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    Default Ouch, My brains just received some damage... brains.

    I see extreme promotion of mediocrity here, with vast majority advocating for school programs that seldom try (in which Toronto, of course, is a very good example of) getting benefited with this......

    People are being entirely ignorant about the Northern 8/10 proposal and how it can work, as well as the fact that RSEQ football's ever so successful (aside from McGill games, but considering McGill's student pop'n and its nature, McGill games are like.....yeah). If they can do it, why not the OUA programs with more success and players just as good in quality can do it?

    This is just sad, especially as someone who's going to be watching lots of OUA games the next few years at least.....At least there are RSEQ games to console my sense of loss though :P
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