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    Quote Originally Posted by Lombardi View Post
    I always thought the years that the Vanier Cup was paired with the Grey Cup were exciting. I liked seeing the Vanier on the Friday night in prime time and I'm sure the organizers were happy with the crowds. Let's see if we can get back to that set-up. It's doesn't address the parity issues across U SPORTS, but it makes the national championship a better event.
    Worst Vaniers I went were those paired.
    - not enough time to go on premises without taking one more day off;
    - Vanier is swallowed by all the Grey events;
    - can't even put the main sponsor logo on the field;
    - seats for University fans are far away (already sold to Grey fans).
    - I will never ever again go to a paired Vanier, it's simply disgusting.

    Just so you know, the following was in a Quebec City paper this morning :
    «Harris would have liked his men to make their last appearance on McMahon Stadium before they left for Quebec City but they could not, as the CFL took control of the stadium in anticipation of the Grey Cup game on Sunday

    So, if you want to be treated like dirt, pair it with the Grey.
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