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The idiocy level does seem a bit high, but not being a member of that forum, it's hard to say if it's typical or just an exception in an otherwise reasonable forum.

It's also a fairly low number of people that are re-re-re-replying to themselves , so are they really representative of the collective opinion ?
Based from what I've read through today (few more threads this evening), it seemed quite typical to me. Things getting way out of topic's fairly common, such as one time when a thread about O'Connor joining UBC got quickly derailed into offensive contest about Guelph and York.

I doubt it's representing the collective opinion, fortunately. I mean, there can be only so many like that specifically banned member (in this forum) :P

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What happens on ACG should stay on ACG. They have always done their thing, good for them, but in a general manner of speaking it has very little business here.
Indeed. I'll try not to talk too much of ACG now. Sorry for affecting few brains on this forum.