Again, Laval's Constantin is doing well......... it may very well be poutine celebration time AGAIN this year......... not quite as dynamic team as past year but the whole CIS is changing, some teams improving, some in decline.
Calgary's Pat Sheahan is doing well, unfortunately Sinagra was struggling with injury, but looks like they are back on track. Can they continue to win in the playoffs this year? Who knows, but it's been a good year for Sheahan.
Western's Greg Marshall - in spite of his coaches leaving last year to coach other teams, which could have negatively impacted many teams, no real changes here. Sure, there's been a drop in production from last couple years, due to some players graduating, coaches leaving, but in spite of that, Western still managed to hold on to the lead and are the most dominant in the OUA. Gotta give kudos to Marshall for this in spite of his coaching losses (of course, being able to draw from Kings college helps the team a lot)
Guelph, they have shown themselves to be contenders this year with Ryan Sheahan at the helm. Brought in good recruits, assistant coaches, they have a decent Def, moderate passing game, good ground game, and in spite of coming close in some games against weaker defences,
Saskatchewan's HC- Scott Flory coming on strong, keeping things interesting in CW - built a nice running game, decent passing and doing well on Def - particularly against the rush.
Waterloo's Chris Bertoia having another good year on Offence. If he can match his defence, his team will be a serious contender.
Acadia's Jeff Cummins is having a very good season. They are kicking butt in the AUS. No team in the AUS comes remotely close on Off. Let's see how far they go.
McMaster's picked things up with Coach P this year after Mac's unsettling year in 2018 - loaded with politics. We have a very good QB, strong passers, and Offence continues to get stronger. More work needed on ground game but moving in the right direction. Decent Defence, strong against the pass, and close to Guelph against the rush. We've come a long way from 2018, when we had one of the weakest Off in the OUA. Can we beat Guelph or Western this year. We will soon find out. Go Mac Go!!!!!

Who wins the big one? Have no clue this year. Tight race and hold onto your hats & expect anything including wild poutine fights at the Vanier!!!


Montreal's Off this year looks a bit lack lustre considering the players they bring in. Could just be a bit of a down year, and they maybe holding out to the big game. Still they're 6 - 2. Not quite poutine celebration worthy, but will see what their next game brings.

Bishop's has improved a lot from last year - HC brought made some good moves, recruits - great to see them winning games. They have the potential to do very well in the AUS, U of T have done a lot with their team who hadn't won a game in 2 yrs, especially considering injuries and lack of players -Changes to coaching helped. Alberta has come alive from the 2 and 6 team last year - actually they were 1 - 7, they won 1 via forfeit - Adding Knox to the mix was a great move and helped them out. They beat out Sask, Man, Regina and UBC and held up well against Calgary in the 1st game, slid some in the 2nd rematch, but overall this team is coming along, Good recruiting and additions to coaching staff. Good QB.

Good to see these teams improving and making the game a more exciting one.