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But it's Laval fans that fill TELUS.
It's a 12500 seat stadium, you tell me you will first sell it out and then find another 2500 CFL fans to watch standing up on the sidelines, while the miserable ALS gets destroyed
by whatever opponent is there. In a cannabis induced dream yes.
In 2003 with the city's football enthousiam on a high because the R&O was expected to go Far and trying for back to back Vanier , the CFL game Als vs Ottawa drew 10358 . In 2015 when the CFL tried again Als vs Ottawa, with both teams fielding a fairly high number of ex-R&O and ex-Carabins. players...they got 4778 So from where exactly will those fans of yours be coming from ?
The only way they can come close to recoup the costs ( not make any money) is to bundle the CFL game tickets with the R&O season tickets and that my friend will be a very very hard sell I know I wouldn't pay and I'd wager than less than 50% of holders would.
Other than the most recent game, the CFL has drawn well enough considering it is exhibition games. The 4778 is horrible though. You'll get no argument from me on that.

I still believe that making it a regular season game would make a difference.