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Thread: Do you want Laval to threepeat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by peter.gryphon View Post
    - A million dollar budget is an insurmountable object. A quarter million $ budget is not.
    - They realize that football can do a lot to build school spirit, engage alumni and the community.
    - Why would Brock not want to build a Homecoming tradition such as exists on other campuses, even if on a smaller scale.
    - Football adds prestige to a school and is a great form of promotion, advertising and free publicity. [I love the uO rationale for investing more money into elite sports.] You don't have to play at the very highest levels to benefit. Look at the Ivy League and other elite academic schools in Div II & III.
    - Football would certainly help to raise the profile of the university in the local community. Niagara already supports football fairly well but there is no post HS/OVFL football option. How about Rocky DiPietro as head coach? He has recently retired after building and maintaining one of the top HS programs in Canada at Lakeshore Catholic.
    - Adding football can boost enrolment. And not just by 80-100 players. US examples show the multiplier at Div II or III schools can be 3 or 4. I.e. - add football boost enrolment by 300.
    Thank you for expanding greatly my arguments!
    Rouge et Or all the way!

    "A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall" - Vince Lombardi

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    Keep on dreaming guys! Football at Brock is not happening. CIS tiering is not happening. I could poke holes into each of the points raised in support, but won't waste my time.

    No point discussing with those living in fantasyland.

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    Laval 3-peat? For sure, if nobody can beat them again this year...

    VC @ PEPS - No better place to have it!!!

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    Laval three peat? Why not!!
    "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." Sir Walter Raleigh

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    Quote Originally Posted by marton View Post
    Oh, not much all of you haven't been aware of, really.

    The 'capping' forces have shown their hand. They are working hard to level the playing field.

    On the other side are the 'spenders' who want to raise the level of competition as high and as fast as they can.

    I see this ending one of two ways. Caps on spending or tiering. Or both.

    The 'capping' group is getting to pretty organized, and another win by Laval would, IMHO, add lots of fuel to their campaign. Just my opinion, though.

    Pretty fascinating to see this unfold. Not sure what kind of consensus will emerge. Could be funky. Or a simple cap-everything lockdown.

    What's most funny (to me) is thinking LOTS of folks would welcome a Western win. Western being seen as the good guys. Isn't this all the sign you need to see things are changing.
    While a Western win might seem like a desired outcome I don't see it happening.
    Something has to change for the better of CIS football even if Laval still wins in the end.
    Changes will bring more competitive games, a healthy league and less na´ve recruits making choices based on free ipads...better for everyone concerned.

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    This is basically, are you a Laval fan or no. Obvious answer for me.

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