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  1. Marton,

    I have a pretty long history with the R&O as well as Glen. I coached at McGill when Glen coached at Bish. That was when we first met. He is quite a gentleman. Then I coached when Laval entered only as an exhibition team. I was there when they parachuted the guys in their new uniforms to center field. I coached at McGill for 9 years (including the 1987 National Championship team.) It was then that I left the coaching ranks as I became a school principal. The guys that I used to scream at as officials cinvinced me to get into reffing. I have reffed Laval many times both at the mighty Peps and away. I also refereed the Uteck Bowl against Acadia in 2007(?) and again against Western when the field goal went short in Laval's 11-9 win. Now am retired and happy. I prided myself as never being biased when McGill or Laval played. I think I was considered by coaches and fans to be a neutral official. You are very lucky to have such a great atmosphere for college football.
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