Maybe I should have started this earlier, but it's been a busy summer and the first couple weeks are just a combination of guesses and facts (Laval is always good for instance). In any case, Thoughts gathered thus far;

-Western can be assumed as the best, but they had a massive exodus of coaches this off season including Snyder, who many look at as the addition that got Marshall over his Vanier hump. I think they'll still take the OUA, but performance outside the conference could see a regression.
-Mac is looking strong, starting off 2 and 0 with two strong defensive performances. We know Coach P is an offensive genius, if they have the defense to back it up we could see The Mac Men climb back to the top sooner than later.
-Guelph is 1-1 but a close look at the stats of their win over Carleton shows only 7 of their 30 points came from the offense. I'm a big fan of Beamer Ball, but getting 3 touchdowns from defense and specials isn't easily duplicated.
-Laurier has only played Western so far and lost, not much to glean from that really. I will say that I thought the Golden Hawks were going to step up after that Yates win, but haven't yet.
-The Eastern Ontario teams, uOttawa, Carleton, and Queens, aren't looking impressive so far. Carleton and Queens engaged in their own rock fight, then Carleton gave up a game in which their offense scored more points against themselves then they did against their opponents. uOttawa's offense looks like it was brutal against Mac and may be out Buettner for the year. Queens gets Western today, can they salvage these first two weeks for the 3 teams?
-Waterloo has been the surprise of recent years, but U of T gave them a good go and then blasted Windsor. If Waterloo's defense hasn't improved and their offense had taken even a small step back, playoffs will be a tall order. Could the Blues be this year's Warriors?
-York and Windsor, I mean it is football season and the boys are on University having fun, hopefully they get some close games this year.

-Laval gets the benefit of the doubt, and I'm taking them for champs this year. The OUA had 2 Vaniers in the 2000s and CW had 1, and they've both already matched that total this decade. Unless the AUS steps up, I think Laval closes the decade out with a repeat. Also, early returns say the Q is no match for them, but those returns are very early.
-Montreal, the usual challenger, had a slow start with Con U who got hammered by McGill. It's not that long ago they weren't even 2nd best in the Q, could they be dropping back down? They get McGill this week in a chance to reassert their dominance on the Q minus Laval.
-McGill has a great start, but they could get a reality check from Montreal this week. Smart money says that's what will happen.
-Con U and Sherby, early returns say they won't be a factor at all. CIS football is bad for this in general, but it's tough in the Q where you know not only is there no chance at a conference title but even hosting or winning a playoff is pretty much impossible.

-Calgary has been picked as the favorite by the conference coaches, and history certainly points that way. Alberta gave them a close game off the bat but CW is always the tightest during the regular season so that doesn't throw the narrative off much. I'll still take Calgary to win, but Alberta has gotten peskier in recent years and with Knox they should be solid defensively. Maybe a conference final matchup?
-Rough start for the Huskies, but this league is so up and down during the year it's hard to take too much from any one result. Same with the Bisons, great win but it's early days.
-Terrible start for UBC, with rumors the money has dried up and a ton of talent having moved on in the past few years, could it be the start of the end for the T-Birds? Great start for Regina, after a very tough season last year they needed a shot in the arm to kick things off.

-Very odd start to the year for the conference as FX got beaten by BU who has been a whipping boy regardless of conference for a few years now. SMU is one and oh, same for Acadia, and with Mount A at oh and two the hierarchy is already taking shape.
-I'll take SMU for champs this year, if Colzie can't get it done by now I wonder if he has it in him.

Top Ten

1. Laval: The easy choice in any given year, but especially when they're defending champs. As I said, I predict back to back as Western had their staff cannibalized, Calgary are the 1990s Buffalo Bill's of CW, and Montreal seems to have peaked in the 2014/2015 years. They can be challenged of course, but I think they'll run the table.

2. Calgary: It would make more sense to have Western here probably, but I'll address that in their slot. Calgary is always stacked with talent but never seems to have the key component, the ability to win. They're the favorites in VW, and I predict a Vanier berth and close (10 points or less) loss to Laval.

3. Western: With all the coaches they lost, I wonder if they revert to the years in which they dominated Ontario only to lose a head scratcher in the playoffs or lay a total egg at nationals. They'll have the talent, will they be able to make adjustments and have the heart when it counts?

4. Montreal: The start to their season hasn't looked great, but they've earned the benefit of the doubt over the past 5 years. I'm not confident they'll beat Laval even once this year, and I think the Dunsmore will be more lop sided than in year's past, but that's still more than the overwhelming majority of teams in the country could do.

5. Mac: This is partially due to a lack of alternatives, but with Coach P back in the fold one has to be a bit excited by their 2-0 start. The defense is looking strong and we know Coach P knows offense, they're my pick for Western's opponent in the Yates.

6. Alberta: They've been better in recent years and have been able to keep it quite close with Calgary as of late, the addition of Knox could push them into real contender status. That would be nice for the league, new blood is always welcome in what is a very small circle.

7. Manitoba: I'm always a fan of Coach Dobie, the Bison always have some blue chip talent on the field, and they had a great season opener. They're often the dark horse in CW, for me they be the upset CW champs.

8. McGill: Nobody else has really distinguished themselves to get this spot, and the Reds at least have an emphatic win on the resume. They will probably plummet back to earth against Montreal but for now they're here.

9. Regina: Nobody else deserves this spot, the Rams have a huge win over a previous contender and if not for forfeits would be coming off a solid year. They always have the offense to go score for score, will it be enough?

10. Guelph: As I said, getting 37 points with only one touchdown from the offense isn't sustainable, but pulling out wins one way or the other is a useful skill. I think they'll be out in the semis in Ontario.