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Guzzo sounds like he'd be a truly awful owner. I think the CFL dodged a bullet there. The emphasis on USports talent would've been intriguing, but an owner with no football experience meddling that much in the team's operations would be a disaster.

It would've been interesting to see what would've happened if Laval, Montreal, and Western all lost their head coaches in the same year (rumour was he wanted Greg Marshall as the offensive coordinator).
Awful ? Really ? Based on the fact that he refuses to get used by a bunch of lying SOBs running a bush league operation without dragging them into the light ?

I don't know the man from Adam aside from obviously knowing the Theater Chain he built, and thinking he overcharges for Popcorn , hotdogs and soft drinks.
This said, THEY came to him, in what can now be seen as a deceptive move , probably made to gain some leverage or advantage on other bid(s) . THEY knew damned well
he wasn't a "sports guy" but THEY played him on the need for a local owner that could/would be able to invest enough to get the Als into their own buildings and out of debt. He responded
with a plan that did just that ( even if it was overly optimistic IMHO ) , a plan THEY approved while clearly having no intentions of seeing it happen. That is not the way you do business
I don't care what sector you're in. If you shake on a deal and have your lawyers draw up and send and agreement then stick to your word . If you can't understand that, you have no business
running a national organisation and you should quit and go lead some street gang in Rexdale or Downsview !

As for Guzzo lack of football knowledge....So what ?? In this era of big corporate ownership that means beans, He would have done what any owner in his situation does....hire people to handle the
day to day nuts and bolts running of the team. You think the BCE, Rodgers or MLSE boards of directors are composed of football-guys ? No they pay people for that.

Robert Kraft built the NFL's Patriots into one of the most successful Sports Franchise in North America all sports included, he is a Paper trader and packaging magnate.
His only connection to football was 2 years of playing RB and Safety at Columbia U's , on the then lightweight ( now Sprint) team.
He had no connection to Soccer, yet he was a founding owner of the MLS ( with Boston ) and later brought in another city ( San Francisco ) .

Sure for every Kraft there is a Snyder, but Guzzo wasn't "meddling" , he was asked for a business plan to "fix" the Als many many many problems , financial, performance, results, fan support.
That's what he offered. Would his plan and views have worked?? We"ll never know.