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Thread: 2015 Uteck Bowl Avatar Challenge

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    I was planning to go to the VC & treat you and my R&O friends to moose meat fondue, after picking you up at home of course, but I have out of town friends dropping over to check out the beautiful inbred ladies in my neighbourhood. However, if X makes it to the big game, I'm taking them (the inbreds, not my friends) to the tailgate at the PEPS.

    Had to sell my small freezer & buy a bigger one for my share of the four moose we got. About 275 lbs of it for me...

    So, next time I'm in your area, whatever the reason, I'm treating you to a meal you'll never forget in exchange for a taste of the booze you're collecting from the gullible wagers who still have to figure out that you are a very successful professional gambler.

    As far of the challenge goes, I have no problem putting my Tuque on the block. I wore it during the hunting season and it stinks a bit from the moose urine I used to mask my odour...

    Here is a pic of 8 moose quarters hanging in our shed at the camp

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    VC @ PEPS - No better place to have it!!!

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