I can’t believe that the last Avatar Challenge was on the Sixteenth of November in the year 2015. I write it out to make sure the date sinks in. I don’t count the post by Fenris last year about the Dunsmore as nobody replied to it.

Looks like dot.org has been invaded by Generation Z, This generation is faced with a growing income gap and a shrinking middle-class, which all have led to increasing stress levels in society. It is the most insecure generation since WW1 and is biggest contribution to the world is the widget spinner, also known as fidget spinners, a device used to prevent them from soiling their diapers in moments of stress. They also gave us, in no particular order:

  • Jesus freaks,
  • Zombies apocalypse,
  • Trump, and
  • Usports.

They have no money unless baby boomers like me give them some. Consequently, they think their Avatar on this forum is worth something and they won’t ever consider betting it.

The most daring one take part in Slew’s weekly prediction challenge with the hope of winning a whole slew of liquor bottles. Well, guess what. The challenge ended last week and, if you keep close to the news across Canada, a large number of liquor stores was recently broken into so that losers could pay off their debt to Rocketman.

Then, there is another strand of fans, those who think they have some of Nostradamus visions. They are sponsored by a retired pastery store owner who, 4 years ago, broke into the liquor store adjacent to his bakery and stole such a large quantity of bottles that he cannot drink them all by himself. Yea!| You gessed right. He is an OUA fan. Since 2016, his Cakebread Playoff Pool has attracted 7 desperate drunk-to-be.

Of course, other factors starting back in 2015 affect this situation, as I posted back then:


I sure miss those days. I used to get up at 4 AM to check who had joined the challenge and what they posted, then go back to bed till 5 and check again, then go back to bed till 6 … Well you know the routine.

Then, in 2015, ONLY ONE dot.orger took me up on the challenge. Not surprisingly, he was a true Carabin's fan who used to channel the ire (CanWest fans: that means anger) of R&O fans into lively bantering on the forum. Miss you Russ my friend.

Unfortunately, I no longer have it in me to start an Avatar challenge for the Utek Bowl. Or any Bowl.

So, GO F U…Y'all