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Mr.Guzzo is a lot more direct when tweeting than in interviews

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Correction, it's not just on Tweeter , Guzzo really unloaded on Randy Ambroise , Maciocia and the CFL in a radio interview on Mtl 98,5 FM.
Both barrels !! Made me want to check if his ancestry is italian or Sicilian.

Basically said that the CFL contacted him, not the other way around, that after discussions , the Commish told him they had a deal shook on it , only for the CFL to call him later to
say it was now on ice due to a last minute offer from another group. He later learned that this last-minute offer had been on the table since BEFORE the CFL contacted him.

He stops short of accusing the commish and CFL of lying but says the whole process was biased and unprofessional .
He also makes clear that the CFL really wants Maciocia as at least GM if not GM+HC, saying as soon as he floated the idea of putting Dany as GM and G. Constantin as HC, Maciocia
wouldn't hear about it , so he informed the CFL that he has parted ways with Dany.... and suddenly the CFL started restricting his access to informations and people.

So CFL is being the same ole. Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa