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Thoughts !

I think the MANOIR VICTORIA is a better choice because its location ! in the heart of Old Quebec city as the other one ( Palace Royal )
is outside the walls. I know people from Ontario who stayed at the MANOIR VICTORIA and they were very pleased !

I wonder ? coming to Quebec city in November ? Are you coming for a Rouge et Or game or a Céline Dion concert ?

Are you coming by plane ? if you're driving , do you have winter tires on your car ? and warm clothes ? exact dates of your visit ?

If you visit after Nov. 16 th, I may be able to squeeze in a city tour like I did when GHF ( Green Husky Fan ) came to visit Qc city !

November ?? Really LOL
I thoroughly recommend the city tour from Russel. We saw a big part of QC that would otherwise have been impossible. Great tour guide and great guy. Definitely a highlight of our trip!