Hold on, fans. It is not yet time for the first OHT27 of the season. Time to take in the exhibition games and look back at past seasons. The OHT27 is the most authoritative ranking in CIS football. Most coaches probably consider a good OHT27 ranking to be more important than wins over York. So let us look back.

As we stroll down memory lane, you may recall that Sarah Palin became the diva of the 2009 thread. Her input into the selection process was invaluable. But she has faded into the background. Maybe she'll resurface if Alaska joins Canada.

In the 2010 thread many of my biggest fans got a chance to contribute. Cindy Crawford, Carol Alt, Elle McPherson, Katarina Witt, the Baywatch Babes, and many others all played a roll. But their in-fighting caused me to dump them all. For old times' sake, do you remember Elle or Cindy?

Who needs female ego to wreck a good football thread? So the 2011 thread was devoted to the anonymous card girls. They ask so little and give so much.

So what will happen in 2012?

First, you know that quality rankings will continue to come first. Nothing replaces a top 27 that is accurate. Hollywood will continue to call a jabroni a jabroni, and you can count on that.

Second, it is time to give something back. Where do aspiring Canadian actresses and models go? Why not to the OHT27 ... 2012? If you are an aspiring actress or model you are hereby invited to send a picture and maybe you'll be selected as official model for a weekly poll.

Perhaps you could be like aspiring actress Serinda Swan. She is a big fan of Hollywood and the OHT27.

The first poll will come soon enough. Here is a tease: Manitoba will be ranked ahead of Regina, Guelph will be ahead of Sask, Montreal is up on Windsor, and Concordia edges out Toronto.