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Thread: Dinosaurs that still think they are alive, Take up my gountlet.

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    Default Dinosaurs still thinking they are alive, Take up my gauntlet.

    Oaky. Time for you Dinos fans to put your foot in your mouth... I mean to put your avatar where your mouth is. Time for the Great Avatar chalenge! The Great Vanier Annual Avatar Challenge.

    Rules are as usual. If you say I'm in and you lose, you have to post every day for a week after the game and praise the winning team. Beside, you have to wear the other team avatar or one given by the winning team challengers for you.

    No "everybody on the other side has to wear that". Just special avatar for one fan on the other side.

    I don't feel like giving a special advantage to Calgary as they probably the team outside RSEQ that visited PEPS the most often in the last few years.

    Of course, I'm IN. (insults to follow)
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