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    Did you catch the Alouette-Stampeder game yesterday? 40-18 for Als heading into the 4th. Remember it was 40-15 thurs night. Very chippy 4th Q culminating in two Calgary receivers & one Montreal DB being thrown out with just under 2 minutes to go. Interesting parallel? How much of it has to do with circumstances? These things don't seem to happen in tight games. Nor when a strong team is blowing out a weakling.

    Perhaps these are circumstances that referees ought to be aware of, even expect, when there is a big disparity between two relatively competitive teams. But then, nothing like this happened the previous weak vs Laurier when it was 34-0 at half.

    I found a friend to DVR the Cable 14 broadcast. He called back last night to say that its not scheduled to run again this week. It seems that local election stuff is dominating the programming.

    Good luck Saturday!
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