Acadia dominated this year in the AUS and Bishops has shown serious signs of life.

Acadia ranks 5th in the CIS in passing and 5th in rushing. 7th in Def, on points scored against them,
Acadia's D places 7th against the rush in the CIS, and ranks much lower against the pass - 19th, but again that is in the confines of the AUS
Ok, this assessment is against weaker opponents - no one as strong as Laval, Western, Calgary.
But still, they put up pretty convincing wins against all but Mt. A, who they played close games.
I don't expect Acadia will win this game, Mtl will win, after all they beat Laval.
If Acadia can keep it relatively close, this will help the AUS get more respect
Even if they get walloped, so would several teams in the OUA and CW up against Laval or the Smurfs
Don't get discouraged

It was also good to see Bishops winning games this year. 4 in all. They beat St. FX twice, SMU, Mt. A once
Keep up the progress Bishops. Looking to see even more improvements into 2020