View Full Version : Move to Cloudflare

2019-08-16, 06:40
Just want to inform you that I'm in the process of changing the access method for the board to go through a service named Cloudflare.

In theory it should allow me to block traffic from Russia, Ukraine, Viet-Nam and Korea... which are the places from which I get spammed with fake registrations.

Hopefully it will be painless but don't worry if there are some disruptions in the coming hours.

From past experiences, it's likely that you'll see a Cloudflare page show up before you access the site, so that would be normal if you see it.

More news later.

2019-08-17, 11:52
So far so good.


Fake account registrations have completely stopped, and I was getting hundreds every day.

If you've experienced negative sides of the move I'd be interested in hearing about it.

The service is pretty automated, I read that you could be prompted with a captcha challenge but I have yet to see one myself.

Oil Thigh
2019-08-19, 06:08
all good - well done Marton