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This week his target is... CFL Commish Randy Ambrosie.

In four short paragraph he blast into Ambrosie , calling him a used car salesman, and an incompetent not even able to send his text messages to the correct adress...( in case you didn't know, the scoop from La Gazette about the Lenkov Bros nego failure came about because Randy was trying to txt Eric Lapointe about the Lenkov's dead end but sent the msg to Ace reporter Herb Zurkowsky instead. )

Suggest that Ambrosie would have died years ago if ridicule could indeed kill.
Great post.

But what you failed to mention is that Ambrosie used to play for SMU while getting a BA in marketing allen keys for left hand users, then was hired by the AD as their PR guy attached to the CIS Football HQ in Ottawa. From there, he moved on to the CIS Board of Directors where he demonstrated his constant ineptitude in understanding the "rouage" (workings) of a university football team.

Then, in a brilliant PR move, he succeded in changing the organization name to USports, believing that a new name would permanently erase the blatant incompetence of its management.

His current project is designing a national modified Super 8 competition format whereby SMU would benefit from a permanent seat in the group and would compete every four to six years with the X-Men or any other team it beat at least once in the regular season.

Phoque do I ever miss Spud...