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2013-11-04, 09:44
Just letting you know that if all goes well tonight there will be a momentary outage of the forum starting at 10pm Atlantic (9pm Eastern, 8pm whatever, etc) while I upgrade the forum software. Great timing, I know, but with the number of spam bombs this web site has withstood in the last month, I don't want to delay the implementation of the upgrade much longer. The upgrade will bring us up a full version number to the most current stable version of the forum, and the forum will look much different but operate in much the same way. (And may have better support for mobile devices)

Spud, don't worry, I'll be freshly backing up the database so we don't have another repeat of the Great Fire that happened when we made the switch from phpBB to vBulletin.

btw, did you know that this year marks the 10th anniversary of this board?

Oil Thigh
2013-11-04, 11:14
Thanks CJ - much appreciated

2013-11-04, 15:50
thank you for doing it :)

2013-11-04, 17:05
Postponing the upgrade to midnight Atlantic (11pm Eastern, etc) as there are about 40 viewers on the board right now. That won't give me much wiggle room if something goes sideways during the upgrade but the upgrade is a pretty simple (and automated, thankfully) process.

2013-11-04, 17:11
Meh, go ahead! We were warned. :)

I need to get on the eliptical machine anyway, and .org keeps sucking me back in.

2013-11-04, 20:57
Upgrade finished. There's a raft of configuration options I have to read up on. Also, it will be interesting to see how this thing looks on mobile.

2013-11-05, 01:55
Look is quite different in a regular browser, thanks for your efforts.

2013-11-05, 04:40
Thanks for all the thank yous.

I've registered the forum with "Forum Runner" in the public directory under the category Sports:Football. It's a free app available for both iPhone and Android that integrates with the board to give you optimal functionality on your mobile devices. As I understand it, you install the app then search in the app for this forum (I used Canadian University Football CIS as the searchable keywords). So, just in time for the conference finals, you'll be able to make drunken posts live from the game for us all to enjoy!

2013-11-05, 08:07
Great news. I couldn't post from here by day before the upgrade. I always got a message saying my post was too short. Now I can. :)

2013-11-05, 17:19
Wow... looks much different. But I'm all for it if it keeps it going for longer :)

Thanks very much for keeping us running cjstora!