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Other than the most recent game, the CFL has drawn well enough considering it is exhibition games. The 4778 is horrible though. You'll get no argument from me on that.

I still believe that making it a regular season game would make a difference.
We'll have to agree to disagree on that one, what you see as "well enough" I see as disappointing since it was the 1st ever CFL game in Qc. And exhibition or not they didn't even fill the seats.
For comparison sake....here are the R&O attendance number in 2003. More than 13000 people showed up to see Laval humiliate the Gaiters 92-3 so it can't be about the quality of the game for sure..
2003 attend la.jpg.

What you have in Quebec City is what I call a Reverse-Baltimore. In the US Football popularity grew from the College teams to the Pros. Baltimore had no College teams worth mentioning so when a Pro franchise went there....the city went nuts and Baltimore fans adopted the team . in Qc there were no pro team.....and the R&O filled the void.