Hello, folks!

The phantom of the board appears once again.

The forum registration has been flooded recently with troublemakers. Either that, or Canadian University Football suddenly got REALLY popular in Vietnam and Kiev for some reason of which I am unaware, and I just rejected dozens of fans. That's probably not the case, though.

I have weeded through the registration backlog as best I could, and the registration queue is now empty. If you know someone who registered on the board and has not yet received a confirmation email please ask them to check their email that they used to register with, and if there's still no confirmation from today, they can re-register.

It helps me weed out the legit registrations from the bogus ones if something can be used to identify the user, like a Canadian email address (bell, videotron, sasktel, etc), or an email address other than the generic freebies like yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. OR, a username that readily identifies you as a CIS football fan of some kind, like GaitersPride or McGill1 or RougeBaby or 110Yards or... well, you get the idea. I have limited tools to try to identify users, and if I can't sort you out from the rest, then I have to reject the registration.

About the email address, I am the only person who sees that, and all that information is kept in the strictest confidence and is not sold, given, traded, bartered, auctioned, ransomed, or otherwise transferred to a third party.