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  1. woooooooooooo
  2. If Sir Spud ever shows up.....
  3. Ring......Ring..... Ring..... Ring..... Ring.....
  4. Back With The Captain
  5. Free wireless offer by Google
  6. Chris Flynn - Overrated
  7. Imposter!!
  8. Nhl
  9. An open letter to Dot Org on behalf of SPUD
  10. Any CFL teams looking for a pretty good db?
  11. Just looked......
  12. Wanna Buy a Watch? Any Waterloo Grads Watching?
  13. Lancers Looking Good
  14. Snake's Blog On Pro Sports
  15. Technologies, Elvis and football
  16. Need video of Laval!!!
  17. How Many Forum Members Does It Take to Change A Lightbulb?
  18. Spud says hi,... and please no more donairs!
  19. Spud's Cyclesguy, Waiting for Spud
  20. Not Football...but funny
  21. Looking for Spud?
  23. May 24 Hockey Thread & Poll
  24. How To Keep Hostile Jerks From Taking Over Your Online Community
  25. New Facebook group
  26. Cause there is nowhere else to go....
  27. I just came from the Hospital....SPUD loves the SUPERSMUFAN Jammies!!!
  28. Dot Org Vocabulary.....for newbies...and wankers
  29. Ring Ring Ring.....Spud its Coach Constantin on the Phone
  30. Top Ten things you can do with an X Ring...
  31. Spud's Over/Under
  32. I am now a "MEMBER"!!!
  33. Introduction Welcome Forum
  34. Duane's Top 27... Who's going to be #1
  35. Coming soon !! Gathering of the Nobles II
  36. My trip to Hell
  37. A Weenie and a Wanker
  38. western over hyped
  39. Hey, I ran into a proud Mount A. Grad today......
  40. Can someone help this SMU Grad??
  41. Spud's horse
  42. Official Western @ Laval thread
  43. Back with flying colors
  44. Terrell Owens - Barry Bonds
  45. This place is too clean!
  46. Old time comes haunting us
  47. The return of Spanman RMcSkiNigFan
  48. Laval Tailgating
  49. A.J. Gass
  50. Okay. I'll bite.
  51. Donairs in QC!!!
  52. USS starship St Mary
  53. Something for the CIS to Consider
  54. The stage
  55. Smilies for Dummies - Memo to Pub Members
  56. SMU Evaluation - 4th year students
  57. Beware CIS !!!!
  58. How to cheat in CIS football
  59. Dr Fenris' lab
  60. What you need to know about the 3 AMIGOS
  61. Stfx Holding A Player Back
  62. X-Men Blue & White Game Thread
  63. X vs SMU - Home of the Official First Avatar Challenges of the Year
  64. MTA vs Acadia Avatar challenge - the Biggie
  65. spuds cycle guy
  66. Ring Ring....it's Coach Bloomfield on line
  68. Where's the hole???
  69. Nice things about SMU
  70. The "Avatard"
  71. Dunk: Closest to Flynn in 17 years
  72. Western 0-2
  73. Ring Ring....Hey Spud, it's coach LaLonde
  74. hey meatrack, want somethin new to wear next week?
  75. Axemen vs X - Avatar challenge thread - Week 2
  76. Hopefully Some Of You Will Help
  77. The Mighty SMU HUSKY'S vs. the concubines...
  78. Mounties vs X: Avatar Challenge Thread
  79. Lancers vs Gael
  80. WLU UW avatar challenge.
  81. Ring Ring...hey Spud, it's coach McGrath
  82. Prized post or Post prize?
  83. Spud! Get the Domag terrorist out, WE need them!
  84. Mt.A. Homecoming
  85. La Merveille for mayor?
  86. nice things about Mount A
  87. will the Q even win an interlock game this season?
  88. I'd like to dedicate the following song to SMU ...
  89. Historic Laval @ X Avatar Challenge
  90. The official 2 week nice things about SMU thread
  91. Queen's / Laurier Avatar Challenge
  92. The Mighty SMU HUSKY'S vs. the cross-dressin lumberjax
  93. The slimy Smus against the Hive
  95. UWO Mustangs awarded custody - London Free Press
  96. I'm with Sir Spud, anyone puttin up avi's?
  97. Any (Michael) Bishop Purple Pill want to put his avatar on the line?
  98. Ring Ring....hey Spud, it's Coach Cummins
  99. Everyone on your knees!
  100. LT - Beautiful new avatar
  102. Can-West All-Stars
  103. Sager: Get a Dictionary!
  104. Windsor: Week of Shame! Make your comments here!!!
  105. Oh No Spud!!!
  106. SMU IS TOPS AGAIN THIS WEEK - 63 to 8
  109. Avatar Challenge - Mount A @ X
  110. Ring Ring...Spud it's Constantin on the line
  111. Tickets for SMU fans
  112. Ticket for the Laval Bishop's game
  113. Frankly Speaking: Rams beat Dinos despite injuries
  114. Warning for SMU fans
  115. 20 Rules For Being a True Sports Fan
  116. Prayers...
  117. Praise for Laval
  118. 500 members!!!!
  119. All hail SMU
  120. Marton's "chucky" Top 10
  121. Bishop's attemp conquest of Laval territory!
  122. Let's All Hate Toronto!
  123. Brophy needs cheering
  124. For ghawk47 and London Hawk Fan
  125. Official Laval-Carabums Avatar Challenge
  126. In Praise of Laval (Special Halloween edition !)
  127. Praise Frank!!
  128. Yahar Mates, I know it’s been a while
  129. Collegecolours.com?
  130. NOW 11th HEADLINE After SMU VICTORY...
  132. Thank the Good Lord
  133. Smash Uncle Gerry
  135. Uteck
  136. THMU
  137. Ring Ring....Hey Spud, it's Tanguay on the Phone
  138. Where in the heck is Meat?
  139. Captain Morgan's Photo Album
  140. Urine Test
  141. Sumarah's and Constantin's Ipod
  142. Over/Under on the Man.-N.S. Department of Correction's Bowl
  143. Laval - AUS bottom dwellers
  144. My first week of shame!
  145. Praise for SMU
  146. VC Event Cancelled
  147. Free the Dog
  148. Attn. Laval fans: Duane's blog
  149. A matter of pride
  150. The thruth of the matter
  151. Ring Ring....Hey SPUD it's Dobie on the phone
  153. Is it just me?
  154. Which Winnipeg team in TO this wkend is older?
  155. Manitoba's Secret Weapon Revealed....
  156. Guess who I ran into today...a U of M GRAD
  157. Party time
  158. My first Vanier Cup Experience (as a Designated Driver)
  159. A great comment made at the Vanier...
  160. Rethinking the late-night donair
  161. N.S. donairs: They induce babies, upset tummies and make us homesick
  162. Spuds Quest
  163. Wrong Ball
  164. Dug that out from the ashes of the Old Pub
  165. General interest Health notice
  166. Fantasy football vid
  167. The Long Road for the Overundergraduate
  169. Note to Jessica Simpson: STAY THE HECK OUT OF TEXAS STADIUM!
  170. What's Up with College Colours?
  171. Manitoba Recruit!
  172. SMU- Baronvator- Dream schedule
  173. Western-where every freshman starts
  174. Bison Yankee?
  175. Chris Berman youtube video
  176. Calgary Dino's 2007 Season in review
  177. University and alocoholism
  178. Snow? Is it behind all this white stuff?
  179. The X Grads that shoveled my driveway.....
  180. Regina is still No. 1
  181. Got to have a look
  182. The dark side of Sport
  183. Worse than ever
  184. Parking near Varsity Stadium???
  185. Olympic football?
  186. bish vs conc, and they say there's no free lunch...ha
  187. where is WILLIAMS ???
  188. For those who thought of coming to Laval but didn't....
  189. Informed ...they call him a CatBoy!!!
  190. Website Traffic Help!!
  191. Where's RRF?
  192. Jammin' @ Ted's garage - grown ups having fun
  193. Ring Ring....hey SPUD is Coach Cummins on the line.....
  194. CIS.org now fastest web site on the internet!
  195. A tourist guide to St Mary’s Castle
  196. Ring Ring...hey Spud it's CJ on the line!!!!
  197. Ring Ring...it's coach Sumarah on the line!!!!
  198. Why Mta will lose this weekend...
  199. Salaries at US universities
  200. SMU Vs. X Friday night (trash talk).
  201. Spying on Russell...
  202. Missing Person Report
  203. The CIS
  204. Anyone Seen LT?
  205. Dear Spud...
  206. Mattrak's apology thread
  208. Barack Obama "Yes We Can"
  209. Ring Ring....hey Spud it's the Trailer Park on the Line
  210. Top Ten Uses for an X Ring....2008
  211. Ring Ring, Hey Spud it's Mustang Fan on the phone
  212. Top 10 Reasons I Love to Hate Western
  213. Bettin Lines
  214. Dense Decker interviews Western's Sheila Hughes
  215. The Psalm of the Harried Mustang QB
  216. Huskies in London
  217. Mustang Fan's Guide to SMU
  218. Spud's Western Praise Thread
  219. CIS Logic=2008 Blues Best CIS Team Ever
  220. I have a dream
  221. The GOLD chicken lay an egg
  222. Mustang Fan's Laval Praise Thread
  223. Time for clean up!
  224. Laval bragging thread.
  225. Chuck's not football post
  226. A Vanier Carol
  227. Time for fun!
  228. HAPPY FESTIVUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  229. Nice promotion vid
  230. Microsoft's brand new thing
  231. A special thought for Valentine day
  232. New Threat to CFL ....
  233. Gun-owners vs Doctors
  234. Off Season Workout Pays Dividends! :D
  235. "Michael Jackson is a low-life"
  236. 6 reasons that Calgary Donair is the best
  237. Inglourious Basterds
  238. Vick signs with Western
  239. CanWest Week #2 Predictions Thread
  240. Warm Fuzzies for Mac Thread
  241. Bob Howes
  242. PEPS Construction
  243. Former CFL Commissioner Wright tells the truth...
  244. Any Montréal takers ??
  245. Why the call it the Holy PEPS....
  246. A Very Important Top 5
  247. Matrack, this one is for you!
  248. East Coast advice, what's good to see and do in New Brunswick?
  249. football pool "Inside the NFL"
  250. LAVAL and SMU