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Thread: Recruiting updates - Coaching changes for 2019 - Any updates welcomed!!

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    Default Recruiting updates - Coaching changes for 2019 - Any updates welcomed!!

    Congratulations to Laval on a great year. Great quality players, coaches.

    2019 is going to be an interesting year for both recruiting and for what's happening in the coaching world
    How will this years coaching changes impact recruiting and the level of success of the program.
    For some teams this will be more of a rebuilding year.
    I would like to see Mac come back from the firing of our HC
    I would also like to see Waterloo climb the rankings in the OUA this year. Last year their offence led by QB Tre Ford had much success. I was impressed.
    If the Warriors can improve their defence to match that of their offence they will have great success. All the best to them this year.
    Some teams like Queen's don't list their recruits until later - maybe that changes this year with a new HC - and as of Dec, some recruits are already on the board

    Laval will be losing talented Hugo Richard. How much will that impact their level of success next year.
    Laval always seems to be a dominant force from year to year, no matter who what players graduate.
    Like a rubber ball, they always seem to be able to bounce back and pick up where they left off. And so far with recruiting, they look to have gotten off to a great start.

    Who will be the next Head coaches at Windsor, Mac, Queen's, and Guelph? Boy, OUA is sure taking a hit this year.....Will coaches at UBC stay where they are?
    Head Coach of Mac, Queen's, Guelph, are now confirmed: See all coaching changes updates below

    ....stay tuned promises to be an interesting and EXCITING year

    I will be updating this post - always on the first page as I get more information - Again, Thanks for your feedback on commits I am listing my sources
    It will be a big list, and just starting. Thanks for your patience and any updates.
    ***** I Also welcome any updates on coaching changes

    Thank you Sylven last year for your valuable information on recruits from Quebec - Much appreciated.
    Thank you to all who have contributed information on recruits in the past.

    I will include coaching changes this year, comparisons

    Team: Number of recruits this year, vs last year

    OUA - last year 397

    Windsor last year 49.
    Dominic Price OL 6' 265 Essex On
    Keyshaun Jordan REC Sarnia ON
    Brendyn Fountain DL 6'7 275 Amherstburg, ON
    Jaxon Morkin - OL 6'3 250 - Tecumseh
    Nik Gervasi RB - 6'2 - 250 Sault Ste. marie
    Jack Argent LB 6' 187 Tecumseh - St. Anne's Catholic School
    Ryan Nono DB 5'10 180 Tecumseh ON
    Weston Simpson LB 6' 190 CTop 100
    Justin Arnold OL
    Brenton MacDougal DB
    Duncan McLean LB
    Istvan Assibo-Dadzie DB
    Liam Cumarasamy LB 5'11 200 CTop 100
    Owen Mueller OL 6'5 255
    Braeden Hutchinson ATH 6' 175 Surrey BC CTop 100
    Carter Zinger QB
    Zack Politano DB
    Hayden Herlick REC
    Kirkko Mwondha RB
    Julian Gioia DE
    Bjorn Vaillancourt LB
    Shawn Lal, QB
    Tyler Kunkel REC
    Chris John RB
    Jackson Rountree DB
    Adam Tattrie OL
    Andrew Brush QB
    Reese Uggeri Lb

    Western last year 32
    Matt Williams - DB 6'2 185 - Windsor
    Matt Adams OL - 6'4 320 - London
    Malcolm Weeks RB transfer from Carleton Univ
    Vyshone Janusas REC 6'1 195 Windsor, On
    Chris Coleman LB - 6'1 215 St. Thomas, ON
    Malik Yusef LB 6'2 200 St. Joe's Football north - Ottawa CTop 100
    Kai Serviss OL 6'4 280 - Windsor CTop 100
    Johnathan Femi-Cole RB signed by Western Mustangs. Femi-Cole is a D1 transfer from the Minnesota Gophers.
    Liam Scott REC 6'1 187 Vancouver,
    Max Latam DB 5'11 180 Topsfield USA
    Liam Walsh REC Toronto
    Ryley Ness REC 5'10 185 Toronto
    John Pantazopoulos DB London, Sir Frederick Banting
    Liam Fulton DB London,
    Kristian Milford ATH 6'3 205 CTop 100
    Nick Huiskamp RB 5'11 190 Oakville
    Michael Kyeame DB 6'1 160 Ajax, On
    Kojo Odoom DB 5'11 190 CTop 100
    Jake Martino LB Oakville, On
    Lucca Blasi DT Toronto ON
    Craig Coleman LB 6'1 215 St. Thomas, ON
    Emerson Paleczny LB 6'1 190 London, On
    Mohsen Jamal REC, 5'11 178 London
    Jack Middleton RB 6'1 225
    Siwon Lee, LB 5'11 215 London
    Demetri Panagiotopoulos, DE Toronto On, 6'2 215
    Ben Wilson REC 6'1 180 Burlington

    MUSTANGS 2019 RECRUITING CLASS as per the article April 25

    Matt Adams, offensive lineman, London South
    Craig Coleman, linebacker, St. Thomas Parkside
    Graham Crittenden, linebacker, London Catholic Central
    Johnathan Femi-Cole, running back, University of Minnesota
    Liam Fulton, defensive back, London Lucas
    Nick Huiskamp, running back, Oakville Garth Webb
    Mohsen Jamal, wide receiver, London Laurier
    Taylor Jones, defensive back, Richmond Hill, King City Lions
    Michael Kyeame, defensive back, Ajax Markham District
    Siwon Lee, linebacker, London Lucas
    Jake Martino, linebacker, Oakville Garth Webb
    Ahmed Meddoui, defensive line, London Oakridge
    Kristian Milford, linebacker, Oakville Holy Trinity
    Ryley Ness, defensive back, Toronto Northern
    Kojo Odoom, defensive back, Surrey, B.C., Lord Tweedsmuir
    Emerson Paleczny, linebacker, London Oakridge
    Demetri Panagiotopoulos, defensive tackle, Toronto Northern
    John Pantazopoulos, defensive back, London Banting
    Kai Serviss, offensive lineman, Windsor Herman
    Liam Walsh, wide receiver, Toronto Northern
    Matt Williams, defensive back, Windsor Holy Names
    Ben Wilson, wide receiver, Burlington Hayden
    Lucca Blasi, defensive tackle, Toronto Phillips Academy
    Connor Chapman, linebacker, Vancouver, West Vancouver
    Max Latam, defensive back, Topsfield, Mass., Masconomet
    Jack Middleton, fullback, Harker Heights, Texas
    Liam Scott, wide receiver, Vancouver Carson Heights
    Ben Welsh, defensive back, Vancouver, West Vancouver

    Laurier last year 35
    Mekhi Hyman RB 6'1 222 - Burlington Clarkson Football North
    Jordan Brubacher RB 6'1 205 - Cambridge Preston HS
    Pawel Syzmanski - DB - 6'2 205 - Guelph St. James School
    Tanner Nelmes - REB 6'2 - 195 - Guelph James School
    Matteo Kucinic OL - 6'3 270 Clarkson Football North - Toronto CTop 100
    Colton Longboat DL 6'6 295 Caledonia
    Domenic Montelbano REC 6' 180 Kingston
    Ife Onyemenam LB 6' 1 205 Toronto CTop 100
    Jahzion Holness-Edie DL 6 '2 240
    Giuseppe Deacetis OL 6'6 330
    Kelon Thomas DE 6'5 220
    Nathan Brooks FB 6'1 240
    Quintin Cheevers OL 6'4 320 Brantford CTop 100
    Jacob Benjamin LB 6' 215
    Omari Hastings DT 6'3 275
    Elijah Szimanski LB Waterloo 6' 2188
    Brandan Patrick TE 6'5 240
    Cooper Hamilton OL 6'6 275
    Mekhi Hyman RB 6'1 220
    Jordan Brubacher FB 6'1 205
    Pawel Szymanski DB 6'2 205
    Tanner Nelmes RB 6'2 195
    Matteo Kucinic C 6'3 270 CTop 100
    Colton Longboat DL 6'6 295
    Domenic Montalbano REC 6' 180
    Ife Oneymenam LB 6'1 2015 Toronto CTop 100
    Brady Loenhart RB 6' 200
    Luke Barsanti OL 6'4 315
    Tristan Hudson DB 6'2 180
    Donneal Kerr REC 6'6 223
    Kaymmel Betancourt LB 5'11 195
    John Morias K 5'11 200

    Guelph last year 37 -
    Matt Famurewa – 6’3 295 – OL – Champlain-Lennoxville [Toronto ON]
    Siriman Harrison Bagayogo – 6’2″ 197 – DB – Champlain Lennoxville [Sherbrooke
    Drake Bodi ATH 6′ 185 – DB – Cardinal Newman CSS [Stoney Creek, ON] – Team Ontario
    Noah Wright - OL - 6’1″ 270 – OL – Champlain-Lennoxville [Toronto ON]
    Justin Lauzon– 5’8″ 195 – LB – St Jean sur Richelieu [St Hyacinthe QC]
    Evan Horne REC Brantford, 6'2 275 St. John's College
    Lucas Pyz OL 6'2 290 Barrie
    Josh O'Donnell Campbell of JAC. 2-time RSEQ All Star DL Campbell is the 5th CEGEP recruit in the Gryphons 2019 class.
    Conor Richard. BCFC Defensive Player of the Year - Richard was born in New Brunswick but grew up in Tennessee where he played his HS football. He was the BCFC Rookie of the Year in 2016, an BCFC All Star in 2017 & 2018, and the BCFC Def Pl-of-Yr in 2018
    Josh Campbell DL 6'1 255 John Abbott, CTop 100
    Willy-Pierre Dimbongi REC 6'2 185 Ottawa
    Nick Guardiero REC 6'185 Guelph
    Kaiden Gilbert QB 6'3 185 Oakville
    Curtis Woodmansey DT 6'3 285 Toronto
    Ben Lancaster OL 6'3 320 Ottawa
    William Schmal DB 6'3 Niagara Falls
    Siriman Harrison dB 6'2 197
    Noah Wright OL 6'1 270
    Mason MGriskin QB 6'2 175 North Bay, CTop 100
    Spencer Kennedy ATH 6'2 190 Hamilton
    Scott Murray LB 6'2 200 - CTop 100
    Kristian Stewart ATH 6'4 200 CTop 100
    Nick Partchenko OL 6'5 260 Toronto
    Charlie Doering, LB 6'3 215 Barrie, On
    Reese Hitterman DL, 6'1 280 Montreal
    Keagan Vanderpool RB, 6'2 225, Kitchener
    Noah Holder REC Oakville, 6'5
    Drake Bodi ATH, 6' 185 Hamilton

    York last year 29
    Braden Hart LB 6'3 215 Napanee
    Cameron Hoekstra REC 6'3 185 Barrie
    TJ Pulsey DL 6'3 280 Barrie
    Gavin Wallin LB 5'11 220 Barrie
    James Tees OL 6'6 320 Calgary
    Elijah Paulsen QB, 5'10 165 Burlington
    Denzel Ndlovu DE
    Nick Kaloutas DB
    Dawson Davis LB
    James Kypreos DL 6'4 225
    Retsen Taeshawn Daley ATH 6'2 185 CTop 100
    Braden Hart LB 6'3 215
    Cameron Hoekstra REC 6'3 185
    TJ Pusey DL 6'3 280
    Gavin Wallin LB 5'11 220 Barrie
    Jason Lefkas RB 5'10 205 Burlington
    Stergios Mitsis OL
    Zack Kean DE
    JacksonZack Coneybeare DB
    Victor Belanger REC
    Tavon Hibbert REC
    Daymen Ashmeade REC
    Darren Wiltshire DB
    Kyle Poschner DB
    Andrew Wise REC
    Hunter Bannon LB
    Malcolm McNeil OL
    Brady Crowe QB
    Jaxon Hume ATH 5'11 180 Edmonton CTop 100
    Sam Ruby TE
    Mohammed Morad Benaissa DT
    Evan Answeeuw OL
    Aidan Patton TE
    Logan Scott OL
    Gregory Minto Clarke DB
    Nikola Marinkovic OL
    Ayden Seo REC
    Nathan Brennan ON

    Carleton last year 26
    Sheldon Watson DB transfer from Henderson State Univ
    Kieran Flannery Fleck K/P Transfer from Queen's University
    J-Min Pelley DL 6'4 340 Calgary, AB
    Tristan Ready REC 5'9 140 Ottawa - St. Joe's Football North CTop 100
    Honoreal Iloki REC 6'2 185 Ottawa - St. Joe's Football North CTop 100
    Malik Yusef LB 6'2 200 Ottawa, CTop 100
    Alex Ross OL 6'3 255 Toronto ON
    DeMarco Lambert LB 6' 205 Notre Dame High Calgary
    Angus O'Mara OL 6'2 325 Kingston ON,
    Cody Gilbert OL 6'3 250 Burlington Central
    Dylan McCoy OL 6'3 275 Harry Ainlay High - Edmonton
    Felix Gagne DL 6'4 240 Valleyfield Chateauguay QC
    Karl-Cedrick Clairmenceau OL 6'2 266 Gatineau QC
    Logan Hall DB 6'1 175 Cambridge, ON
    Cleveland Wallace Jr. DL 6'1 290 Ottawa On
    Patrick Lavoie OL 6'5 295 College Andre Grasset CTop 100
    Yusuf Al-Khaldi DE - 6'4 215 - St. Thomas Moore Hamilton. CTop 100
    Adam Lecy OL 6'6 270 Vancouver
    David Lezama RB 5'9 195 Edmonton.
    Dylan Tabone QB - South Africa they needed a QB since Mike Arruda is not returning
    Adley Mayala REC 5'11 155 Calgary CTop 100
    Michael Lightbody DT
    Jack Halvorson REC
    Shawn Arabsky DB
    Timothe Gros-Louis REC - Cegep
    Jaylan Greaves REC
    Zendrew Audain Altidor DB
    Shamond Carlisle RB
    Alexander Latmore DB
    Paul Dorelien DB
    Christian Joachim DB
    Michael Del Rizzo DE
    Dylan McCoy OL
    Philippe Bellerose RB
    Aidan Arnott Smith RB
    Dylan Tabone QB 6'3 180 Moncton CTop 100
    Melique Straker DB 5'11 185 Burlington CTop 100
    Ife Onyeka DE 6'4 220 Brampton CTop 100

    Toronto last year 50.
    James Stockwood - DL 6'6" 290
    Marco Ricci - OL 6'5" 270 St. Michael's Toronto
    Jake Zimmerman OL 6'4 300 Lennoxville CTop 100
    Ethan McKinnon REC 6' 170 Amherstburg On
    Omar Hayes Williams ATH 6'2 185 Windsor
    Nigel LeGood REC 6'1 170
    Jeremy Sinclair LB 6'3 210 Vancouver CTop 100
    Owen MacLeod LB 6' 195 Barrie, ON CTop 100
    Owen Mitchell RB London, ON 6'1 210
    Laroche Akaffou ATH Regina, SK 5'11 170CTop 100
    Aidan Wold DE 6'2 175 Victoria, BC
    Abdullah Dwyer DB Sir Allan MacNab, Hamilton 6' 170
    Deonte McCarthy DB 6'3 175 Hamilton
    Tyler Hart LB Caledon ON,
    Kinsale Philip ATH New Westminister BC 5'11 195 CTop 100
    Charlie McMillan QB North Vancouver BC 6'2 195
    Richardo Chisholm RB 5'8 165 Toronto
    Ben Akkermans Aurora ON, 6'2 175
    Isaiah Johns DB, 5'11 180 London, On, Regina Mundi
    Keenan Dell DL 6'2 220 Saskatoon
    Samuel Conteh RB Etobicoke Collegiate 5'9 195

    Ottawa last year 38 - info courtesy of Ottawafan this year, and last year - thank you Ottawafan
    Julian Iamundo from the Hayden Huskies and Burlington Stampeders. He is an O-lineman listed at 6-2/280 lbs.
    Brenden Day REC- 6'4 175 - Nelson High - Burlington
    Oliver Tretreault RB 5'11 205 - Ottawa
    Gabriel Aupin DE 6'4 230 Champlain
    Jimmy Larose Joubert RB 6' 215 CGEP
    Tyrus Bromley REC 6'5 211 Ajax
    Jacob Rousel DL 6' 280 Gatineau
    Braden Clark DB 5'10 185 Ottawa
    Tyrus Bromley, a 6'5" receiver that I think played for Team Canada.
    Kevin Victome, CB/WR from Ottawa that is on the top 100 list.
    Steve Macleod, a 6' 3" 345 lb DT that comes from a football prep school in St. Catherines. They play teams in Ohio and Michigan.
    Danil Balan. 6-2,290 C/G. He played CEGEP Ball . Graduated, and in 2018 he went to BC to take a job and played for the Okanagan Sun.
    Christopher Cyril. A CB from CEGEP St. Jean. He played for Team Quebec and Team Canada.
    Pascal Menard DB Cegep 5'10 198
    Maxim Melenfant REC Cegep 5'10 185
    Harnoor Dhaliwal LB 5'11 180 Brampton
    Kevin Victome ATH 6' 170 Ottawa CTop 100
    Steve MacLeod DT
    Julian Lamundo OL
    Hugo Raymond REC
    Raiden Thorne REC
    Nicholas Gendron REC
    Christopher Cyril DB
    Kevin Anderson DE
    Richard Graham LB
    Joshua Mascoll-Medeiros DL
    Ryan Malvaso REC
    Ian Wells OL
    Jack Hyland OL
    Etienne Vandal DB
    Hugo Laurent DB
    Matt Mahler QB
    Oliver Tetrault LB
    Jimmy Larose Joubert RB
    Daniel Balan OL
    Anthony Grigg REC
    Elisha Cruickshank DB
    Jonathan Agette DB
    Joseph DiStefano LB

    Waterloo last year 34
    Tyson Hergott LB 6'3 245 Waterloo
    Liam Tomes OL - 6'1 315 - Windsor
    Alex Baseggio LB 6'4 195 St. James School Guelph
    Jordan Schmidt DE 6'1 207 Waterloo
    Cameron Bulai OL 6'1 290 Resurrection Catholic Cambridge
    Sam Hepditch QB St David Waterloo
    Caelen Fraser LB 5'11 190 Guelph On, Bishop Macdonell Catholic
    Noah LeBar 6'2 210 Grand River Collegiate, Kitchener
    Dallas Bone REC 6'1 160 A N Myer Secondary
    Steven Guenette DB 6' 170 Windsor
    Thomas Bloomfield DL Cambridge
    Jethro Oleko LB 5'11 195 Windsor CTop 100
    Greg Caruso RB 5'11 195 Sault Ste. Marie
    Chase Osinga REC 6'3 200 Niagara Falls CTop 100
    Kyle Dawdy DL
    Jordan Travis DB
    Caleen Fraser LB
    Mitch Demers LB
    Isaiah Marcus DB
    Tristan Jameson DB
    David Kanary OL
    Ethan Kaira OL
    Aidan Carter REC
    Isaac McAlonan ATH
    Malik Boult DL
    Isaiah Shewell LB
    Trevon Halstead DL
    Simon Adams DB
    Jason Matheski REC
    Judhis Lilly ATH
    Harrison Shoniker DB 6'1 180 Guelph CTop 100
    Mas LeDuc DB
    Greg Caruso RB
    Jethro Oleko LB 5'11 195 CTop 100
    Thomas Bloomfield DL
    Steven Guenette DB
    Dallas Bone REC 6'1 160
    Noah LeBar RB
    Caelen Fraser LB
    Sam Hepditch QB 6'2 170 Waterloo
    Cameron Bulain OL

    McMaster last year 45 -
    Isaiah Mackey DB 6'3 190 - Fort Erie Lakeshore Collegiate
    Cody Thompson LB 6'2 230. Okotoks AB. Foothills composite HS
    Dan Bosett RB 5'8 190 Brantford North Park
    Greg Thomas DE 6' 255 Cambridge Southwood SS
    Max Taylor REC 6'5 240 Jean Vanier Catholic School Milton
    Will Spanic DE 6'7 270 - Cathedral Hamilton CTop 100
    Nick Fowler DB 5'11 190 Sault Ste Marie Royal Imperial collège
    Dillon Caldwell RB 6' 210 - Welland, St Paul's HS
    Jonathan Kamto to the Marauder Football family! - LB 6' 220 CTop 100
    LB Zack Ihasz 6'2 225 - Marauder defense!! Nelson High School Burlington CTop 100
    Addison Sadler athletic DL 6'3 240 Surrey BC, CTop 100
    Eric Faubert - Secondary 6'1 190 Sir Allan Macnab SS Hamilton
    Owen Hubert DL 6'4 220 Peterborough, Ont Norwood District High CTop 100
    Dima Ignjatovic REC 6' Westdale SS, Hamilton
    Hunter Potvin 6'7 215 Westdale SS, Hamilton
    Cameron Guest RB 5'10 200 - Cathedral - London CTop 100
    Conor McVey Ath 5'11 200 Brookfield USA
    Mike Gray DL ATH 6'3 225 Newmarket ON CTop 100
    Zack Mumby QB 6' 167 Hagersville
    Andrew Burrows OL 6'4 240 Burlington
    Christian Fecteau DL 5'11 305 Windsor
    Brady Loenhart - 6' 200 Courtice ON
    Queen's transfer Hamilton boy - Andy Ngobila.
    Hunter Potvin DB 6' 7 215 Hamilton
    Isaiah Mackey DB Niagara 6' 3 190
    Nick Fowler DB SS Marie 5'11 190
    Eric Faubert RB Hamilton 6'1 170
    Conor Badeen DB London 5'11 180
    Devonte Ballantyne DB Strathroy 5'11 190 London,
    Greg Thomas DL Cambridge DE 6' 255
    Owen Hubert DL - LB 6'4 220 Hastings, ON Peterborough CTop 100
    Chinedu Ezeonwurie DL 6'1 285 Hamilton
    Christian Fecteau DL Windsor 5'11 305
    Andy Ngobila DL Hamilton
    Cody Thompson LB Otakokes 6'2 230 Foothills composite high
    Jonathon Kamto LB Ottawa 6' 220 CTop 100
    Zach Ihasz LB Nelson High s Burlington6'2 210 CTop 100
    Tayo Smith LB 5'11 235 - Toronto CTop 100
    Will Spanic OL Hamilton OT 6'7 270 CTop 100
    Andrew Burrows OL Burlington 6'4 240 MM Robinson High
    Evan Loisel OL Bowmanville 6'9 310
    Payton McWilliam OL 6'3 265 Mississauga
    Mike Martin DL Burlington 6'5 265 St. Catherines
    Matt Krason QB Brantford
    Zach Mumby QB Hamilton
    Dan Bosett RB Brantford
    Dillon Caldwell RB Welland
    Cameron Male - ON
    Conor McVey RB USA 5'11 200 Brookfield USA
    Xavier Pineda RB Cambridge
    Dima Ignjatovic WR Hamilton 6' 135
    Max Taylor WR Milton
    Jack St Hilaire WR Guelph 6'4 200
    Trevor Turner OL Haliburton 6'3 250
    Ethan Riggs RB Hamilton, ON - St. Mary's 6'2 200
    Simon Ryan-Plourde LS 6'2 205 Montreal, Champlain college
    Joshua Carr OL, 6'1 300 Barrie, ON
    Aman Aujla DB Mississauga, 6'2 190
    Malik Wade DT Bishop Ryan, 6'2 235 Hamilton

    Queen's last year 28 - - thanks to QG10
    Jaden Bailey - RB - 6'1 210 Lawrenceville, - Burlington - Donovan Bailey's nephew committed to the Gaels CTop 100
    Riley Hart REC - 5'11,Niagara Spears & Saint Michael CHS - a 2-time Niagara All-Star
    Travis Heggart REC - 6'6 200 - St. Albert AB CTop 100
    Tommy Pendergast REC 6'6 205 Kingston, Holy Cross
    Ethan Martin DB Athlete - (as mentioned) - 6'1 195 CTop 100
    Joey Cantarutti 6'1 DL -
    Tanner Hawley a 6'7 DL - CTop 100
    Kasten Wayken 6'3 190 QB - Salisbury High - Alberta CTop 100
    Ryan Licandro QB - 6'4 190 - St. Peter HS - Ottawa CTop 100
    Jared Nuttal - LS 6'3 210 - Kingston - London Institute
    ALSO - Another CFC 100 Devonte Ballantyne met with Steve Snyder Monday **
    - LB Justus Vasilakos-McRae - 6'0", 210 lbs - Binbrook, ON (can anybody from Hamilton area give us thoughts about this kid?)
    - DB Brendan Perozzo - 5'11", 155 lbs - Guelph, ON
    - LB Adam Sedore - 6'1", 200 lbs - Burlington, ON - CFC100 CTop 100
    - K Ben Hadley - 6'1", 170 lbs - Halifax, NS
    - DB Jake Auclair - 6'3", ??? - Ottawa, ON
    REC - Nick Butler - N/A - Chilliwack, BC
    OL - Erik Andersen - 6'5", 280 - London, ON - CFC100 CTop 100
    OL - Evan Floren - 6'5", 300 - Salisbury, CT
    OL - Oliver Kulik - 6'4", N/A - Oakville, ON
    DL - Theo Grant - 6'4", 230 - Halifax, NS
    LB - Sammy Csinos - 6'1", 210 - Aylmer, ON
    LB - Nick Kozachuk - 5'11", 205 - London, ON
    DB - Stephane East - 6'1", 185 - Toronto, ON
    ATH - Sebastian Hansen - 6'3", 195 - Victoria, BC - CFC100
    Jaden Richards DB 5'11 180 Whitby, On
    Liam Sutherland 5'11 190 Ottawa
    Sterling Seunarine LB/DB 5'10 Westdale Hamilton
    Riley Hart REC 5'11 170 Niagara Falls
    Eddie Gonzalez DT Vancouver 6'4 250 CTop 100
    Andrew Mullins-Grant DL 6'2 320 Montreal
    Noah Penfold REC Dryden ON, 6'185
    Braden Reed LB Prince George, BC 6'1 200
    Ryan Berta OL Hamilton, 6'2 272 Hamilton
    Samuel Charway RB Laval RB,
    Nick Kozachuk LB London, On 5'11 205

    AUS - 115 last year

    SMU last year 20
    Noah Jacka Huron Heights - ATH - Newmarket
    Dragan Hristov Bukinac OL Silverthorn Collegiate 6'2 295 - Toronto
    Caleb Purdy DL 6'6 Auburn Drive High - Cole Harbour NS
    Zachary Seyffert REC Millwood 5'11 - 170 - Sackville, NS
    Isaiah Parkinson ATH 6'1 190 Hamilton CTop 100
    JJ Stairs QB 6'1 168 Dartmouth
    William Keneford DB 6'3 180 Belleville
    Ryan Dalloul LB 5'9 160 Halifax
    Ali Rahbaran DL 6'1 270 Vancouver
    Aidan Druhan McGinn DL 6'4 220 Bedford NS
    Ali Azraq DL Newmarket
    Alex Desormeaux OL 6'1 270 Newmarket
    Mikey Braha DL 6'1 210
    Tyler Upshaw DL
    Ethan Steenbeek RB
    Emmanuel Adeyemi DB
    Matt Melanson LB
    Sebastian Scott ATH
    William Paisley REC
    Noah Jacka ATH
    Dragon Bukinac OL
    Caleb Purdy DL
    Mikey Braha DL
    Alex DesOrmeaux OL
    Ali Azraq OL
    Isaiah Parkinson ATH 6'1 190 CTop 100
    JJ Stairs QB
    William Keneford DB
    Ryaan Dalloul LB
    Ife Adebogun REC
    Teon Alexander-Armour RB 5'8 185 Burnaby BC CTop 100
    Erik Johnson ATH 5'9 175 Etobicoke CTop 100
    Alvin Shimoli DB
    Grant Campbell REC 6'3 205
    Daniel Belocci DL
    Matteo Viani LB
    Ethan McCarthy RB
    Macklin Kelly DL
    Braydon Winger OL
    Jarid Byers OL
    Malachi Mccombie DB
    Otto Roca LB
    Danickson Joseph OL
    Devin McGuirk
    Jakub Horacek QB
    Mahaz Khan OL
    Trydell Mintis REC

    Acadia last year 17
    Jacob Guy REC
    Jaydon King LB
    Adam Shoemaker QB
    Max Kohan DL
    Aidan O'Rourke OL
    Will Russell DE
    Ethan Dunnett OL
    Ewan Mackeen DB
    Andre Hyslop LB
    Nick Pilichos OL
    Cameron Wall RB
    Jacob Shannon DE
    Emmanuel Beals DB
    Juliane Poirier McKiggan DB
    Conor Jacobs DB
    Surya Rangantathan DB
    Noah Lee LB
    Brady Newcomb REC
    Matt Holmes LB
    Owen Breast ATH
    Ethan Phinney RB
    Graham Nighingale LB
    Ethan Sperling DL
    Cullen O'Leary

    St. FX last year 36 last year - Peter Gryphon provided some updates
    Jeremy Latour REC 5'10 160 Cornwall On
    Thomas Bentley DB 5'11 160 Dartmouth NS
    Silas Fagnan ATH 6'1 170 Bonnyville, AB
    Nick Schmeiler DL 6'1 290 Calgary CTop 100
    Jordan Waller LB 5'11 210 Truro NS
    Jay Turnsek DB 5'11 190 North Bay
    Hunter Mousseau DL 6'3 240 Sault Ste Marie
    Sam Schlitz DB 6'1 195 Humboldt
    Jayden Simmonds RB 5'11 180 NS CTop 100
    Evan McGillis DL
    Richard Miller DB/LS
    Hunter Campbell RB
    Mitchell Tufts QB
    Nick Baumhour OL
    Jones Farrell REC
    Max MacQueen REC
    Joe Nuvoloni DL
    Dylan Robar DB
    Jeremy Harper DL
    Mike finn REC
    James Hillaby OL
    Otito Nwaogu RB
    Matt Conley REC
    Branden Thompson DB
    Sage Nicholls DL
    Liam Simmonds OL
    Aidan Licoppe LB
    Kyle Barnes DB
    Aidan Mercer RB
    Carter Fleming DL
    Keegan McMullin OL/DL
    Chris Jenkins LB
    Cole Cooper LB
    John Wootton-Smith OL

    Mt Alison last year 22
    Dylan Jones DB 6'1 175 King City, King City
    Andrew Warner ATH 5'10 - 170 King City - Toronto
    Dejuan Jackson Williams ATH 5'10 - 160 - Brampton
    Chris Costigan OL 6' 275 - Nantyr Shores High - Toronto
    Liam Paquette DB 5'8 165 - Nepean High School
    Jack Estabrooks LB 5'10 - 180. - Sackville NB
    Gabriel Stevenson DL - 6'7 - 235 - Winnipeg
    Talon Horst REC 5'11 - Tottenham On
    Deegan Farrell LB 6'2 205 St Stephen, NB
    Christoper Setchell DL 6'3 Saint John NB
    Adam Shamberidam ATH 5'11 150 Toronto
    Logan Grossman ATH 6'2 195 Moncton
    Lucas Cormier ATH 6'2 190 Sackville CTop 100
    Justin Vogels ATH
    Hayden Tripp RB
    Ben Free DL
    Evan Bender RB
    Iaian Moffatt DB
    Dom Hall RB
    Ben Campbell DB
    Cody Barton REC
    Simon Dean OL
    Logan Beaton LB
    Bailey Murrell LB
    Daniel Bell REC
    Tristan McCluskey OL
    Spencer McLeod LB
    Carter Bowers RB
    Dennis Rossler DE
    Jonathan Desrochers REC
    Alex Robichaud DB
    Dylan Jones DB
    Gabriel Stevenson DL
    Dejuan Jackson Williams ATH
    Chris Costigan OL
    Liam Paquette DB

    Bishop's last year 21
    QB Charles Aubry 5'11 - 180 Lionel-Groulx - CTop 100
    Samuel Chabot - OL - 6'/4 290 - CEGEP - offensive lineman from Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon -
    REC Benjamin Rodrigue has committed to @BishopsGaiters FB. Indeed, will be studying Education & Mathematics -
    Sheldon Van Niekerk - LB/DE has committed to @BishopsGaiters Football. - from London Beefeaters
    Karl Beaudry-Lévesque - LB 5'11 - 188
    Nathan Lupien from St-Jean to their roster. 6'3 200- REC -
    DB Alex Knight from Victoriaville - CEGEP -
    Alexandre Prevost from St-Jérôme 5'8" 180lbs - CEGEP - Hybrid -évost
    OL Cedric Kousaie - 6'1 275 from John Abbott College -
    Fredric Grenier - OL - CEGEP Sherbrooke
    Olivier Fournier - DL - CEGEP - Limoilou 6 ' 185
    Ianis Cherdieu TE/SB 6'1 Cegep Div 1
    Levis-Lauzonis going to the Bishop's Gaiters. His hudl page list him as being part of the class of 2020 So I don't know if it's an early call, or if he is leaving Cegep to get into BU[/QUOTE]
    Logan Potter - DL 6'4 200
    Denzel Gendron Muscadin DB
    Axel Yanibada DT
    Felix Durand REC
    Karim Ibrahim DB
    Ryan Oswick LB
    Nathaniel Loughlin QB
    Logan Potter DL
    Brendan Griffiths REC
    Justin Kular TE
    Oliver Burnett REC
    Dawson Keirstead REC
    Aaron Sharma OL
    Kevin Dupuy REC
    Vincent Gatien LB

    Q - last year 136 - courtesy of Sylven who directed me to this very informative website: - merci beaucoup

    Laval last year 23 - thank you Exiled fan & Marton
    Cordero Jean-Philipp - QB 6’02-225 Étoile D3 2018
    Alexander Deblois - DL 6' 230 - Lévis-Lauzon Étoile D1 2017 CTop 100
    Bolduc Nathan Beauce-Appalaches 6’00-170 Étoile D2 2018
    Desgagné William Champlain-Lennoxville -290 Étoile D1 2017-2018 01-12-18é CTop 100
    Félix Petit, all-star safety from Lennoxville (division 1), has committed to Laval this week-end. 5'10 175 DB CTop 100
    Thomas Landry DB 6' 225 from Garneau (division 1). He was part of Team Canada that won gold last year in Mexico.[/url] CTop 100
    Thomas Bolduc of the Champlain-Lennoxville Cougars comes to the R&O. Arguably the best Cegep QB not named Sénécal, Bolduc led the Cougars to 1 Bol d'Or win ( the Cegep championship trophy) he grew up surrounded by football, his dad is André Bolduc ,the former CFL WR, and Vert&Or HC ( who took them to a Dunsmore game ) and position coach with the ALS. CTop 100
    David Dallaire ,LB from Cegep Beauce Appalaches commit to the R&O ,he will join his older brother Christian already playing as a WR, David is expected to switch from Def to Off, to play as an hybrid FB/TE a position that has become more popular in the R&O Off in recent years.
    Darren Kyeremeh - Positions: OLB: 6'1" 211lbs secondeur du Cégep Vanier[/url] UMass repat. Ranked #3 in last year's class by CFC. CTop 100
    Arnold Mbembe, Positions: DE 6'6" 236lbs étoilé de Vanier, - NCAA Div.1 avec @UMassFootball CTop 100
    Jean-Antoine Dean-Rios, an OL from CNDF (div. 1) has chosen Laval. 6'5 315
    Maxime Francon - LB - 6'3 - 240 Valleyfield High, Riguard, QC
    Mathieu Hudon from Garneau (div. 1) 5'10" 185lbs , GEGEP
    Thomas Khuong 6' 225 All-star defensive end
    Mathieu Blanchette Receiver (who already committed to Laval last year but ended up not eligible academically).
    Douglas Surf Biron CNDF TE is staying in Quebec City and will play with the R&O instead of moving to go play for the Ottawa Gee-Gees. A good athlete ( 6'4 220 ) former St-Lawrence college basketball player he switched to FB & the CNDF in 2016 but missed that season because of academic issues. He played only 1 year of cégep football, in 2017, when he caught 26 passes for 435 yards
    Oliver Bamrounsavath REC 5'10 - 190 CEGEP Limoilou, Quebec Olivier Bamrounsavath who played QB with Limoilou (div.1) but who'll transfer to receiver.
    Remy Julian Spattz division 1 all-star. 6'4 300 OL - CEGEP CTop 100
    Aymeric Adihou DL 6'3 180 Sherbrooke
    Alex Foley DE 6' 245 CEGEP
    Ian Leroux. Leroux is a division 1 all-star from Garneau. He led the division 1 in tackles last year. He's also an accomplished long snapper. Laval adds a third LB to this recruiting class
    RB Alexandre Dagobert from Vieux-Montréal. Dagobert finished 3rd in yardage, first on average per carry and first for TDs for a RB in division 1 last year.
    Jaurès Goké LB of Les Filons de Thetford Mines and a member of France national team joins the R&O
    He joins 2 other former Filons teamates and on France national team that are already playing for Laval , Souleymane Karamoko and Edris Jean-Alphonse.
    Vincent Blanchard K chose the Rouge & Or - Kicker and WR - the CNDF in Div 1 - Selected Best Special Team player in 2018 -He had talks with some NCAA teams both no offers.
    He was also selected ST player of the year in 2016 and named on the all-star team in 2016, 2017 and 2018.
    Pierre Alexandre Gauthier 6'2 275 DT from the Pionniers de Rimouski. ( Cegep Div3 )
    Jean William Rouleau 6"2 305 DT from the Pionniers de Rimouski. ( Cegep Div3 ) Rouleau is aiming to get into Medicine.
    Charles-Emile Bouchard DE 6'2 225 CTop 100

    Montreal last year 35
    Nathan Laflamme DB 5'11 175 André-Grasset 5’11-175
    Mathieu Renault REC 6'2 205 Montmorency 6'02-203 CTop 100
    Mikael Arseneau REC 6'3 210 Édouard-Montpetit 6’03-205 Étoile D2 2018
    Thierry Bernier OL 6'3 250 André-Grasset 6’03-257
    Carl Chabot REC 5'7 175 Lionel-Groulx 5’07-175 Étoile D2 2017 CTop 100
    William Moses OL 6'5 290 Lanaudière 6’05-290 Étoile D3 2017 2018 07-11-18
    Paul Antoine Oulette REC 6'4 215 Montmorency 6’04-215
    Michael Morin RB 6'1 218 - Trois-Rivieres 6’01-218 Étoile D2 2018
    Kaylyn Smith St Cyr DB 6'1 185 - Vanier 6’01-185 Étoile D 1 2018 CTop 100
    Munyika Jonathan Sabercats (junior) 6’00-330
    Mercier Tommy Édouard-Montpetit 6’03-235 DL Étoile D2 2017-2018
    RB Jeremie Kanklongo chooses the Carabins.6’00-205 - A top cegep player, Kangkolong originally starred in BC high school football with Terry Fox Ravens. CTop 100
    Boucher Shawn Champlain-Lennoxville 6’00-175 DB CTop 100
    Sem Leonardo André-Grasset 5´09-210 05-12-18éonardo-Sem
    Bertrand Terancy Beaulieu DL - 6'2 255 - College Montmorency, Laval Q CTop 100
    Philippe Boucher OL CEGEP Garneau 6'4 300 CTop 100
    Shad Michaud 6'4 210 REC CEGEP Regional de Lanaudiere
    Gabriel Turcotte-Serrecchia OL 6'4 235 Campus Notre Dame de Foy
    Mikael Charpentier LB 6'2 205 College Lionel-Groulx CTop 100
    Philippe Lavoie LB 6'3 205 CEGEP de Jonquiere
    Gabriel Mailhot DB 5'10 180 Cegep de Levis-Lauzon
    Isaac Auger DB College Andre Grasset
    Tristan Toussaint RB
    Bryan Owuso Bekoe REC - Vanier 6'4 225 CTop 100

    McGill last year 30
    Lapointe Méderick Notre-Dame-de-Foy 6’02-200
    Roy Jason Lionel-Groulx REC 6’03-185 Étoile D2 2017 14-08-18 CTop 100
    Michaud Shad Lanaudière REC 6’03-200 Étoile D3 2017 2018 14-08-18
    Bidaux Jean Lévis-Lauzon 6’03-215 Lévis-Lauzon 6’03-215 CEGEP
    David Forgues LB 6' 185 Lanaudière 6’00-185 Étoile D3 2017 23-10-18
    Julian El Hajj OL 6'3 255 Vanier 6’02-235 Vanier 6’02-235
    Devi Quendro DB 5'10 180 Ahuntsic 5’10-180
    Jacob Lavoie DL - 6'3 230 Lionel-Groulx 6'03-230 Étoile D2 2017 CTop 100
    Thomas Belanger LB 6' 225 College Andre Grasset, Montreal
    Andriy Nikulich LB 5'10 185 Vieux Montreal
    Danick Coulombe DB 6' 185 CEGEP Saint-Jean sur Richelieu
    Dimitris Papanikolaou LB 5'11 Montreal
    Antoine Frechette OL Valleyfield - Quebec
    Remi Sanscartier DB 5'10 145 College Ahuntsic Laval
    Laurent Sansalone RB 5'7 160 College Ahuntsic Laval
    William Langlais REC 6'3 195 CEGEP de Jonquiere
    Daunte Rowe ATH 6' 170 St. Thomas - Brampton
    Pier- Olivier Lefebvre DL - 6' 190 Upper Canada College QC
    Jacob P. Cote DL - 6'1 230 CEGEP - Joliette, QC
    Nicholas de Francisco Paul DL - 6'1 280 Vanier - Montreal
    Jacob Ricard ATH 5'9 164 Cegep de Jonquiere
    Mustapha Faye DB 6'2 195 St Lambert CTop 100
    Nicolas Barnes DB CEGEP
    Jonathan Wilding DL Vieux Montreal
    Cedrik Fiske-Casault REC
    Chris Kongbo DB 6'1 180 Vancouver CTop 100
    Cedric Vaillancourt REC
    Matthieu Guerin REC
    Marshall Mather RB
    Thomas Blackburn LB
    Reza Nejad OL6'7 315 Toronto CTop 100
    Ebiye Chomseng RB
    Michael Vlahgionannis OG Vanier 6'2 285 CTop 100
    Thomas Belangier LB
    Remi Sanscartier DB
    Pier-Olivier Lefebvre DL
    Nicolas Barnes DB
    Nicholas McConnell DL Cegep 6'2 210
    Jason Roy REC 6'3 185 CTop 100
    Danick Coulombe DB Cegep 6' 185
    Matthew Martin DB 6' 175
    Raphael Pariseau DT

    Sherbrooke last year 30
    Gabriel Fournier Donahue OL 6'8 280 Sherbrooke 6’08-300 Étoile D2 2018 20-05-18
    Dylan Cote DL 6'4 250 Rimouski 6'04-250 Étoile D3 2016 2017 2018 16-03-18ôté
    Nicolas Malenfant LB Cegep - Limoilou
    Leo Meury LB Lionel-Groulx 5’11-210 10-05-18éo-Meury
    Emeric Hamelin DL 5'10 - 245 Lionel-Groulx - Étoile D1 2018 10-05-18
    Potvin Pierre-Olivier Sherbrooke 6’02-195 11-06-18
    Cedric Tortorici Beddia OL 5'10 275 Édouard-Montpetit 5’10-275 11-06-18
    Jeremy Turbide B Cegep - 6'1 160 Chicoutimi Étoile D3 2016-2017 22-07-18
    Antony Bilodeau OL CEGEP Sherbrooke
    Louis St. Amour OL Lionel-Groulx 5'11-215
    Remi Garon Landry DB CEGEP 6'1 185 - Sherbrooke Étoile D2 2018 29-06-18émi-GaronLandry
    Cedric Larouche OL 6'6 290 Lévis-Lauzon
    Marc Olivier Gagne DB Cégep - 5'11 188 - Édouard-Montpetit.é
    Thibault Van Elsue DB Cégep 6'200 Thibault Lévis-Lauzon CTop 100
    Charles Giroux REC 5'10 183 Champlain-Lennoxville Étoile D1 2018 13-09-18
    Robichaud Anthony Édouard-Montpetit QB 6´02-220 Étoile D2 2018 08-10-18
    Naud Alexandre Notre-Dame-de-Foy 5’11-175
    St-Amour Louis Lionel-Groulx 5'11-215 22-07-18
    Sénéchal Bruno St-Jean-sur-Richelieu 6’00-195 22-11-18
    Jaimes-Leclair Emilio André-Grasset 5’11-185
    Verret Zachary Limoilou 5’11-175 11-11-18
    Emilio James LeClair - REC 5'11 185 (receiver from André-Grasset)
    Massé-Vincelette Marius Sherbrooke Étoile D2 2018
    Jacob Camire K Cegep de Sherbrooke 5'9 195
    Camiré Joseph Sherbrooke 5’09-195
    Emile Martel LB CEGEP de Sherbrooke
    Xavier Ouellet LB Vanier 6' 235 Sherbrooke

    Concordia U last year 29 - courtesy of Stinger fan
    Kevin Foster Verdier - RB 5'8 175 - Vanier college Étoile D1 2018 - Kevin Foster Verdier
    Gabriel Pelletier - LB 6' 210 Notre-Dame-de-Foy 6’00-210 - Gabriel Pelletier
    St-Laurent Rémi - Beauce-Appalachesémi-StLaurent - Condors
    Tellier Zachary - Shawinigan 6’00-185
    Gaudreault Tristan - Shawinigan 5’08-160 Étoile D 3 2018
    Gabriel Tétrault[/QUOTE] Tétrault, who checks in at six-foot-three and 195 pounds, will be a LB - was from Champlain Cougars
    Concordia announced 5 new recruits from the Chicoutimi Cougars
    OL Maxime Giroux, Giroux Maxime Champlain-Saint-Lambert (2015) 5’08-180 03-12-18
    DB Phillipe Gagnon,
    WR Jérémy Villeneuve,
    RB Alexis Boulangé,
    WR Mathieu St-Gelais.
    And 2 more recruits from the Lauréats of Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe on Jan. 31st -
    RB Olivier Morency
    DB Pierre-Olivier Barbeau.[/QUOTE]
    Grenier Émile Saint-Hyacinthe/ McMaster 5’11-195 03-12-18
    Kaleb Remus DB 5'9 165
    Pierre Alexandre Gauthier 6'2 275 DT from the Pionniers de Rimouski. ( Cegep Div3 )
    Jean William Rouleau 6"2 305 DT from the Pionniers de Rimouski. ( Cegep Div3 )I'm curious what they'll look like on the field. Both have reps hard working kids, Rouleau aiming to get into Medicine.
    FB Ben Nadeau from the Limoilou Titans. DT from the Pionniers de Rimouski. ( Cegep Div3 )
    Three CEGEP players and not the least apparently. Brad Collingson and his staff are taking their place. Good. - comment by Fenris
    D3 2018 all-star QB/R - Oliver Roy from the Cégep de La Pocatière Gaulois.
    DE Danny Blain from CNDF.
    Jeremy Murphy WR from Champlain St-Lambert to the Stingers. Offensive MVP of D3. Lots of upside. Big play receiver. [url][/url
    DB Edwin Tawiah - Valleyfield Noir et or
    Kaleb Remus DB from Football North in Ottawa.
    Defensive lineman Nicolas Coulombe-Rivard from the Châteauguay Raiders has just committed to the Stingers.
    QB Olivier St-Onge from the Cégep de Rimouski
    WR Mateo Romano (son of Canadian Football Hall of Famer Rocco Romano)
    DL Marko Kolarevic
    OL Dawson Mucha from the CJFL's Regina Thunder.
    DB Ahmadou Boubacar from the Rolla High School Bulldogs in Rolla, Missouri
    DL Jahmensky Lubin from the CJFL's Westshore Rebels.
    RB Jérémie Nicolas from College Ahuntsic.[/QUOTE]

    CW - last year 194

    Calgary last year 42 - thanks to Chinook
    Nate Teitz - DL 6'2 - 255, Calgary
    Scott MacDonell - DL - 6'6 - 230, Calgary
    Carson Dueck K 5'10" 150 spent three years (Grades 8 through 10) attending school in Perth, Australia playing elite level soccer. He continued to play soccer at the elite level in Calgary as a defender for the Eastside Football Club.
    Caleb Callaghan LB 6' 195 Calgary AB
    Nikolas Fourlas LB 5'10 200 Calgary
    Chad Whittemore OL/DL Bishop O Byrne High 6' 245 Calgary
    Dylan Neis REC 6' 175 Cochrane AB
    J-Min Pelley DL - 6'4 340 Calgary CTop 100
    Payton Burbank 6-foot-2, 180-pound REC - CFC Top 100, Payton had numerous offers to attend U SPORTS schools as well as Northern Montana and Minot State. He made official visits to Queen's and the Regina and spoke with McMaster and McGill before deciding to attend Calgary CTop 100
    Tariq Essa OL 6-foot-5, 275-pound. Essa played both ways in high school, earning his school's Most Outstanding Lineman honors this past year. He will be used along the offensive line with the Dinos
    Steven Schwartz OL - 6'3 289 Ottawa CTop 100
    Dante Carbone REC 6'4 190 BC
    Michael Peters REC Montreal McNally Lacombe High School 6'4 210
    Reid Jensen ATH 6' 200 Airdrie AB
    Luke Broker OL/DL Bishop Grandin Calgary, AB
    Nick Fourlas LB 5'10 195 Calgary
    Jay-Ar Driedger OL Dakota College Winnipeg 6'2 270
    Patrick Jelen ATH Holy Trinity - Okotoks AB
    Daniel Flanagan LB St. Francis High School 6' 185 Calgary CTop 100
    Chaz Marshall OL 5'11 175 Port Coquitlam, BC
    Steen Rasmussen RB 5'11 175 Nanaimo, BC
    Jason Anyimadu DB Holland College 6' 200 Hamilton
    Brendan Naujoks REC Winnipeg, 6'2 200
    Hayden Nellis DL Dakota College 6'5 240 Winnipeg
    Josh Yanchishyn DB Dakota College 6' 170
    Madison Speak DB Dakota college 5'9 162
    Paul Ayedegbe RB Calgary AB, 5'8 190
    Tariq Essa OL Ernest Manning High 6'6 285 Calgary

    Alberta 32 - AKA the Good guys - recruiting info last year and this year courtesy of Westisbest2 - thank you.
    Chevy Thomas - REC / 6' 1 230 Notre Dame Calgary
    Austin Hillard - LB /6' 1 200 Notre Dame Calgary
    Nolan O’Donovan - OL /6' 260 Notre Dame Calgary
    Tyler Monds - DL / 6'3 215 Notre Dame Calgary
    Josh DuPlessis - FB / 6' 220 Notre Dame Calgary
    Brandon Kiehl-Griff DB / 6'1 175 Raymond High, Raymond AB
    Ope Oshinubi - RB / 6' 190 Robert Thirsk, Calgary
    Wes Bookland DB 5'9 175 Spruce Grove, AB
    Nik Hunchak P 6' 200 Saskatoon, Bedford Road Collegiate
    Luke Hornung QB 6'1 170 Regina, SK Miller Compreshensive Luke is one of the top quarterback recruits in the nation CTop 100
    Chace Laprise - OL / 6'3 255 Henry Wise Wood , Calgary
    Jonathan Giustini - DB / 5'11 175 Notre Dame Calgary
    Christian Bowman - REC / 6' 185 St. Francis Calgary
    Lucas Granieri - DE / 6'2 225 E.P Scarlett Calgary
    Sam Hammond - DT 6' 1 318 / Henry Wise Wood Calgary
    Matthew Peterson RB 5'11 170 Rock Island USA - Canada Cup All-Star. He's physical, cerebral and runs downhill. Actually reminds me a lot of Ilnicki the way he makes reads and explodes through the hole, but faster and more agile. Best part is that the Bears may be able to hold him back with Rosary. At some point, they will probably bump Rosary to receiver the same way they did Webster when Ilnicki arrived. Shouldn't count out Alex Gayle, who is also a quality prospect who has been kicking around awhile. And Kalesknikov didn't play like a starter last year, but I think he has that talent level. RB just became a position of strength once again. CTop 100
    Jacob Weller OL 6'5 320 Red Deer, AB- Another addition to the OL factory. Canada Cup All-Star. Big, strong and physical. Lots of turnover on Offensive line, but they still have 4 guys who started significant stretches last year. He might be able to muscle his way into the lineup, but I think he will have to wait a year. CTop 100
    James Sentell OL 6'2 270 Strathcona, AB - He's technically sound, but he isn't as physically gifted as his size suggests. Needs to add a lot of strength. Fairly agile, but definitely a project. Surprised he was signed so early.
    Jake Taylor LB 6'1 195 Beaumont, AB - Edmonton football was pretty bad this year, with only two respectable teams, which is reflected in this recruiting class. Anyway, Taylor is ranked 2nd best LB in Canada and 23rd best overall, but I don't have a lot of respect for CFC. I think Taylor is overrated, but he is a strong tackler, and has a solid frame, but his path to a starting role is longer than many think. I'm pretty worried about these Sal and Ainlay kids transitioning from what was essentially tier 2 football to CIS. CTop 100
    Tanner Shaw ATH 6' 180 Sherwood park AB- Another Sal player. Team Alberta reciever as well. I want to see him against higher level competition, because I don't think he is as untackleable as his tape makes him look. I think he has enough athleticism to carve out a role as a CIS reciever. CTop 100
    Brett Muth ATH 6'2 190 Edmonton, AB - Team Alberta. Another guy who looks like he's been covered in oil when running through the Edmonton high school secondaries. I see a good FB/TE. He's physical, but I want to see how physical he is against guys who actually want to hit back. Ben Kopzynsky would be a good mentor for him.
    Roman Iwuc DB 6'4 180 Edmonton, AB-Doesn't look like an athlete, but has some legit talent. I'm down on these Edmonton kids, because they have a steep learning curve coming, but this is another potential starter down the road. Has to spend a few years filling out.
    Tommy Walters OL 6' 255 Sherwood Park - Team Alberta - Physical, but slow and not particularily big or strong. A project.
    Skyler Saar DB 6'2" 170 Sherwood Park - Physical DB. Good frame, and tackling, but very light. Should be capable of finding a spot down the line.
    Connor Tywoniuk LB 6' 205 Edmonton, AB- Team Alberta. Physical, but I don't think he can be at the next level.
    Isaah Erskine ATH 5'11 140, Calgary AB - Team Alberta. Very small, but closes the gap fast and doesn't miss tackles.
    Gabe Speerin LB 6'2" 190 Sexsmith AB - Team Alberta. Tier 2 football, but good frame and physicallity.
    Petya Medvedev OL Edmonton, 6'3 240 - Hadn't heard of him, but he is fairly quick. Played in tier 2 football.
    Tanner Buchanan REC 6'3 190 St. Albert, AB- Edmonton Huskies. Strong route runner, and a pretty good top gear. Should be able to start next year, but isn't a number 1 guy.
    Isaiah Neil DE 6'3 220 Edmonton - Team Alberta. Has to put on a ton of weight, but his agility is his calling card. Most DL coming out of high school need several years to develop, and I don't think he's an exception.
    Tyshon Blackburn- DB / 6'3 185 St. Francis Calgary- Huge Signing for Alberta. Best Defensive player in the Canada Cup as far as I'm concerned. He was a Canada Cup all-star for Alberta. This is not the kind of player you typically get out of Calgary. He probably starts next year.[url][/url
    Zachary Campbell REC - 6'2 195 Medicine Hat
    Dorion Miller REC - Champlain College Lennoxville
    SIGNING ALERT �� TJ ROBERTSON QB - 6’1” - 170 LBS Granite Bay High School, California … #BOMB #PTP
    @UABearsRecruit @CoachTheroux @GraniteBayHigh @MaxPreps @Lieutenant_Eric @nielsonTSN1260 @TSN1260 @Edmontonsun
    ##***An aside, but I've heard through the grape vine that Shaydon Philip is returning after some misconduct issues had him playing in the CJFL last year. Defensive back who will anchor the team again provided he can stay out of trouble. If he can stay out of trouble, he will get drafted.
    Jayden Dalke is another junior db with canwest all-star potential. Big add to a secondary that suddenly doesn’t look atrocious anymore.
    Dalke spent 4 years with the Wildcats, and played his graduating CJFL season in 2018. With 165 tackles in 32 CJFL, 6'2", 200 lbs.

    Regina last year 40
    Colby Joyes OL 6'6 285 Clavet, SK CTop 100
    Payton O'Connor DL 6'2 220 Regina
    Jackson Fuchs DB 5'10 167 Regina
    Cade South - DL 6'2 250 Regina
    CJ Vincent REC 6'1 180 Moose Jaw
    Joel Braden OL 6'5 320 Regina
    Michael Clow DL 6'2 180 Regina
    Andrew Doidge DL 6'2 210 Lumsden SK
    D'Sean Mimbs REC 6' 170
    Brandon McKimmon DL transfer from U of Sask
    Cameron Cross DL - transfer from SFU
    Justin Maser LB 6'2 210 Medicine Hat
    Elias Deptuch DL 6'0 230 Regina
    Bryden O'Flaherty QB 6'3 180 Calgary CTop 100
    Derek Walde OL 5'11 295 Kindersley SK
    Payton Wiliams DB 6'1 180 Regina
    Garrett Hatchard LB 6'1 185 Lloydminster
    Ethan Mather DB Lloydminster
    Isaac Birdsell Tyndale RB 6' 200 Regina CTop 100
    Emmett Steadman ATH 6' 170 Regina CTop 100
    Christian Katende RB 5'9 220 Regina
    Carson Sombach DB 5'9 160 Regina CTop 100
    Josh Howe ATH 6'3 225 Medicine Hat
    Ethan Jaster DB 5'8 Regina
    Dillon Kiefer DB 6'2 Regina
    Cameron Mah LB 6'1 220 Vancouver CTop 100
    Kieran Poissant RB 6' 175 Regina
    Jacob Dakiniewick LB 6'2 190 Regina
    Mitchell Lukoni DL 6'4 250 Prince George BC
    Brandon McKimmon DL Warman SK, 6'3 255
    Hunter Morgan
    Brayden Oroz OL 6'2 280 Brandon Man
    Elias Deptuch DL 6' 230 Regina
    Christian Katende RB 5'9 220 Regina
    Ivan Xu OL Victoria BC 6'2 260
    Garth Knittig OL 5'10 275 Delisle SK
    Dominique Dheilly REC 6'0 170 CTop 100
    Javier Williams RB Notre Dame, Calgary, 5'10 205
    Dawson Laye REC 6'160 Cochrane, AB
    Haider Syed OL Santa Ana, BC 6' 260
    Thomas Hyatt QB Vernon BC 6'4 195 CTop 100
    Odun Ogidan RB 5'10 205
    Colby Joyes OT Clavet SK 6'8 330 CTop 100
    Holden Serack OL 6'1 275 Sask
    Connor Taylor OL 6'4 265 NB
    Lachlan Hardiker REC 6'2 165 Medicine Hat

    Sask last year 39 thanks to Shootmaster44 for info provided - Cyrus - thank you.
    U of S Huskies starting out the recruiting strong. courtesy of Bubba - many thanks
    Dylan McNutt - OL 6'2 275 CTop 100
    DL Nicholas Dheilly Height 6' 5" Weight 230 -Nic Dheilly has committed - Dheilly was Rookie of the year with the Rams a few years back, before he went on to play junior for a year.
    Ramsey Derbas(LB) 6'1 210 is a huge signing, he is the number one high school player in the province. Possibly the top high school linebacker in the country!! Here is an article on the signing. CTop 100
    Tanner Szackacs RB 5'10 - 180 - RB Tanner Szakacs to UofS. CTop 100
    D'Sean Mimbs REC. from Winston Knoll Collegiate in Regina.
    QB Keegan Kaytor, 6'2 - offensive MVP 2018 Football Canada Cup, His Hudl highlights from tournament suggest he throws a nice deep ball & is able to use his legs as well. CTop 100
    DB Aiden Sommacal 5'11 - 177 Sommacal was a member of Saskatchewan's gold medal Football Canada Cup team.
    DB Mason Dirham 6'1 167
    DE George Idoko commits to UofS - transfer from UofC.
    LB/DE Connor Delahey commits to the Huskies, following 2 years with the Hilltops. He is 6'-3", 230 lbs. Here's a Star Phoenix article about him, from May 2017, when he received the "spring camp top performer award":
    OL Kalin Betts, 6'4" 290 lbs, Team Alberta, CFC 100, commits to UofS Huskies. CTop 100
    Logan Bitz - DB from the Saskatoon Hilltops, and defensive MVP of the 2018 Canadian Bowl, commits to UofS Huskies.
    Blade Wiggins - rec - 6'-1" - member of gold medal U18 Team Sask - Commits to UofS Huskies. CTop 100
    OL Jaxon Baker - 6'-6" from Lethbridge AB, commits to UofS.
    James Bruin: Linebacker from Winnipeg, commits to UofS Huskies.
    Jordin Rusnack QB 6'3 180 SK
    Josh Ewanchyna RB Holy Cross SK, 5'10 205

    Manitoba last year 20
    Breydon Stubbs RB 5'11 185 Winnipeg Vincent Massey CTop 100
    Isaiah Letander DL - 6'3 265 Winnipeg CTop 100
    Jarett Alcaraz DB - 5'10 Winnipeg
    Elijah Rivera ATH 5'10 - 157 Winnipeg
    Austin Balan DB - 5'11 180 Winnipeg CTop 100
    Samuel Hezekiah ATH 6'1 200 Winnipeg CTop 100
    Vaughan Lloyd RB 5'8 175 Winnipeg CTop 100
    Tye Kitzman LB 6'2 205 Vernon
    Stephen Wolt QB 6'5 215 Regina
    Broxx Comia ATH 5'11 165 CTop 100
    Colton Nedotiafko RB 5'10 200 Fraswerwood, MB
    William Farguson DL 6'4 250 Red Deer
    Kirk Simonsen OL Hanley composite school 6'5 285 - SK
    Jackson Techinski QB Vincent Massey Collegiate 6'3 205 Winnipeg
    Tristen Hutter REC St. Pauls 5'9 170 Winnipeg
    Jack Shaffer DL Vincent Massey Coll 6'3 235 Winnipeg
    Matt Stokman OL Vincent Massey 6'4 285
    Matteo Vaccaro OL St. Pauls, 5'10 270 Winnipeg
    Logan Fisher RB 6'1 210 Saskatoon Bethlehem High
    Mark Rauhaus OL Vincent Massey 6'0 260 Winnipeg
    Josh Robinson DB 6'1 185 Winnipeg
    Dolan Hills LB 6' 205 Red Deer, AB
    Gavin Reid OL Vincent Massey 6'4 270
    Dawson Proskurnik REC 6'2 165 Winnipeg
    Payton Yakimsishyn REC 6'1 175
    Charleston Alcaraz
    Robin Roberts

    UBC last year 24
    Keelan White - REC - 6 ' 174 North Vancouver, Handsworth Secondary CTop 100
    Tommy Yanchuk QB Holy Rosary High, 6' 185 Lloydminister BC
    Theo Benedet ATH 6'4 220
    Kevin Morrison OL - 6'5 285 - North Langley’s
    Noah Hochfelder - Vancouver College CTop 100
    Dawson Marchant spent 2018 with the champion @LangleyRams .. brings size and skill to the backend .. important signing for the class of 2019 .. CTop 100
    Lucas Robertson REC Edmonton CTop 100
    Mitchell Townsend LB 6'4 225 Vancouver
    Marcus Nikolovski OL 6'4 225 Oakville
    Brad Hladik TE 6'4 225 Vernon
    Charles Lemay RB 5'11 205
    Kyle Samson Cardinal Newman DT
    Kamryn Matheson DB 5'11 180 CTop 100
    Giovanni Manu DL 6'8 315 - BC CTop 100
    Pauljeet Dhami TE 6'4 245 Burnaby BCCTop 100
    Joshua Martin ATH Livermore USA 5'10 175
    Max Strauss ATH Calgary AB 6'2 200
    Matt Kingsley OL St. Joe's Ottawa, ON 6'2 280
    Aiden Bertuzzi DE Mount Douglas Victoria BC 6'5 225 CTop 100
    Owen Brown K/P St. Vital Winnipeg 5'11 - 160
    Daniel Auld LB St. Thomas Burnaby BC 6' 175
    Dario Ciccone QB 6'0 170 Burnaby BC
    Kaine Stevenson ATH 6'2 210 Windsor CTop 100
    Erik Dika - Balotoken ATH Toronto On 5'9 175
    Edgerrin Williams REC St Thomas More Hamilton, 5'11 180
    Bryce Lindsey
    Issac Williams
    Iwinosa Uwubanmwen
    James Harney
    Kareem Oborne
    Louay Kadri
    Nicholas Avantino
    Sam Steele OL St. Thomas More 6'1 225
    Kyle Samson DT Cardinal Newman Hamilton 6'2 260

    #TBirdNation .. proud moment at UBC Football Academic Centre .. @VCIrishSports athlete Noah Hochfelder and family make it official .
    on CFC

    W 78 - O 66 - Q 81 - A 30 - T 247

    Coaching changes 2019 and there are plenty. Since 2016 there's been a lot of changes. Let's see how things play out this year to Compare overall success since 2016

    Coaching Changes and info out there:

    McMaster Coach Knox no longer coach at McMaster, the new HC...Coach Stef P at McMaster - which has now been confirmed by Mac.
    Well, Dsquared knows his stuff..... He predicted and confirmed this before Mac did.

    Osprey just reported it:

    Quote Originally Posted by osprey View Post
    Listen to what this man says!

    Now, who will the AD be?
    If you missed it, this same reporter filed this story last August:

    U of Toronto

    2X Hec Crighton winner Tommy Dennison has joined the UofT coaching staff.
    Irv Daymond

    Queen's Golden Gaels
    Steve Synder has left Western to become the head coach at Queen’s University
    The Gaels are also pleased to announce the promotion of Defensive Coordinator Ryan Bechmanis to the role of Assistant Head Coach & Defensive Coordinator.
    Snyder and Bechmanis, in combination with Special Teams Coach Ben D'Andrea, Recruiting Coordinator Shomari Williams, and a soon to be added new Offensive Coordinator, will form a highly-skilled, talented, passionate, and results-driven coaching staff to kick off the team's 2019 season.

    Queen's - Coach Pat Sheahan no longer with the program - Bech is acting HC -
    Closing Dateecember 10, 2018 for HC of Queen's

    Flaxman goes to Queen's:

    Queen's has found an O-Line coach in former Gryphon centre Matt Nesbitt.[/QUOTE]

    Guelph Gryphons:

    Ryan Sheahan announced as new Head Coach
    [/U][/B]Who are the most likely candidates for this position
    Guelph has spoken with Coach Nill, and I believe he has already declined.
    I also heard that Guelph has made an offer to Faulds and Faulds wants Surya to come as well.
    Other new additions to the UofG staff ...
    Receivers Coach - Devan Sheahan
    Operations Mgr/QB Assistant - Stevenson Bone
    Assisstant OL Coach - Tom Sterling
    RBs Coach/Ass't S&C Coach - Bryce Harper

    U of Guelph
    Finally, Guelph formally announced Mark Surya as OC and Donnavan Carter as Special Teams Coordinator -

    Windsor Lancers
    News just out today. Nov 25 Windsor Lancers looking for new coach after head coach resigns
    Who will be the next Windsor Lancer's HC

    4 Defensive coaching changes in 4 years at Windsor, wonder if this had anything to do with the decision

    Concordia Stingers:

    Brad Collingson back again, at Concordia
    Ed Phillion named Stingers DC[/QUOTE]
    Concordia. Brad Collinson has been HC there for less than a year and they recently hired Ed Phillon as DC. Like many other programs, the Stingers are looking for a new OC too so there's a lot of competition for getting the top candidates there.
    Alex Surprenant named Stingers offensive co-ordinator
    Head coach Brad Collinson is pleased to announce Alex Surprenant has agreed to join the Concordia Stingers football staff as the team’s offensive co-ordinator
    Here is the rest of the Concordia coaching staff for the coming season:
    Guillaume Bourassa - Special Teams Co-Ordinator & Running Backs Coach
    Seydou Junior Haidara - Receivers Coach
    Karl Monjoie - Offensive Line Coach
    Cullen Tennant - Quarterbacks Coach & Offensive Assistant
    Joël Boily - Defensive Backs Coach & Defensive Assistant
    Charles Migner - Linebackers Coach
    Corvey Irvin - Defensive Line Coach
    Peter Regimbald - Consultant
    The announcement is here:

    Laval have added a part time DB coach, former CB Olivier Turcotte-Létourneau. After stays in St-Jean-Eudes (HS), McGill (CIS-ish), Trois-Rivièresans (CEGEP) and Garneau (CEGEP), OT is back home.

    Western University
    Who will be the next OC after Snyder left
    Steve Synder has left Western to become the head coach at Queen’s University. Good hiring Steve will be missed at Western.

    Gaetan Richard of Mount Allison, is the new Offensive Coordinator of the Western Mustangs.

    Mount A
    Mount Allison Mounties football program is pleased to announce that former CFL player and AUS MVP Kyle Graves will join the coaching staff for the 2019 season.

    ST. FX -
    Warren Goldie no longer OC
    Dave Van Den Heuvel is new offensive coordinator[/QUOTE]

    Alberta Bears
    Greg Knox the new DC of Alberta Bears....... This will be a game changer for this team. Stay tuned.

    Calgary Dinos
    Who will be the next OC after Ryan Sheahan goes to Guelph

    Pat Sheahan is the new OC in Calgary

    Cyril Iwanegbe of Dino's assisting on defence for UBC.

    Assistant OC & Rec coach Alex Vertullo
    Ted Karabatsos will take over coaching the offensive line from Kyle Handy.
    Cerif Nicolas - Nicolas will take the reins of the offense moves to the offensive side of the ball where he will call plays in 2019.
    Defensive Coordinator Fabrice Raymond will continue as the play caller on that side of the ball.


    Coaching changes 2018

    Stef Ptaszek to UBC as their OC
    Scott Brady joins McMaster as DC, leaves his position as HC & DC at Mt A -
    Greg Gary - no longer HC at U of T -
    U of T picks up former Queens DC Greg Marshall
    Queens Marcel Bellefeuille OC & Ryan Bechmanis DC
    Windsor names Jesse Alexander defensive co-ordinator after Peter Fraser stepped down to take the MT A HC position
    MT A Mounties announce Peter Fraser as new Head Football Coach
    Concordia Stingers - Pat Donovan is out as HC at ConU. and Brad Collinson has been hired as HC
    SMU - Changes
    Guelph - Kevin MacNeil out & Todd Galloway takes over as interim head coach
    Hmm, this could be a good position for Stef Ptaszek and Pat Tracey.
    Con U - Offensive Assistant & Running Backs Coach Guillaume Bourassa - courtesy of Stingerfan
    Bourassa -

    Changes from - 2017:

    2017 coaching the difference .

    Coaching changes Updates
    (some coaches are listed on the Sunshine list)

    SMU Football coaches updates
    James Colzie III
    Head Football Coach
    AJ Tufford
    Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator/WR's Coach
    AJ Tufford
    Brandan Dubs
    Special Teams Coordinator/Defensive Backs Coach
    Frantz Clarkson
    Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers Coach
    Tommy Denison
    Associate Head Coach (Offense)/Quarterbacks Coach
    Timothy Burris
    Associate Head Coach (Defense)/Defensive Line Coach
    David Gould
    Director of Football Operations/Assistant Offensive Line Coach/Offensive Quality Control
    Mike Miller
    Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach
    Sean Wakeling
    Defensive Quality Control/Assistant Defensive Line Coach/Recruiting Coordinator

    Scott Flory and Brian Guebert the most recent additions at Sask Huskies

    Mac's Knox has Tom Flaxman and Kyle Quinlan working together

    York Lions were looking for D Coordinator. Deadline feb 6, start March 1
    they went with Sammy Okpro Defensive Coordinator

    St. FX OC - Warren Goldie

    U of T OC and DC - DC Bob Mullen, last at StFX and OC Mark Surya, last at Laurier.

    Windsor Lancers
    DC is Pete Fraser

    Will Finch joins Golden Hawks as QB coach

    Waterloo Warriors
    Coach Bertoia announced the signing of two former long standing members of the McMaster Marauder football coaching staff Jon Behie will assume the role of Pass Game Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach effective immediately.
    Joining Coach Behie as an addition to the offensive side of the ball is Ryan Loveday. Loveday enters his first season with the Warriors coaching staff as an Offensive Assistant and Game Day Coordinator.

    Sunshine list:
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