So now its not ok to have Irish pride at WLU ??

I mean come on, so what if a few idiot will end-up peeing in the flower pots.. it's hardly worse than what can be seen at any GAY Pride Parade
With considerably less nudity I might add. I just TRY to stop and LGTB event on any campus you'll be taken to court and crucified on Facebook.

The Irish are being screwed !
They are being deprived of their centuries old Right to make drunken arses of themselves in public and remind everyone
why the term paddy-wagon was invented. And why bagpipes were used all over Ireland to drown out the awful off-key singing of the island native population.
They should protest loudly, if they had green skin instead of green beer no one would have dared to tell them to stay sober on campus.
( they would also be related to hulk which is another good reason to leave them be ! )

potatohead hulk.jpg