View Full Version : Western at Waterloo Avatar Challenge

Mustang Fan
2007-10-17, 16:19
Iíve avoided avatar challenges all season since the Mustangs have not been worthy of challenging anyone. But this week, itís do or die.

The last time the Mustangs missed the playoffs (1983), it was the lowly Warriors who knocked them out by tying them in the last regular season game. Donít count on lightning striking twice.

I predict the Mustang offence will score often, and Faulds is going to actually throw to the guys in purple. The Western defense wonít let the Warriors get past their own 20. :D

Are there any Waterloo fans willing to take on the challenge? Any Warrior wussies willing to wear purple next week? :cool:

2007-10-18, 15:43
Mustang Fan,

I hope you look good in black and gold!

I'm in!

Any other takers from Western?

2007-10-19, 11:57
I'm in!!!!

I notice there are no other Waterloo fans with the courage of Linda. Their silence speaks volumes.