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Thread: The News Als may be the Quebec Als

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    Default The News Als may be the Quebec Als

    So the CFL approuved the sale of 50% of the Als to Vincent Guzzo the Movie theater chain owner.

    Seems like Mr. Guzzo has a lot of ideas for some potentially controversial changes.

    He told Tony Marinaro of TSN-radio that he wants :
    A new Stadium downtown, cash??
    A new practice facility on the North shore of Mtl possibly financed by the sale of 25% of his 50% to Season ticket holders. Kind of a poor-man GB Packers deal
    He thinks the Als should have a Manager who is from QC or at least FLUENT in french.

    He also said that doesn't mean Dany M. is an automatic hire...although Dany is his football ressources guy right now,

    And the cherry on top of the sundae is Re-branding the team as The Quebec Alouettes, not the Mtl Alouettes .

    My two cents is the same order :

    After all the cash that the Qc -gov, the City of Mtl and McGill-U have spent into 2 major Percival-Molson stadium refurbishing....he will have his work cut for himself finding public $$ to fund a new stadium.
    assuming he finds a spot to build it. The Bronfman clan just bought one of the last free area for their eventual new MLB stadium.

    The Als already have a tough time selling season tickets..what make him think people will have cash to buy a slice of the team on top of that.

    Good luck staffing the office and sidelines with Quebecers. I'd love to see it, if only to show they can't do worse than the bunch of americans have done in the last 5 years..but I'm not making bets. Dany M it is , then...the void.

    That re-branding idea is D.O.A. 1) it's going to antagonize the city gov , 2) do the same thing to the west island anglos who have been the most loyal fans year in year out. 3) Won't make the rest of the Q love Mtl any better..or should I say hate Mtl any less.

    Late add-on : Seems M.Marinaro ( and I, by rebound) may have been to quick to pull the trigger on all this. At least, according to Herb Zurkowsky of the Mtl-Gazette . He took time in between bouts of chemotherapy to reach out to his sources and
    then posted on his twitter account that NO deal had been stuck for the sale of the team. Apparently what the CFL approuved is/was: "the concept of the business plan" in the Groupe Guzzo offer.

    Is it just me feeling this is becoming a bit silly ? What looks more and more like a very reluctant seller, letting the CFL search for potential new owners , to refer to him so he can decide IF he will deal with them or not.

    In the old days we would have said this whole sale process is turning into a Kafkaesque novel . Nowadays we know better and we just wonder when did Justin Trudeau took over the decision process ??
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