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Not exactly.....we have no idea what their actual points are (think like the AP poll in NCAA from this week #6 Fla - 1,226, #7 Ore - 1,108, #8 Gga - 1,093, #9 Utah -1,032, # 10 - Okla - 1,017) the difference between #6 and #7 is greater than the difference between #7 and #10. It is likely the same with their USports Counterparts.

If NCAA used the ELO system and with 14 ELO voters you would see #6 Fla 140, #7 Ore 126, #8 Gga 112, #9 Utah - 98, #10 Okla 84).

The spread of 14 between Laval and Acadia is basically indicating Acadia is the next ranked team by ELO not the actual difference in points between them, same deal with Montreal....that 56 points could actually be a lot closer of a mix. (As there were 14 ELO voters the point gap is for this week 14 points between each ranking).
Not quite true Chappy - it does directly affect the rankings. ELO ranks them third. That DIRECTLY affects their top 10 rankings. If they had the same ELO rankings as Mac or Montreal, they would be 9th, not 5th.