 14-11-2019, Transfer from McGill Un, Montreal, QC
    Édouard Bérubé-McGee, Lévis-Lauzon 6'00-240 04-12-2019 DL, 6', 240, Cegep de Levis-Lauzon, Levis, Q
    Emerick Tortorici-Beddia, LB Edouard-Montpetit 5'10-205, CEGEP 16-09-2019
    Dominic Lévesque-Nadeau, LB Limoilou 5’10-208 18-10-2019
    Gabriel Royer (LB, 5'11, 210 - CEGEP - Sherbrooke, defensive player of the year in division 2),
    Thomas Poirier-Steben Sherbrooke Étoile D2 2019. 25-11-2019
    Etienne Bouffard, Montmorency,Étienne-Bouffard
    Jérémie Racine, LB André-Grasset 09-12-2019 - Div 1
    Loic Dagenais, secondeur, De Lanaudière: 6', 180.ïc-Dagenais
    Justin Dupré, secondeur, De l'Outaouais: 5'8, 195.é
    Émile Roux, secondeur de St-Lambert 5'9, 190.Émile-Roux
    Félix Simoneau, secondeur, De Trois-Rivières:
    Justin Dion-Valiquette, DB Lionel-Groulx 5'11-170 14-11-2019
    Jeremy Reinhart, Édouard-Montpetit 5'10-160 Étoile D2 2018-2019.
    Hugo Champagne, Vieux Montreal, 5'9, 180.
    Lucas Dalin, RB, 5'10, 190 Cegep de Levis-Lauzon, Levis, Q
    Nicholas Dionne, demi-défensif, De Sherbrooke:5'7, 175
    Stevens Chouinard, demi-défensif, De Sherbrooke:5'9, 175
    Jacob Delsear, demi-défensif, De Sherbrooke:5'8, 170
    Charles Picard, quart-arrière, De Lanaudière:
    Jessy Bernardi, demi-défensif, De Lanaudière:5'9, Div 3
    Pierrick Poulin, demi-défensif, De l'Outaouais:5'10, 175
    Olivier Joly, Édouard-Montpetit, demi-défensif,
    Porteurs de ballon
    Michael Morin Trois-Rivieres, RB 6’01-218 Étoile D2 2018 2019
    Mathieu Vachon Lionel-Groulx 25-11-2019
    Lucas Dalin, Lévis-Lauzon.- CEGEP- 5'10-190 04-12-2019
    Tristan Toussaint, RB, 5’08-180 André-Grasset - Div 1, 09-12-2019
    Hugo Champagne, demi-défensif du Vieux-Montréal, Champagne Hugo Vieux-Montréal 5'09-180 18-12-2019
    Jeremey Reignhardt, Édouard-Montpetit 5'10-160 Étoile D2 2018-2019
    Étienne Bouffard, secondeur de Montmorency,Étienne-Bouffard
    Florent Bergeron, centre-arrière, De Trois-Rivières: 5'8, 210,
    Tommy Libero, DB, 5'9, 175 Cegep de L'outaouais.
    William St. Pierre Cegep de Jonqueire,
    Justin Belanger, DB, 5'11, 150, Trinity College School. QC.élanger
    Steven Brynzyla, DB, College Ahuntsic. QC
    Zachary Brassard, DB, Saint Lambert, Champlain College
    Mathieu Langlois REC, 5'7, Victoriaville, QC
    Nicholas Dionne, DB, 5'7, 175, Sherbrooke
    Hubert Bouchereau DL, Cegep de Rimouski, 6'2, 210, D 3
    Jérémy Normandeau, DL Saint-Hyacinthe 6'03-215 17-02-2020érémy-Normandeau
    Zachary Moore, DL FX-Garneau 12-02-2020
    Jonathan Munyika, DL Vanier 6'03-330
    Gabriel Bertrand, Valleyfield, Demi defensif
    Damien Irep, DL Thetford-Mines 6'02-310 21-01-2020
    Jérémie Castonguay-Sénéchal, DL La Pocatière 26-01-2020
    Jonathan Munyika Vanier, DL 6'03-330 26-01-2020

    Concordia U last year 29 - courtesy of Stinger fan - In 2020 - 43
    O line
    Roberge Cédric, OL Saint-Jérome 6’03-310 Étoile D3 2019 05-09-2019
    Sklivas, Nikki, OL, Vanier 6’00-290 10-10-2019
    Sherlock, Taylor, DE, Riders junior, Ottawa 6’03-236 05-10-2019
    Djevs-Gabaud Yves-Marvens, Yves-Marvens Djevs Gabaud, OL, 6', 282, College Ahuntsic, Montreal, DL, 03-12-2019 - A new recruit for Concordia's OL - a D3 all-star
    Paul-Hus Anthony, REC Victoriaville Étoile D3 2019 23-11-2019
    Robitaille Mathieu, REC 6', 180 Notre-Dame-de-Foy 6'01-190 R Mathieu Robitaille from CNDF-ND. - CFC
    Vincent Rioux REC, 5'11 175, Cegep de Rimouski, Rimouski, Q - WR Vincent Rioux from the Cégep de Rimouski Pionniers[/QUOTE]
    Greaves Jaylan Chateauguay Junior 6'02-185 06-12-2019 QJFL.
    Forget Mathieu - Victoriaville, 6'02-210 Étoile D3 - 23-11-2019 CFC
    Joel Therrien, LB, 5'10, 215 D3 All-Star Victoriaville Vulkins listed yet - D3 All-Star
    Maxime Gervais, OL from Pope HS in addition for the OL from the US -
    Adrien Guay QB, 6'1, 180, out of Levis- Lauzon, Div 1 All Star, 6'01-180 Étoile D1 2018
    Benjamin Vallerand, K, Drymmondville[/QUOTE]. One more from the Victoriaville Vulkins
    Ralph Belmont, DB, College Montmorency, Q
    Tomy Poulin-Bérard, OL, 6'3, 280 from the Cegep de Thetford Filons.
    Anthony Saucier, OL 6'2, 235, from the Cégep de La Pocatière Gaulois.
    Charles Antoine Dion, A long snapper for the Stingers, Cegep de la Pocatiere, QC
    Brendon Rémy, RB, 5'7, 200, Montreal, from the RICC Knights
    Gloire Muganda, RB, College Notre Dame de Foy, 5'8, 200, Quebec,
    Justin Vales, DB, 6'3, 190, College Notre Dame, from CNDF.And the 1st for 2020 (another D1 recruit) -[/QUOTE]
    Tristan Gauthier Norris, DL, 6'1, 190 Brossard, QB - (Div 3 - Sénécal Jonathan André-Grasset 6'01-190 - U. of Connecticut)
    Zach Philion, LB from the New Mexico Military Institute (Ed Philion's son).
    Guillaume Piché, LB/DB
    Jun Yong Ro, RB/LS, 5'10, 205, from the John Abbott Islanders (2019 RSEQ D2 champions)
    Ajongo Ajongo Concordia's o-line:from the West Ottawa Knights, url][/url][/QUOTE]
    William Castonguay, LB, 6'1, 230, from Cégep de Rimouski.
    Marc-Antoine Fradet, DB 5'10, 160 from Collège Lionel Groulx.
    Marc-Olivier Gascon, DL, 6', 190 D linemen from Collège André-Grasset-
    Charles Therrien, DL, 6', 165, D linemen from Collège André-Grasset-[/QUOTE]
    Louis Blanchard, 6', 225, a second LB from John Abbott College D2 Quebec champs, has committed to the Concordia Stingers
    Dan Desormes, DB, 5'9, College Montmorency, Laval, Q
    Jean-Marc Ciocan, DL, 6'4, 260 Victoriaville, QC
    Charles Edouard Paul, DB, 5'10, 200, Cegep regional de Lanaudiere,
    the Stingers picked up a couple of recruits from Champlain College Saint-Lambert:
    Sebastiano Ferroni, OL, 6'1, 175,
    Santino Sparagna, REC, 5'7, 160, Champlain College Saint Lambert[/QUOTE]
    Roger Mounyol, 5'10, 195, LB/SS fron Levis-Lauzon D1, International
    Prad Lucas, DL , 6'2, 196 from Collège Montmorency
    Jeff Dupuis, RB, 5'8, from Cégep de Drummondville
    Roger Mounyol, LB/DB from Cégep Lévis-Lauzon[/QUOTE]
    Connor Hamlyn, LB, 6'2, 205, Kingston, ON, Baybridge Secondary, LB Connor Hamlyn-
    Zach Philion, LB, Transfer from New Mexico Military, Lorraine, QC
    Adam Mahrouse, K, 6', 185 Vanier, Montreal - K Adam Mahrouse from Vanier College.

    CW - last year - 208 - 2018 - 194 - In 2020 - 912

    Calgary last year 42 - thanks to Chinook - In 2020 - 50
    Xavier Vaillancourt QB 6'3 210 - Cochrane High S, Cochrane, AB, CFC
    Adrian Minakata, DE, 6'5, 210, Calgary, St. Francis HS CFC
    Cole Snyder, OT, 6'6 250, Vanier, Calgary CFC
    Luke Brower, DL, Bishop Grandin HS, 6'2, 250, Calgary
    Chris Onunkwor, OL, 6'4, 275, Calgary, AB, Notre Dame HS
    Dawson Gladue REC 6' 170, Cochrane High S, Cochrane, AB,
    Sam Carson OL 6'5 260, Henry Wise Wood HS, Calgary,
    Daniel Joseph LB 6'2 170, St. Francis HS, Calgary CFC
    Cayne Yacey LB 6' 215 , Cochrane High S, Cochrane, AB,
    Julian Lexis-Leon, OL, Calgary, AB
    Declan Wilkie, SB, 6'2, 200, St Francis HS, Calgary
    Nick Dielissen, REC, 6'2, 180, Holy Trinity Academy, OKO
    Isaac Athans, ATH, 6'1, 175, Kelowna SS, Kelowna, BC
    Gianluca Barone, DL, Calgary, AB
    Chris Warren, REC, 6'2, 160, Centennial HS, Calgary, AB
    Ethan Bell, Regina, Sask
    Fox Bell, FB, 6', 245, Cochrane HS, Cochrane, AB
    Saihaj Virdee, DL, 6'2, 245, St. Francis High, Calgary
    Cody McMahon, DE, 6'4, 245, Ecole Mission Senior SS, Missisauga, CFC
    Hayden Church, REC, Calgary
    Caden Danbrook, REC, 5'9, 170, Vernon Sec,
    Easton Schmuland, FB, 6', 195, Kelowna SS,
    Ethan Troniak, Ath, 6', 175, South Delta SS, South Delta, BC, CFC
    Carson Eddy, RB, Austin Obrien HS, 5'9, 175
    Mateus Griffo, Ath, 6', 190, Catholic Central HS, Lethbridge, AB
    Brayden Szeman, OL/DL, Vernon Secondary, 6'2, 250
    Liam Reid, DE, Vernon Secondary, 6'3, 210, Vernon
    Zach Smith, Ath, 5'10, 170, Vernon Secondary
    Paul Beshier, RB, 5'10, 160, All Saints HS, Calgary,
    Court McPherson, LB, 6'2, 200, Calgary AB, Bishop O'Byrne HS
    Elijah Adams, DT, 6'3, 275, Vanier, Montreal
    Caine Harrison, QB, 6'4, 160, Crescent Heights High S, Calgary
    Ben Gagnon, REC, 6'4, 195, St. Mary's HS, Calgary
    Julian Alexis Leon, DL, 6'2, 225, Calgary, St. Francis HS
    Karson Moroz, RB, 6', 190, St. Francis HS, Calgary
    Ben McDonald, ATH, 6', 190, South Delta SS, BC CFC
    Benjamin Abrook, RB, 5'11, 200, Aden Bowman, Saskatoon
    Blaise Newberry, REC, 6', 183, Bert Church HS, Calgary
    Bradley Armstrong, DL, 6'5, 231, John G Diefenbaker HS, Calgary
    Colin Clarke, LB, Springbank Community HS, 6'1, 190, AB
    Isaiah Smith, DB, 5'8, 150, Calgary, Nelson Mandela United HS
    Evan Paterson, REC, 6'2, 190, South Delta HS, BC
    Dylan Sorsdahl, LB, 6'3, 190, Bert Church HS, Calgary
    Luke Barnard, OG, 6'9, 330, Springbank Community HS, AB
    Luke Jensen, OT, 6'5, 275, WR Myers, Taber, Alberta
    Mason Engele, LB, Michael A Riggel Catholic HS, 6'1, 210, Regina
    Matthew Sommerville, OT, 6'7, 250, Calgary Alberta, Joanne Cardinal Schubert High
    Matthieu Clarke, RB, 5'10, 175, Brantford Collegiate, Brantford, On
    Nathan Turner, DB, 6'3, 205, Bishop O'Bryne High, Calgary
    Noah Gutek, REC, Holy Trinity, 6'3, 200, Okotoks, AB
    Mason Murphy, OG, 6'4 290, GW Graham Secondary School, Chhilliwack, BC. CFC
    Gideon Agyei, ATH, 6'2, 175, Notre Dame High, Calgary. CFC

    Alberta 32 - AKA the Good guys - recruiting info last year and this year courtesy of Westisbest2 - thank you. - In 2020 - 32
    Do I hear 10? Bears add team canada DB Charlie De Land. ATH, 5'11, 155, St. Francis High, Calgary CFC
    The Golden Bears are proud to announce the signing of
    DL Zach Eliuk-Redrum! Welcome to the family! #BOMB #Bears2020 – at Foote Field, Zach Eliuk Rundrum DL 6'3 270 Salisburty Composite High, Edmonton
    Eli Hetlinger - QB 6'185 - Edmonton, Harry Ainlay High, CFC
    Dan Rosin DT 6'3 230 - Parkland, Spruce Grove composite High school - CFC
    Albert Reese OT 6'7 294 - Harry Ainlay High, Edmonton, CFC
    Cody Neumann OT 6'5 -265, Sherwood Park, Salisbury Composite High, CFC
    Nate Kasowski K/P 6'2 185 - Harry Ainlay High, Edmonton, CFC
    Evan Beck OT - 6'4 - Harry Ainlay High, Edmonton, CFC
    Zach Froese Ath 6' 210 Sturgeon Heights Collegiate, Sturgeon, AB CFC
    Sony Bermudez Chavez Rec 5'9 150 - Harry Ainlay, Edmonton, CFC
    Kolby Hurford Rec 6'1 170 - Salisbury Composite High, Sherwood Park, AB, CFC
    Sean Bleiken Ath 6'5 245 - Sherwood Park AB, Archbishop Jordan High, CFC
    Cole Priestley Ath 6'2 180, Cold Lake Alberta,
    Said Mostafa LB 6'2 190, Lillian Osborne High, Edmonton
    Cam Wenzel DT 6'4 250 Lacombe Composite High, Blackfalds AB
    Tyson Krushelniski LB 6'1 210 - Bishop James Mahoney High, Saskatoon, CFC
    Lance Sparks DL 6'4 280 Bellerose Composite High, St. Albert, AB
    River Camerson DB - 6'3 170 - Strathcona High, Edmonton, AB
    Ty Anderson DT 6'3 288 - Centennial High, Calgary, AB CFC
    Sean Lozada, DT, Bishop James Mahoney, Saskatoon, CFC
    Alexander Matheson, REC, 6' 170, St. Joseph's Catholic High, Grand Prairie, AB
    TJ Brucel, LB, 5'9, 215, McNally, Lacombe, High, Calgary, AB
    Jaden Caston, RB, 5'10, 155, Henry Wise Wood HS, Calgary, AB, CFC
    Joshua Boyd, RB, 5'9, 185, Spruce Grove Composite HS, Spruce Grove, AB, CFC
    Logan Weidner, TE, 6'5, 260, Carson Graham SS, North Vancouver, BC - CFC
    Jacob Weller, OL, 6'5, 320, Notre Dame Catholic SS, Red Deer, AB, CFC
    Cameron Friesen, 6'2 275, O Lineman, Bethlehem Catholic. 2021

    Regina last year 40 - - thank you Ram boy - In 2020 - 25
    The Rams add yet another quality QB,
    QB Noah Pelletier from Regina. 6' 1 160 - Balfour Collegiate, He would be the fourth CFC top 100 QB on team next year. If they all come back. CFC - CFC
    Jaxon Runge LB 6'1 180 Campbell Collegiate, Regina, CFC
    Taggart Rowel REC 6'5 185, Luther College, Regina
    Colby Lang DB 5'10 183, Greenall High, Balgonie SK,
    Bryce Welter ATH 6'2 165, Viscount Central School, Viscount Sask
    Travis Horton DB 5'10 190, Michael A Riffel Catholic High, Regina, Sask
    Ethan Kurtz DB 5'11 160, Swift Current Comprehensive, Swift Current, Sask
    Cooper Sinclair DE/TE 6'2 213, O'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Inst, Regina, Sask
    Anthony Montas-Leipert, DL, 5'11 238, Sheldon Williams Collegiate, Regina
    Jadyn Young, DB, 5'11, 165 Royal Imperial College, Thunder Bay, ON
    Hunter Bohay, RB, 5'11, 190, Michael A Riffel Catholic High, Regina, Sask
    Chopper Hippe, LB, 6'2, 215, Holy Rosary, HS, Lloydminster, AB
    Jerry Wiebe, REC, 5'8, 160, Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic HS, Regina
    Andrew Goldenthal OL, 6'3 282, Clarence Fulton Secondary, Vernon, BC
    Gage Olson, REC, 6' 165, Greenall HS, Pilot Butte, SK
    Riley Richards, 6'5, Yorkton Regional
    Tariq Al Katib, DE, 6'2, Campbell Collegiate, Regina
    Tommy Avram, DB, 5'11, 160, Dr. Martin Leboldus Catholic, Regina
    Joe Camplin, LB, 6'3, 205, Dr. Martin Leboldus Catholic, Regina
    Sawyer Buettner, QB, 6'2, 210, Transfer from University of Ottawa, Moose Jaw, Sask

    Sask last year 39 thanks to Shootmaster44 for info provided - Cyrus - thank you. courtesy of Bubba - many thanks[/B] - In 2020 - 23
    Seth Hundeby LB 6'3 210 - Holy Cross HS, Saskatoon, CFC
    Lane Novak LB 6'2 200, Greenall HS, Regina, SK, CFC
    Dennis Berhane DB 5'10 150, St. Joseph HS, Saskatoon
    Tanner Reiber DB 6'1 170, Bishop James Mahoney HS, Saskatoon CFC
    Carter Stadnyk DB 6'4 180, Centennial Collegiate, Sask, CFC
    Jayden Engel LB 6' 187, Vincent Massey, BDN - Brandon
    Riece Kack DE 6'1 205, Centennial Collegiate, Sask, CFC
    Alexander Leggett LB 6'3 210, Holy Trinity Academy, Okotoks, AB
    Josh Dunham DE 6'4 225 Lloydminister Comprehensive HS, Lloydminster, AB - CFC
    Anton Amundrud QB 6'3 215, Lloydminister Comprehensive HS, Lloydminster, AB - CFC
    Ryker Frank RB 5'11 170, Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic HS, Regina, SK, CFC
    Zach LePage 6'2, OG, Holy Cross HS, Saskatoon, CFC
    Kody Gutek ATH, 6'2 175. Martensville High School, Martensville SK, CFC
    Cody Shumanski, OL, 6'3, 284, Hafford Central, Hafford, Sk
    Connor Graham, REC, 6'2, 180, Centennial Collegiate, Sask
    Jesse McNabb, DL, 6'2, 250, North Battleford, Comprehensive, North Battleford, Sask
    Derek Beaubien, OT 6'4, 260, Assiniboia Composite, Moose Jaw - CFC
    Bronson Boechler, REC, 6'1, 170, Aden Bowman Collegiate, Sask,
    Finn Marcotte-Cribb, DB 6'2, 190, Sheldon Williams Collegiate, Regina
    Colton Holmes, DB, 6'1, 200, Aden Bowman Collegiate, Sask,
    Tyran Duval, Ath, 6', 175, W. J. Mouat Secondary, Abbotsford,
    Johnny Fisseha, LB, 6'1, 240, Vincent Massey, BDN, Brandon

    Manitoba last year 20 - In 2020 - 26
    Isaac Dokken LB 6'3 210 Steinbach Man- CFC
    Jayden Martens REC 6'5 181, Steinbach Man
    Owen Steele DE 6'5 237 - Superior Collegiate & Vocational - Thunder Bay, On
    Tyrece Viner-Cox LB - Transfer University of Calgary 6'4 245 - Winnipeg
    Joel Cardinal, OL. 6'6, 285, Strathcona High, Edmonton, AB
    Carson Lethbridge, OL, 6'6, 320, David Thompson, SS, Sylvan Lake, AB
    Jordan Friesen, DE, 6'2, 240, Dakota College, Winnipeg, CFC
    Riley Felix - 6'3" 205lbs WR - Auburn High School - Team Nova Scotia/Team Canada - CFC
    Mike West, REC,6'4, 225, Terry Fox SS, Dartmouth
    Shad Nkiasi, Ath, 6' 175, Vincent Massey Collegiate, Winnipeg, Man - CFC
    Kaiden Bannon, REC, 6'2, 180, Vincent Massey Collegiate, Winnipeg, Man - CFC
    Victor Olaniran, OT, 6'5, 285, Vincent Massey Collegiate, Winnipeg, Man - CFC
    Ishe Matanga, RB, 5'10, 210, Vincent Massey Collegiate, Winnipeg, Man - CFC
    Alex Djukic, DL, 6'3, 265, Sturgeon Heights Collegiate, Winnipeg, Man
    Noah Anderson, RB, 5'11, 185, Surrey BC, Lord Tweedsmuir SS, CFC
    Drey Blair, RB, 6', 220, Langley Secondary, Langley
    Nathan Udoh, REC, 6'2, 185, Miles Macdonell Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB
    North Rainey, REC, 6'3, 195, Vancouver, BC
    Sandy Walker, OL, 6', 265, Edmonton, AB, Salisbury Composite HS,
    Gavin Cobb, REC, 5'10, 170, Mount Douglas, SS, Victoria, BC
    Christian Phillips, REC, 6'4, 235, Garden City Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB
    Brandon Slobozian, DB, 6'2, 192, St. Paul's HS, Winnipeg, MB CFC
    Kundanj Sinala, LB, 5'11, 195, St. Paul's HS, Winnipeg, MB CFC
    Ryder Klisowsky, OL, 6'2, 310, Watrous, SK

    UBC last year 24 - In 2020 - 47
    Luke Mudry Lee, RB, 5'10, 170 Eric Hamber SS, Vancouver -
    Kevin Good, OL, 6'4, 270, Whitney HS, Rocklin, USA
    Tyrese Hogue, REC, 6'4, 260, Mount Douglas SS, Victoria, BC
    Jason Soriano, ATh -5' 10, 180 CFC
    Silas Marchan, Ath, 5'10, 170, CFC
    Kaisahaun Carter, DE 6'2, 235, Burnaby BC - CFC
    Isaiah Edwards, REC, 6'1, 170, Earl Marriott Secondary, CFC
    Owen Stark LB, 6'4, 190, New Westminster, BC
    Ben Griffin, OL/DL, 6'3, 300, Bishop O'Byrne HS, Calgary
    Ben Couling, OG, 6'4, 300, Barrie, St. James CS - CFC
    Damian Akweter, REC,6'2, 185, Jean Vanier Catholic HS, Milton - CFC
    Darren Baker, OL/DL, Windsor SS, 6'5, 280
    Denis Moses, REC, 6'2, 190 Notre Dame, Vancouver
    William Hunter, DB, Cochrane HS, 5'10, 170
    Jayden Smith, Ath, 5'10, 180, St. Mary's HS, Owen, Pickering, On
    Kaden Cook, DB, South Kamloops, SS, 5'11, 180
    Keon Glickman, DE, 6'3, 320, Abbotsford Senior Sec
    Luke Pearson, OL, 6'4, 240, Abbotsford,
    Keljaun Johnson, DB, 5'10, 175, Vancouver College, Vanc
    Daesaun Johnson, RB, 5'11, 170, Vancouver College, Vanc - CFC
    Christian Carlon-Diaz, RB, 5'10, 186, Seaquam Secondary, Surrey, BC - CFC
    Kenny Williams, REC, 6'5, 215, Chaminade College, Toronto
    Dane Kapler, RB, Ventura HS, 6', 185, Ventura, USA
    Maka Bangura, DB, 6'1, 185, West Toronto Prep
    Kenneth Williams, REC, Chaminade College Schools, 6'4, 205, Toronto
    Andreas Missios, LB, 5'11, 217, St. Thomas More, Ajax, On
    Garret Rooker, QB - TexasFrom Varsity Letters, and Howard Tsumura- How the UBC Thunderbirds found a Texas 6A-tier football/basketball standout in time for the 2020-21 season!

    #TBirdNation .. proud moment at UBC Football Academic Centre .. @VCIrishSports athlete Noah Hochfelder and family make it official .
    on CFC

    W 78 - O 66 - Q 81 - A 30 - T 247

    Coaching changes 2020 - TBD and announced


    Carleton Ravens
    JP is no longer OC - no word on any replacement -
    Former Mtl OC /QB coach/WR receiver coach ( who can tell anymore )Gabriel Cousineau has met with Coach Sumarah in Carleton to discuss coming in as the new OC of the Ravens
    Cousineau has left Les Carabins to go play QB for a French Football team this winter, it would seem that The Ravens would wait for him to come back to Canada when the winter football season is done in France, and take the job then.
    This is according to JDQ's Richard Boutin tweeter feed , last night. It is still unconfirmed but M. Boutin is usually very careful not to publish things like this without some credible source.

    Laurier Golden Hawks
    Are Looking for an OC.
    Todd Galloway has been added to the Golden Hawks coaching staff where he will serve full-time in the role of Offensive Coordinator and Student-Athlete Development.

    McMaster Marauders
    Loses - Offensive Quality Control and Recruiting Coordinator - do they hire anyone to replace Todd Galloway, or keep who they have Corey Grant - and add recruiting to his list of duties. Corey is OC

    Windsor Lancers
    Jean-Paul Circelli - HC.
    They are looking for an OC -;-football
    Joe Circelli OC -
    They are looking for a DC -;-football

    Ottawa GeeGees
    Jamie Bareesi no longer HC of Ottawa. This is a bit of a surprise - They weren't the top team in the OUA, but they certainly weren't the worst.
    The guys from At The 55 podcast suggested Marcel Bellefeuille and Pat Sheahan were top candidates.Nat'l Cap region sports writer Martin Comtois included the name of Bellefeuille and added current GeeGees DC J-V Posy-Audette and Sebastien Tetreault [uO alum & CEGEP HC as per Peter Gryphon - Applications closed on April 12. They would like a HC in place sometime in May. Tetreault said a little while ago that he did not want the position--yet!
    Bellefeuille has kept a home in Ottawa, so it would seem natural that he has applied. as per Ottawafan
    The state of the search for a Gee-Gee HC according to Martin Comtois of Le Droit - as of April 28 2020,
    ----20 applications were received from "all over the world" and from "various ranks"
    ----interviews are being held by teleconference due to The Virus
    ----some former Gee-Gee players are on the selection committee
    ----we are not likely to know who is chosen until the latter part of May
    Other names in the mix along with Bellefeuille and Sheahan - Jean-Vincent Posy-Audette, Jean-Francois Joncas, Neil Lumsden
    Bellefeuille gets the job according to At the 55 Podcast
    It's official Marcel Bellefeuille is the new HC at Ottawa.

    York Lions
    They are looking for an OC
    Tommy Denison new OC @ York. Official announcement as per Peter Gryphon


    - R&O -
    Assistant coach with the Ravens for the last 3 seasons, Caron is moving back to Qc where he enrolled in an MBA program at Laval
    and he will keep a hand in Football as the LB coach of Cegep Div 1 Garneau.
    Former R&O DB Gabriel Ouellet is back as a Physical trainer , also with the Garneau . He's replacing former R&O WR Yannick Morin Plante.
    Plante is moving back to Les Condors of Saint Jean Eudes a smaller institution ( 600students) where he coached before. He will be in charge of physical preparation for all the sports teams.

    Montreal - Carabins....SMURFS
    Gabriel Cousineau has resigned as Montréal's OC.
    Les Carabins are without an OC ( probably will be Iadeluca himself or Calvillo if they find the rock they stuffed him under after the Vanier loss ) a DC ( they might steal one in Carleton ) and a Special Team coach ( B Archambault quit and took a job with the Als )
    Marco Iadeluca has been confirmed as the new Montréal HC. He said he changed his mind after a long talk with AD Manon Simard.

    McGill - Redmen
    Big news at WR coach for the Ex-Redmen - Ex Stinger, Ex-CFL Cory Watson - (thanks Exiled Fan)


    UBC - T Birds
    Looking for an AD

    Alberta Golden Bears
    Greg Knox is one-and-done as DC with the Golden Bears. - Greg Knox has landed a CFL job
    Tom Higgins named Golden Bears Defensive Coordinator

    Regina Rams
    Rams head coach Steve Bryce has left
    Mark McConkey, Interim Head Coach

    Calgary Dinos
    Looking for: Assistant Coach, Football, Dinos Athletics


    SMU - Huskies
    Looking for an OC -
    Found one....former Waterloo Warriors RB coach Tommy Kanichis

    At The 55 podcast

    A year in Review We have our Answers to Some of the questions:

    The Sunshine list, what some of the coaches are getting paid

    Quote Originally Posted by peter.gryphon View Post
    Scott Radley, The Hamilton Spectator

    1. Greg Marshall (Western football) — $180,929
    2. Stef Ptaszek (McMaster football) — $142,012
    3. Greg Marshall (Toronto football) — $127,139
    4. Brian Bourque (Waterloo hockey) — $125,762
    5. Ryan Sheahan (Guelph football) — $123,153
    6. John Campbell (Toronto basketball) — $122,291
    7. Steve Snyder (Queen's football) — $116,531
    8. Vickie Croley (Western track) — $115,937
    9. Steve Sumarah (Carleton football) — $115,853
    10. Theresa Burns (McMaster basketball) — $115,555
    York University Warren Craney Head Football Coach $111,653.53 2.49
    University of Waterloo Chris Bertoia Manager, Head Coach of Football Operations $111,128.36 3.41
    Jamie Barresi (Ott) $127,692
    Greg Marshall (UofT) $127,139
    Michael Faulds (WLU) $126,228

    I have moved the Coaching changes from 2019 and prior to a few posts down.

    Sunshine list:
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